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ASMR Massage Meditative Ashiatsu of Mouth and Face

asmr face ashiatsu

Stroking of face & scalp easily transforms massage into ASMR Massage (Autonomous sensory meridian response)  experience easily resulting in hypnotic deeply relaxed trance. Tingling euphoric sensations travel deep into the body and known to induce sleep for those susceptible to insomnia, and help emotional disturbances associated with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. A new way to melt stress, ashiatsu ASMR Massage rocks your face!

Stroking of face & scalp easily transforms massage into ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) experience.  Easily resulting in hypnotic deeply relaxed trance, this tingling euphoric state sends sensations deep into the body. ASMR known to induce sleep for those susceptible to insomnia, may also help emotional disturbances such as depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. Deeper pressure can likewise help alleviate TMJ symptoms and even resolve its root cause, namely structural misalignment caused by bound fascia and bone structures of the face.

Yes face ashiatsu can really help alleviate and treat tmj, not just the symptoms! Face ashiatsu done with deep slow pressure releases deep fascia, compressed nerves and underlying bone structures.

In fact I use gentle slow pressure on the joint itself. The foot simply allows the spread and angling I need to achieve myofascial release a lot easier than when done with hands.

also watch these face and body ashiatsu videos

Click to Find your perfect massage and facial package!


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combat reasons for divorce share massage

reasons for divorce
dont lack of intimacy be one of your reasons for divorce!

Statistical Reasons for Divorce

How much does a divorce cost? No matter, money or lack of it comes up as the number one reasons for divorce. Arguing over finances kicks romance out of the relationship quickly. The stress of trying to support yourself and your spouse becomes quite unbearable once economy turns south. Financial struggles increase divorce probability by 30%.

Having a baby prior to marriage and before age 25 tie into monetary issues as well. The expense of rearing a child has climbed a steep curve over the past few decades. From all the material goods that clever marketers push on young parents as necessity, to baby sitting, doctor appointments and college tuition here in US, bringing up a kid takes clever budgeting for those below $50,000 income bracket. Oftentimes young people dive into parenthood only to shock themselves with the reality of the temporal, monetary and romance sacrifice they have embarked on.

South, and Texas specifically have the reputation for exceptionally high divorce rate.  Country music both reflects and possibly encourages this pattern.  What does the bible say about divorce? Young people often rush into marriage due to religious scorn on intimacy prior to marriage. I personally know two friends who fit this statistic. One couple suffered a divorce 2 years later. Children kept the second couple together 20 years. Both experienced but a brief honeymoon period, followed by estrangement within the household. It may be that religious beliefs also kept them together in misery that long.

Seeing parents stay together may help keep their children married longer. On the other hand, staying together for children’s sake may backfire! Despite parents’ best efforts, an undertone of frigid relations comes to surface at times, and so may scare their children away from entertaining the idea of getting married in the first place…

Social support for such issues lacks in US in comparison to some other industrialized countries, such as Israel, with stronger culture of community involvement.

Lack of intimacy a sore subject, addressed by sex therapists, marriage counselors and etc, without high success, often comes about as result of more than one of the issues above.

Avoid Divorce Share Massage!!!

Ofcourse as a clever massage therapist I must veggie wrap massage into this spiel on reasons for divorce right? Well actually, nothing communicates a sense of love and security as human touch. Sharing a massage can mean a number of different scenarios. First off, you can learn to give each other 5 minutes of touch daily without spending a dime. Our special couples massage class has this exact idea in mind, and would save you time and get you ahead the learning curve! 5 minutes doesnt sound like too much time no matter how tired or busy you may feel.

You can even give and receive a massage simultaneously! Here is a quick 69 shiatsu massage for couples tutorial I think will entertain but also inspire you to bring a fresh idea of intimacy into your marriage! No  longer will lack of intimacy be one of your reasons for divorce!

