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combat reasons for divorce share massage

reasons for divorce
dont lack of intimacy be one of your reasons for divorce!

Statistical Reasons for Divorce

How much does a divorce cost? No matter, money or lack of it comes up as the number one reasons for divorce. Arguing over finances kicks romance out of the relationship quickly. The stress of trying to support yourself and your spouse becomes quite unbearable once economy turns south. Financial struggles increase divorce probability by 30%.

Having a baby prior to marriage and before age 25 tie into monetary issues as well. The expense of rearing a child has climbed a steep curve over the past few decades. From all the material goods that clever marketers push on young parents as necessity, to baby sitting, doctor appointments and college tuition here in US, bringing up a kid takes clever budgeting for those below $50,000 income bracket. Oftentimes young people dive into parenthood only to shock themselves with the reality of the temporal, monetary and romance sacrifice they have embarked on.

South, and Texas specifically have the reputation for exceptionally high divorce rate.  Country music both reflects and possibly encourages this pattern.  What does the bible say about divorce? Young people often rush into marriage due to religious scorn on intimacy prior to marriage. I personally know two friends who fit this statistic. One couple suffered a divorce 2 years later. Children kept the second couple together 20 years. Both experienced but a brief honeymoon period, followed by estrangement within the household. It may be that religious beliefs also kept them together in misery that long.

Seeing parents stay together may help keep their children married longer. On the other hand, staying together for children’s sake may backfire! Despite parents’ best efforts, an undertone of frigid relations comes to surface at times, and so may scare their children away from entertaining the idea of getting married in the first place…

Social support for such issues lacks in US in comparison to some other industrialized countries, such as Israel, with stronger culture of community involvement.

Lack of intimacy a sore subject, addressed by sex therapists, marriage counselors and etc, without high success, often comes about as result of more than one of the issues above.

Avoid Divorce Share Massage!!!

Ofcourse as a clever massage therapist I must veggie wrap massage into this spiel on reasons for divorce right? Well actually, nothing communicates a sense of love and security as human touch. Sharing a massage can mean a number of different scenarios. First off, you can learn to give each other 5 minutes of touch daily without spending a dime. Our special couples massage class has this exact idea in mind, and would save you time and get you ahead the learning curve! 5 minutes doesnt sound like too much time no matter how tired or busy you may feel.

You can even give and receive a massage simultaneously! Here is a quick 69 shiatsu massage for couples tutorial I think will entertain but also inspire you to bring a fresh idea of intimacy into your marriage! No  longer will lack of intimacy be one of your reasons for divorce!

Professional couples massage to the rescue

I highly encourage you to explore giving a massage to your loved one yourself, eventhough you might not like the idea. However, dont forget about booking a professional couples massage once in a while! When you think about it paying for massage is a great value gift! What other gift you can think of includes human touch that youre ok with, tranquility, muscle relaxation and good nights sleep 😀

Btw here is Ashi Thai couples massage performed by one therapist, where you share a comfy mattress and spend less money than you normally would on your typical couples massage! Your therapist simultaneously works both spouses with long strokes or deep pressure,  cleverly allowing the couple to aid in stretching each other, while connecting to one another through the power of touch.  Throughout Ashi Thai couples massage couples can easily hold hands and know where their therapists hands and feet are at any time… so if jealous insecurity ever kept you from enjoying a massage then Ashi Thai is your answer!

You may not find time to go all out when youre buried in responsibilities but you can carve out a little time for both of you to enjoy in tandem as you choose 🙂 Afterall when we are talking all the ways to mitigate your reasons for divorce whats 5 minutes a day?


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