Ashiatsu Massage

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Here is a Couples Ashiatsu thats growing in popularity:

Scalp massage can help ease back pain. Fascia connects your scalp all the way down thru your low back. Many people carry tension in their scalp which causes cranial fascia to tense up. This leads to or contributes to back pain. In this case myofascial release and cranial massage offer better relief over medication.

Ashiatsu Massage

Ashiatsu massage means massaging pressure applied with feet. Feet have about twice the surface area that hands have. For that reason, ashiatsu applies same amount of pressure over a wider area and feels comfortable. Ashiatsu massage addresses larger areas more effectively than hand massage. Ashiatsu massage does not typically offer as many techniques, but some invigorating sports moves such as tapotement, vibration and shaking and relaxing effleurage are taken to a whole new level thanks to ashiatsu. Hand massage excels at kneading and precise pressure points. hands break up adhesions and travel deep into and in between muscle fibers.

Ashiatsu massage means massaging pressure applied with feet.

Ashiatsu Massage Better?

From what you just read above, you probably starting to get the idea that ashiatsu has both pros and cons. If you are used to lots of elbow digging and kneading ashiatsu may not be your perfect choice, although, it would still have a place at the very beginning of your massage to expedite lotion application and to soften large areas of muscle. On the other hand, even if you like relaxing long strokes, ashitasu could still be an acquired taste or best in conjunction with hand strokes and hot stones? Just give it a try and see for yourself!

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