Professional couples massage to the rescue

I highly encourage you to explore giving a massage to your loved one yourself, eventhough you might not like the idea. However, dont forget about booking a professional couples massage once in a while! When you think about it paying for massage is a great value gift! What other gift you can think of includes human touch that youre ok with, tranquility, muscle relaxation and good nights sleep 😀

Btw here is Ashi Thai couples massage performed by one therapist, where you share a comfy mattress and spend less money than you normally would on your typical couples massage! Your therapist simultaneously works both spouses with long strokes or deep pressure,  cleverly allowing the couple to aid in stretching each other, while connecting to one another through the power of touch.  Throughout Ashi Thai couples massage couples can easily hold hands and know where their therapists hands and feet are at any time… so if jealous insecurity ever kept you from enjoying a massage then Ashi Thai is your answer!

You may not find time to go all out when youre buried in responsibilities but you can carve out a little time for both of you to enjoy in tandem as you choose 🙂 Afterall when we are talking all the ways to mitigate your reasons for divorce whats 5 minutes a day?


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Shooting Ranges Vs Acorns and Yoga Balls

Shooting Ranges Vs Acorns and Yoga Balls
Shooting Ranges Vs Acorns and Yoga Balls

Find Shooting Ranges Near Me

Finding shooting ranges near me piece of cake, just Google or yelp.
Or open your mind to other ways to satisfy your hunting urges and finesse your target practice, such as zombie targets, and clay pigeons. Darts aside, I stumbled upon this free shooting game idea, and the most satisfying way to hone in on my skills with the help of acorns and yoga balls. You heard me right.

Watch my video where I and my cats are obviously having tons of fun doing just that! ( I found later that they prefer that I throw acorns at a scant angle to the ground so that it skips along immulating a grasshopper, but they are cool with my target practice as well ;))
Not only are acorns free, I literally hated them and now I dont. Luckily I have an oak tree providing me voluminous amounts. Need a moving target, just tap that yoga ball with your foot and watch it roll. Hurry, get set and shoot away.

Real shooting Ranges vs Acorn Pellets

What can I say. Lots of differences exist. In my opinion, throwing acorns offers lots of advantages over paying at the shooting ranges.

It saves lots money that you can save for important goals
gets you outside, not always the case with shooting practice
Its alot more active
Animals dont get hurt
Pet cats also enjoy it
acorns get repurposed and appreciated
… you tell me what else I forgot

Shooting stance may lock up your tighten your muscles but not in the best way. Running around. throwing acorns with your pets, friends and kids seems a lot more athletic and interactive in my experience.

I do enjoy the fact that I am training my hand eye coordination in a way that does not represent violence. I understand the desire for people to feel protected but I also believe that thoughts attract actions. Seeing acorns and yoga balls, kitties and sunshine lends to rather happy non violent thought…

Ethics of Hunting as Sport

I know that hunting games are for real. As an occasional organ meat/ egg eater, I understand where that comes from. I believe that some people seem healthier eating animal foods in moderation.   I therefore understand the justification in desire to kill for that purpose and that for most shooting ranges serve as a means to that end.

I support local small farms offering animals ample outdoors and grasses, proper feed and care. Thats the commercial aspect that I align the most with. Killing as a sport, or trophy hunting legally requires that the whole animal be used. I agree with that. If you intend to use the whole animal and feed your family I understand the hunting aspect. Real hunters track the animal and stock it. This takes lots of patience and skill. Perhaps it does help human spirit to integrate the primal instincts of wild animals or  to reacquaint with our ancestors.

I dont understand the common practice of “hunting” animals that have been herded and trapped in a small area for the purpose of becoming living targets. On several levels it feels like a fake sport that offers no growth of character or spirit, at the same time instilling this air of superiority in our selves at the expense of regarding animal lives as having no more value than a spinning mechanical bull.

Do you not want to invest the time and effort into real hunting? Then what are you doing this for? Meat? Desire to kill? Impress someone? When it comes to ethics of real hunting games, these three pieces are the rewards, not the experiences autonomous of the hunt itself.

Designing a hunting a sport that allows such cherry picking is  just another aspect of modern human consumerism over learning to actually become the provider. zero effort= fast gratification. Such delusion atrophies the spirit, leaving you naked should the bubble burst.

So have I answered  your three main questions of where to shoot? when is hunting season? where to hunt? 😉

Happy target practice and Merry Christmas !


