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Snowball Cookies and Coconut Flour Ice Cream

100% raw snowball cookies
100% raw snowball cookies

Video preview my Christmas Dessert Recipe Collection below

100% Raw Snowball Cookies

Dont we all crave sometimes snowball cookies and ice cream? Afterall science has proven glacial ice to contain unique crystals of living water known to revitalize the body and bring new life energy when ingested. Snowcones and flavored ice aside, I found another way to satisfy those urges for frozen water crystals with the help of desiccated coconut. The following two recipes marry our love of healthy fat and living crystals lol

100% Refreshing Snowball Cookies

The following video recipe implements a few simple ingredients, including ice! Soak some raw desiccated coconut. I guide you through a simple process to get the Mmmmm ingredient, fresh 100% raw coconut cream 😀  Mix 3-4 ingredients together, roll into snowballs, stick in the freezer. Done.

Pull out your snowball cookies whenever in need of a refreshing bite of snow 🙂

Coconut Flour Ice Cream

This heavenly 100% raw ice cream implements the same fresh coconut cream, but a lot more of it to lend a mouthful of supple silky melt in your mouth pleasure 🙂 Either almond or coconut flour works well to help suspend the mixture. You can use coconut chips but I find that the finer shredded coconut yields more cream?! Surface area contact?  A good quality hands free mixer helps a lot, but a blender will do 🙂 This recipe can take a few attempts before you get the consistency you deserve. If you dont have enough cream your ice cream will turn to ice. You can always salvage such a batch by letting it sit on the counter 10 minutes to thaw out. You can then try to enjoy and if still not satisfied throw in the blender for a quick spin. Congratulations you got slush, also a refreshing treat.

Sometimes with just a bit more cream you will get more of a creamy ice cream soft serve texture. That means you’ve ascended your learning curve and your next batch will be true bliss!!! Whip it good for now and savor:)

<(:  Bon Appetite :)>

Video preview my Christmas Dessert Recipe Collection of DELICIOUS RAW NO BAKE COOKIES AND DESSERT RECIPES




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