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Shooting Ranges Vs Acorns and Yoga Balls

Shooting Ranges Vs Acorns and Yoga Balls
Shooting Ranges Vs Acorns and Yoga Balls

Find Shooting Ranges Near Me

Finding shooting ranges near me piece of cake, just Google or yelp.
Or open your mind to other ways to satisfy your hunting urges and finesse your target practice, such as zombie targets, and clay pigeons. Darts aside, I stumbled upon this free shooting game idea, and the most satisfying way to hone in on my skills with the help of acorns and yoga balls. You heard me right.

Watch my video where I and my cats are obviously having tons of fun doing just that! ( I found later that they prefer that I throw acorns at a scant angle to the ground so that it skips along immulating a grasshopper, but they are cool with my target practice as well ;))
Not only are acorns free, I literally hated them and now I dont. Luckily I have an oak tree providing me voluminous amounts. Need a moving target, just tap that yoga ball with your foot and watch it roll. Hurry, get set and shoot away.

Real shooting Ranges vs Acorn Pellets

What can I say. Lots of differences exist. In my opinion, throwing acorns offers lots of advantages over paying at the shooting ranges.

It saves lots money that you can save for important goals
gets you outside, not always the case with shooting practice
Its alot more active
Animals dont get hurt
Pet cats also enjoy it
acorns get repurposed and appreciated
… you tell me what else I forgot

Shooting stance may lock up your tighten your muscles but not in the best way. Running around. throwing acorns with your pets, friends and kids seems a lot more athletic and interactive in my experience.

I do enjoy the fact that I am training my hand eye coordination in a way that does not represent violence. I understand the desire for people to feel protected but I also believe that thoughts attract actions. Seeing acorns and yoga balls, kitties and sunshine lends to rather happy non violent thought…

Ethics of Hunting as Sport

I know that hunting games are for real. As an occasional organ meat/ egg eater, I understand where that comes from. I believe that some people seem healthier eating animal foods in moderation.   I therefore understand the justification in desire to kill for that purpose and that for most shooting ranges serve as a means to that end.

I support local small farms offering animals ample outdoors and grasses, proper feed and care. Thats the commercial aspect that I align the most with. Killing as a sport, or trophy hunting legally requires that the whole animal be used. I agree with that. If you intend to use the whole animal and feed your family I understand the hunting aspect. Real hunters track the animal and stock it. This takes lots of patience and skill. Perhaps it does help human spirit to integrate the primal instincts of wild animals or  to reacquaint with our ancestors.

I dont understand the common practice of “hunting” animals that have been herded and trapped in a small area for the purpose of becoming living targets. On several levels it feels like a fake sport that offers no growth of character or spirit, at the same time instilling this air of superiority in our selves at the expense of regarding animal lives as having no more value than a spinning mechanical bull.

Do you not want to invest the time and effort into real hunting? Then what are you doing this for? Meat? Desire to kill? Impress someone? When it comes to ethics of real hunting games, these three pieces are the rewards, not the experiences autonomous of the hunt itself.

Designing a hunting a sport that allows such cherry picking is  just another aspect of modern human consumerism over learning to actually become the provider. zero effort= fast gratification. Such delusion atrophies the spirit, leaving you naked should the bubble burst.

So have I answered  your three main questions of where to shoot? when is hunting season? where to hunt? 😉

Happy target practice and Merry Christmas !


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