I like finding things readily availbale in nature as a resource to get a good workout. Here is a tutorial on how to prevent tendinosis from ankle sprain using branches balance and coordination

In spirit of Christmas I made this Video Christmas Dessert Recipe Collection featuring: NO BAKE CHRISTMAS CAKE RECIPE



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Better Than Daiya Cheese Shredded Melting and Raw

Better Than Daiya Cheese Shredded Melting and Raw
Better Than Daiya Cheese Shredded Melting and Raw

Why Not Daiya Cheese?

Daiya cheese has taken center stage on some scrupulous dairy free tables and for a good reason. Vegan cheese allows one to enjoy the pleasures of dairy without the guilt or health consequences associated with it. However, lets take a look at ingredients of say Daiya shredded cheddar.

Filtered water, tapioca flour, expeller pressed non-GMO canola and/or safflower oil, coconut oil, pea protein, salt, inactive yeast, vegan natural flavours, vegetable glycerin, xanthan gum, yeast extract, citric acid (vegan, for flavour), annatto (for colour), titanium dioxide (a naturally occurring mineral).

Tapioca flour, essentially a processed starch, may add an unwelcome source of sugar calories. Most people fare best staying off of processed starches.

Natural flavours actually can by law contain artificial ingredients. The term “natural” misleads lots of people.

Glycerin forms a film over your teeth, thus preventing their contact with saliva, which naturally supplies teeth with the minerals to keep them healthy.

Yeast extract actually hides the ingredient monosodium glutamate(MSG), a clever synonym, that sounds pretty healthy. MSG linked to a lengthy list of health plagues of the 21 century, serves as one of the culprit ingredients linked to food addictions and overeating. It further causes chronic headaches and allergies, fibromyalgia, obesity, fatty liver, high insulin and blood sugar, high cholesterol, liver toxicity, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, disturbance to the gut-brain connection, neurological and brain damage.

MSG also commonly hides in other common processed food ingredients such as maltodextrin, carageenan, citric acid, hydrolyzed protein, etc. Here is a comprehensive list of common  MSG ingredients.


Daiya cheese offers great taste but at the expense of these unhealthy ingredients.


Raw Vegan Mozzarella Difference

My raw vegan mozzarella and cheddar contain a few and very basic clean ingredients and taste creamy and rich just like you would hope. Watch my video recipe on how to make both shredded and melting variations of the healthiest vegan cheese Ive ever met! A secret ingredient, a kind of soluble fiber, great for your digestive health, allows my cheese to melt, adding a cooked feel to an otherwise all raw meal.


In this case I made a non raw Paleo pizza crust from cauliflower and pastured eggs. The crust’s warmth melts the cheese instantly as you can see in my video. However, you can use it on a raw crust fresh out of the dehydrator too. It melts at just above 97 degrees F, well under the raw limit of 110 degree F.


How to Enjoy your Raw Coconut Shredded and Melting Cheeses

Just warm up your crust and place a thin slab of this cheese. watch it melt instantly!  I enjoy this cheese as soon as it starts to melt when its flavor most closely resembles that of real melting cheese. Use warm crust but not too hot, so that your cheese doesnt come running on all sides.   I like to marble my cheddar and mozzarella  side by side for a more visually appealing presentation and likeness to real pizza.

Store any unused cheese in the fridge, as both contain some amount of moisture.   In the fridge the cheese stores well up to two weeks. You can also freeze it with no apparent effect on flavor and texture.

I do not claim that this cheese tastes just like Daiya cheese. Raw foods tend to bring a new dimension of lightness. Try it for yourself and see how your pallet and your body respond !


<(;  Bon Appetite :)>


Video preview my Christmas Dessert Recipe Collection of DELICIOUS RAW NO BAKE COOKIES AND DESSERT RECIPES





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No Bake Christmas Cake Recipe

No Bake Christmas Cake

This video recipe for my all raw Christmas cake, the most mouthwatering moist and flavorful coffee cake ever happened spontaneously. An afterthought and byproduct of my other raw dessert experimentation with desiccated coconut,  I am so delighted to feature this cake in my all raw Christmas dessert collection. Links to video recipes below.
I had lots of soaked desiccated coconut sitting around in the fridge, and, Indian style, I felt determined to find it too some culinary purpose. So appeared no bake Christmas coffee cake! My last dessert of this collection. Coconut calls for Cacao which calls for coffee.

Dont Worry about Messing Up

I used to feel preoccupied with brainstorming the perfect recipe, one that yields perfect result the first time. That actually wasted more time and tired me out before I ever started. Playing with your ingredients, you simply never know where you might end up, but rest assured that great ingredients allow a great deal of freestyle and roaming. Not only can you salvage your recipe fairly easily when it comes to raw desserts, as you will witness in my Christmas cake video recipe, but messing around gets pretty addictive 🙂

Calories Raw Cake vs Baked

I suggest abiding by similar potion sizes as with baked cake. Raw doesnt mean fewer calories when it comes to sweets. In fact raw dessert tends to pack a caloric punch but with the advantage of nutrient density. In this recipe I rely on raw unfiltered honey as my primary sweetener. My body seems to tolerate raw honey a lot better than processed sugar. Lately Ive tried soaked dates and I consider them a great alternative sweetener for this Christmas cake recipe. However, sugar equals sugar. Then again I cant think of anything worth splurging on. I prefer to enjoy my no bake Christmas cake with hot unsweetened herbal tea. Sit down, take in the aromas of tea and sweets, focus on your breath and relax. Slowing down helps any experience linger and feel sweeter 😉

Video preview my Christmas Dessert Recipe Collection of DELICIOUS RAW NO BAKE COOKIES AND DESSERT RECIPES




Also Watch my other desiccated coconut inspired recipe Im so thrilled to share with you: BETTER THAN DAIYA CHEESE SHREDDED MELTING AND RAW

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Desiccated Coconut Chews 100% Mmmm Delicious

Desiccated Coconut Chews 100% Mmmm Delicious
Desiccated Coconut Chews 100% Mmmm Delicious

Video preview my Christmas Dessert Recipe Collection below





Also Watch my other desiccated coconut inspired recipe Im so thrilled to share with you: BETTER THAN DAIYA CHEESE SHREDDED MELTING AND RAW

Desiccated Coconut Chews My Most Decadent Chocolate

Ok, Ive said this lately, but my desiccated coconut chew recipe still holds its place on the decadent dessert pedestal. Check out my video recipe below.

I first fell in love with the peppermint patties I found at Sprouts years ago. Sadly the next time I went shopping for these, the patties on close out. In desperation I made a deal with the manager and bought all they had. It seemed like two bottomless bags The creamy cacao butter filling had me sold. Recently I sank into a rather scrumptious coconut chew. the list of ingredients had me wishing for another but all raw version. It didnt exist but I exist so I made a bet. Here it is my video recipe scrumptious all raw version of coconut chews… you will agree hands down~ its a winner!

Raw Coconut Chews Variations

I would say the variations evolved naturally. While streamlining the process and presentation, I still think my original version has the taste I craved the most. My original recipe excludes coconut cream and coconut oil from the center filling. That leaves the center fluffy and moist, the way I like it. However, without an emollient quality of fats the filling cant hold its shape with desiccated coconut falling all over the place when I try to center it inside the chocolate coating. This also means that it cannot stick out of the coating. My second variation, using oil or cream allows the filling to mold into a ball and hold its own, adding contrast at the center of the candy. Eye appeal means a lot! So does time savings and a process that minimizes frustration.

Having Fun making ChoColAte

Making chocolate means getting messy. Maybe not overly messy, if youre careful, but hey messy can be fun! Invite your kiddos. Get out your silicone molds, ladels and measuring pitchers. Leave a little room in your belly the Goldilocks way. Not too much but not too little. You know you wat to try as you go but not feel like stuffing yourself on chocolate lol. I find it meditative rolling out the little center filling of desiccated coconut and coconut oil and then neatly surrounding it in liquid chocolate. Its fun popping candy from their molds and then marveling at how sophisticated they look. Please take pics and share your experiences with me 🙂

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Snowball Cookies and Coconut Flour Ice Cream

100% raw snowball cookies
100% raw snowball cookies

Video preview my Christmas Dessert Recipe Collection below

100% Raw Snowball Cookies

Dont we all crave sometimes snowball cookies and ice cream? Afterall science has proven glacial ice to contain unique crystals of living water known to revitalize the body and bring new life energy when ingested. Snowcones and flavored ice aside, I found another way to satisfy those urges for frozen water crystals with the help of desiccated coconut. The following two recipes marry our love of healthy fat and living crystals lol

100% Refreshing Snowball Cookies

The following video recipe implements a few simple ingredients, including ice! Soak some raw desiccated coconut. I guide you through a simple process to get the Mmmmm ingredient, fresh 100% raw coconut cream 😀  Mix 3-4 ingredients together, roll into snowballs, stick in the freezer. Done.

Pull out your snowball cookies whenever in need of a refreshing bite of snow 🙂

Coconut Flour Ice Cream

This heavenly 100% raw ice cream implements the same fresh coconut cream, but a lot more of it to lend a mouthful of supple silky melt in your mouth pleasure 🙂 Either almond or coconut flour works well to help suspend the mixture. You can use coconut chips but I find that the finer shredded coconut yields more cream?! Surface area contact?  A good quality hands free mixer helps a lot, but a blender will do 🙂 This recipe can take a few attempts before you get the consistency you deserve. If you dont have enough cream your ice cream will turn to ice. You can always salvage such a batch by letting it sit on the counter 10 minutes to thaw out. You can then try to enjoy and if still not satisfied throw in the blender for a quick spin. Congratulations you got slush, also a refreshing treat.

Sometimes with just a bit more cream you will get more of a creamy ice cream soft serve texture. That means you’ve ascended your learning curve and your next batch will be true bliss!!! Whip it good for now and savor:)

<(:  Bon Appetite :)>

Video preview my Christmas Dessert Recipe Collection of DELICIOUS RAW NO BAKE COOKIES AND DESSERT RECIPES




Also Watch my other desiccated coconut inspired recipe Im so thrilled to share with you: BETTER THAN DAIYA CHEESE SHREDDED MELTING AND RAW

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Delicious raw no bake cookies and dessert recipes

raw candy and ice cream from desiccated coconut
raw candy and ice cream from desiccated coconut

Why no bake cookies and dessert recipes

Although you probably know exactly why you want no bake cookies and desserts, I want everyone reading my post to know benefits of no bake desserts. Although health benefits of low heat porcesisng outweight all others, sometimes, raw dessert can save time.) Many raw recipes exist that can be enjoyed immediately, fater all the ingredients. More often, however, your best bet on saving time with a no bake dessert is grabbing an apple. Prep and prcessing of ingredients does take time, especially when done for teh first time, like anything. All no bake recipes described in this Christmas collection require refrigeration or freezing which actually takes more time than baking does…

Health benefits of my no bake dessert

No bake cookies and other desserts in my world means raw. Sure you could use toasted powders but I look for all raw ingredients so as to take full nutritional advantage that zero baking offers.

In this Christmas collection of raw deserts I feature raw desiccated coconut and cacao. Cacao(raw, unlike cocoa) preserves its phytochemicals known to help balance the brain,build strong bones, detoxify liver, reduce bad cholesterol, fight cancer and facilitates anti- aging and rejuvenation. It has 4 times the antioxidant power of typical dark chocolate and 20 times more than blueberries!

Raw coconut helps fight parasites and candida, balance thyroid function and provides heart healthy plant form of saturated fat.

My Christmas Desert Collection

Although here in Central Texas snow skips a year or two, which I dont mind, I felt inspired to bring on some snowflake no bake cookies. What resembles snow better than desiccated coconut and coconut icecream? I played around with soaking the coconut and then also squeezing out its cream and milk. I ended with lots of coconut “waste” from making the ice cream. Like American indians I decided I wanted to use every part of the coconut. The following recipes celebarte my sucess in doig just that 😀

My Christmas cake features soaked “skim” coconut, coffee and decadent cacao. My coconut chews fare best with whole soaked coconut lightly squeezed out.
Coconut snowballs throw out the milk but keep the cream and coconut texture, a secret process 🙂 Icecream ofcourse can use all the cream and then some! It also uses coconut flour or almond flour. Check out my simple and most delicious coco desert video recipes below 😉

Watch My Full Christmas Dessert Recipe Collection featuring:




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Eye Strain Healthy Eye Care Face Scalp Mobility

Ease Eye Strain Healthy Eye Care Face Scalp Mobility
Ease Eye Strain Healthy Eye Care Face Scalp Mobility

More than Healthy Eye Care & Sculpt

If you seriously care about healthy eye care you know about eye exercises. Eye exercises  have been around. Remember Clear Vision 20 years ago? These definitely in fact do help regain better vision and do a lot to help minimize eye strain from monitors and poor lighting.    Also, eye and face exercises in general  have the gained a reputation of maintaining a youthful look by sculpting muscles and pulling out puffy and saggy.  The earlier in life you get used to doing these the merrier you be later 😉  However face exercise benefits run deeper than aesthetics and healthy eye care.  Scalp massage and hair pulling also do more than just help maintain and restore hair growth.  Several energetic lines, same ones used by acupuncturists, run through your face and scalp. Muscle contractions and stretches of various facial muscles and fascia stimulate these points, positively effecting broad aspects of your well being.

How Face Exercise Helps Your Body

Organ meridian points found in face and scalp include those of Stomach, Large Intestine, Gall Bladder and Urinary Bladder as well as Governing Vessel and Conception Vessel meridians. All these meridians travel to other parts of he body as well but will either start or end in the scalp or face.

Several of these meridians contain points next to the eyes, ears and nose. Not surprisingly, these points have effects related to eye, ear and nose issues respectively. However, many points offer additional healing for psychiatric issues, hair loss, hypertension, and pain and stiffness in neck, shoulders and upper back. One example, the Conception Vessel only has one point on the head, in the grove of the chin under the mouth,which can alleviate speech problems, and dry mouth.

The Large Intestine points can help with all kinds of nose issues such as nasal discharge, allergies and nosebleeds.

Urinary Bladder, Stomach and Gallbladder have many points that pass near each other. No wonder all three help alleviate any eye related issues such as excessive tear production, redness, dryness, painful, itchy eyes/eyelids, twitching eyelids and blindness. Some points also alleviate facial paralysis, face and jaw swelling and pain, neck pain, lockjaw, toothache, hearing issues, deafness, tinnitus, ear pain, ear discharge/infections, “splitting headache” headache w/nausea/vomiting, migraines , frontal and sinus headaches.

Both Urinary and Gallbladder meridian contain  points help relieve various psychiatric conditions like insomnia, anxiety and depression, ADD/ADHD, seizures, poor memory. Other relieve neck, shoulder and upper back pain/stiffness, hypertension, dizziness and vertigo.

Governing Vessel points go up the center of the back of the head, down center of your face and end inside the mouth at junction of center gum and frenulum of the upper lip. Among numerous similarities in effects of St, LI, UB and GB certain points of GV help bad breath, and low back pain. Below I list a few points that stand out significantly.

GV20  located at the crown of your head alleviates prolapse, anal, uterine, vaginal and hemorrhoids. It even aids  parkinson’s and alzheimer’s, motor control issues.

GV18, bull’s eye at the back of your head balances internal organs qi, useful for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and hormone imbalance.

GV17 helps shortness of breath, multiple sclerosis, lou gehrig’s, and muscular dystrophy.

GV16  effects the medulla function (breathing issues, asthma, tight chest, etc.) spinal cord issues.
Psychological issues such as mania, palpitations from fear a/or fright, suicidal thoughts.

How Does Face and Scalp Mobility Work?

As I mentioned earlier muscle contractions and stretches stimulate points of your face and scalp.  Applying gentle pressure with your hands offers necessary resistance and traction to allow your muscle fibers and fascia to massage those points. Applying such resistance just above eye brows, with slight upward traction, while doing eye lid contractions and eye ball circles massages points located nest to your eyes, nose and cheek bones.  These include ST, LI, UB and GB.

Jaw and lip exercise, with gentle hand traction always, stimulate points of ST, GB and UB located on the periphery of your face.  Wrapping your lips around your teeth inward stimulates points of ST and GV located near or inside the mouth.  Similar stimulation happens when you purse your lips and create resistance by pressing your tongue on the inside, along the entire circumference of pursed lips.

For a visual explanation and more lip and tongue tips check out my post SENSUAL FULLER LIP SECRET KICKS ALZHEIMER’S . Tongue exercises efficiently activate all those points in the periphery and even other more central points once you get the hang of it. When I was  little I remember mesmerized by its supple strength and plasticity, watching fascinated my tongue do a belly dance in the mirror! I never lost that desire 🙂

Hair tugs and scalp brushing feels amazing, activating your hair and all the GV, GB and UB points located there.

Remember to do these regularly, just as you do diet and other excise.

For a much more detailed look at each of these points I highly recommend YinYanghouse. Here you can click on point functions and locations to scroll through easily.

Do these eye exercises for a beautiful face

Here is a soothing cupping and feather ASMR  massage for cravings and beauty

And here is skin elasticity natural botox cupping package

which may be combined with face ashiatsu massage

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Ease Knee Bursitis Joint Mobility Stretch Break

Ease Knee Bursitis Joint Mobility Stretch Break
Ease Knee Bursitis Joint Mobility Stretch Break


Knee Bursitis from Full Body Perspective

Knee bursitis can be thought just a symptom of a stiff body. Our bodies werent made stiff. However, our sedentary work style has mass produced an epidemic of new diagnoses. I wont argue whether or not fibromyalgia, lupus, cancer and diabetes can be solved with movement only. However, one can realize significant improvement in numerous conditions and resolve numerous others by restoring your body’s natural mobility. Stiff joints dont only cause pain and lack of function but also increased susceptibility to injury. The resultant chronic inflammation implies disrupted blood and lymph flow, which means insufficient flow of oxygen and building blocks to your cells and poor waste disposal at the cellular level. I believe joint mobility can greatly alleviate knee bursitis, with your diet bearing the other piece of the puzzle.

What How Often and How Much Exercise to Lubricate Your Joints

I demonstrate a full body joint mobility sequence in my video. Most people with knee bursitis should have no trouble with these exercises. However, you may wish to go a little slower and always listen to your body for signs of discomfort or pain. You can also start with the head and work your way down or vice versa. The idea is to carry all your joints through a range of movement that it is designed for. Weight bearing components serve a function of releasing adhesion and strengthening the joints. Another component, the body armor or corset, exposes joints to some unusual movements that help to prepare your joints for unusual circumstances. Corset exercises help protect you from injury. Another component, the mind activation, serves several crucial functions. An activity that challenges your body and the brain charges your brain with practical abilities such as problem solving, spacial intelligence and quick decision making. These body mind neurological pathways also greatly improve your performance in scholastic activities, such as math. a An exercise worth doing challenges the brain. Such an exercise has to have sufficient complexity to continue engaging your brain. In fact any new exercise stimulates brain function. Therefore constantly learning new activities will add a significant component of interest to your daily joint mobility routine!

So here it is in a nut shell:
#1 range of motion for all your joints
#2 weight bearing with joint in various positions
#3 Weight bearing with focus on unusual positions
#4 Stimulate the Brain


How often? I feel best taking stretch breaks every hour.  Listen to your body.   Since these are short stretch breaks , several times get up an and do these to feel most alert, happy and relaxed.

Examples of Key Exercises for Good Joint Mobility

If you have limited time, focus on joint mobility exercises that encompass as much of your body as possible. Body waves help lubricate the whole spine. Your spine communicates to all your other nerves and therefore muscles and joints. You can do spinal waves against a wall. However, doing it on the floor engages your joints more fully and offers more weight bearing. Squats have numerous health benefits to your digestion, body alignment and fitness. To keep my back comfortable and uninvolved I find it very helpful to mentally focus on my belly button anchoring into the ground, rather than sticking my butt out!

Hanging, while not shown in this video, have lubricating and strengthening effect on your shoulder, elbow and wrist. I highly recommend practicing your upper body strength in this way rather than weights, or at least incorporate into your weight lifting routine. You can learn more about how to engage the right muscles on Ido Portal’s notes page.

Kinetic coins, riddles you solve with your body, offer a fun and opposite approach to most types of problem solving. Rather than examine and then act, you allow your body to act out and your mind to observe whats happening and then help guide it along. Various physical arts have that component to an extent. I consider hula hooping one of those! It certainly keeps my mind engaged at all times and many times the body figures it out before my mind does 🙂

Check out this other body armor / corset Balancing Workout for No More Ankle Tendinosis