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natural makeup:eye and eyelid exercise:

when an acupressure mat comes in contact with a problem area, at least one of these points will hit at or close to the source of pain. Such general application works well for overall relief but does not work as well for pain inside knee.

Natural makeup eye exercises will help you reduce or get rid of wrinkles and crows feet underneath the delicate eye area, tone eye lids, make your eyes larger, much more visible and more and more shapely,not droopy sullen and hidden. Your face has quite in impact on how others relate to you, positively or negatively. Eyes draw eyes, so lets show them something.

Natural Makeup: Eyelid Resistance training

Its best to do these natural makeup exercises in front of a mirror. Eye lid exercise requires some light resistance assisted by your fingers. The reason for this it obviously to challenge those muscles but also to avoid wrinkling that happens during the exercise. Yes, its true while you are working your lower eye lid to avoid and diminish those crows feet, its possible to develop exercise wrinkles… if you dont create some traction with your fingers. The exercise consists of in turn placing light pressure with all fingers of one except your thumb. Use right hand to work right side and left to work the left side. You can work both sides at the same time or in turn,

First place fingers right at the bottom of eye socket, so that you can feel the ridge of the socket with their pads and touching on the soft eye lid are with their tips. Now pull your eyelids up. You should feel the eyelids working against resistance. If not move your fingers millimeter higher so that there is slight traction.

Natural Makeup: Exercise for eyeballs

Muscles responsible for eye movement also effect the look and shape of your eyes. Daily exercising these rectus and oblique muscles will not only improve blood supply to your eyeball and help your eyes stay bright and radiant, but will also will considerably improve your eyesight, by restoring the convexity of your lenses. Eye lense shape, and therefore eyesight, largely depend on eye muscle tone or muscle tone balance.

These exercises are simple to describe and to do. I like to do these upon waking up , laying in bed, before they have been strained by work. When I feel eye strain, I do the “butterfly”. Its best to take a quick butterfly break before you Take your time and really reach, but dont strain yourself!

Combined exercise and comprehensive breaks

Whats that? you ask… Combined exercise combines the same exercises described above. Reach with both your eyelids and your eyeballs while offering gentle resistance with finger traction. Do this in all directions. Once you get the hang of isolating your eyelid and eyeball movements, you can then skip working eyes and eyelids individually, and combine those exercises.

Another combined exercise is a neck stretch and eye/eyelid isometric exercise. The movement of eyes and eyelids is exact opposite of the movement of your head and neck. Tilt your head up, while looking down and so forth in all directions.

By comprehensive breaks I mean do some stretches and exercises that effects the whole face during your routine. I like to do head roll and tongue stretches, because I can really feel these movements throughout my face. I believe results are much better and the session more relaxing when you do. Natural makeup at your fingertips!

Here is a professional skin elasticity natural botox cupping package I recommend 🙂

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Good Posture in Your Kitchen

What if we treated posture as another physical activity, say soccer or dance. To become skilled , it does require body awareness. The difference is that as a reward you get to have fun!

I want good posture 24/7 !!!

Your Kitchen: Posture Practice Room

Yes good posture takes practice. You think of practice as honing a good skill. However, when it comes to posture, most people’s minds go on vacation, and so in return we get good at something really bad. Ay!

What if we treated posture as another physical activity, say soccer. To become skilled at this game, it does require body awareness. The difference is that as a reward you get fun! In case with practicing good posture you get something more philosophical: the absence of punishment 🙂 If you think about it, that means you wont wake up with stiff neck, so that you can enjoy your trip to Bahamas and while there you will be pain free to enjoy 100% of your trip. Sounds pretty rosy, but before you throw in other variables such as a crazy uncle or bad weather, dont. Situate me comfortably in your kitchen on your tiny HD digital device and lets get movin!

Spread Your legs for Good posture

Lots of things in the kitchen and elsewhere require you to look below your eye level. Since our mind is 100% preoccupies, our posture gets only a trance like glazed over look from it. Lets get rid of that. Lets 100% focus today on how to keep our back straight. Do you like a challenge?

Answer these questions first:
How do you look when you are washing the dishes? Cutting the veggies? loading your dishwasher?
Now ask your friend to take a pic of you in all three stances. Are your legs spread? Or spread in any of these pics? I hope you said yes to one of these: likley the dishwasher. Did you know guys doing dishes has been slowly on the rise since 2003. I know not very exciting but guys are awful at posture and simply cant get away with it anymore.

If you find yourself stuck prepping a family salad or washing after all the family, dont hover over it all grumpy like Gargoyle. Think, what can you do so that you can stay comfortable. This typically takes a wide stance. Occasionally make a little dance out of it by shifting your weight from one leg to the other. This will help prevent cramps, keep your circulation happy and your mind as well 😀

Dont bend sideways for Good Posture Sake

Its common to get glued into one spot; but practice adjusting instead, moving your feet to widen that stance or point it in the direction of body lean as you are reaching for something. This way you keep your back straight and not contorting wildly without proper support. When picking things up from way down low, bring one leg back and shift your weight to the back foot. Lean from the hips always. Good posture is actually a very simple concept you can tweak for all sorts of activities. Main thing is to have your feet, hips and legs bear your weight and keep your back from contorting.


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Positive Vibrations Exercise for Poor Circulation

This particular technique relieves congestion in the veins and will help treat and avoid varicose veins when done daily.

Your whole body functions via micro vibrations, necessary for things like healing and cell repair, hormone production, and circulation at the cellular level to circulate nutrients and building blocks in out of your cells. These vibrations are active in your youth, largely due to active life styles and some amount of natural built in resistance to wear. However, its never too early to start learning how to help your body maintain those positive vibrations. Sedentary lifestyle, junk food, negative emotions, or being overworked either physically or emotionally lead to poor circulation and stagnation in our bodies. As a result interruptions in these essential life sustaining vibrations occurs. One way to help your body is to introduce external vibrations with three basic types of activities: bouncing, shaking, and slapping. In this article I will discuss how to do these yourself without any machines.

However, a number of massaging vibration tools exist as well as vibrating machines and platforms said to enhance any exercise due to stimulation of multiple muscular contractions. At least one medical ultrasound tool exists available for home use, called the Vitafon, which helps with a wide spectrum of conditions such as poor circulation, and has a very specific intensity and time protocol for each.

Intensity and time matters. Just for reference, excessively powerful vibrations produced by operating hand-held vibrating tools over extended periods have been found to cause injury and changes in tendons, muscles, bones, joints, as well as the nervous system, according to Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety.

Always exercise personal judgment and always listen to your body whenever engaging in any new physical activity, using new vibration device or taking either to the next level!

Slapping for Poor Circulation

Slapping is one way to introduce feel good vibrations to your body and to improve poor circulation. The frequency of these is quite sparse in comparison to shaking but you have full control over the intensity and location. Generally you want to slap up and down your whole body. Use one hand, both alternating or synchrony. I usually alternate among all three, depending on strength or frequency desired. Up the outer arms, but avoid the inner arms. Clapping your hands is a great way to introduce vibrations! Slap your upper back, shoulders by bending at the elbow and holding it up with the other for better reach. Slap your abdomen in clockwise circular pattern.

To send vibrations deep into the gluteal muscles, use one hand on each butt cheek unilaterally. Lift your arm shoulder level or higher and release. Some force may be desired, but should feel pleasurable. Same thing for outer thighs. Bend at your hips, not your back as you go down the leg. Transition to both hands alternating slaps down the outer shins. Avoid the full length of your inner leg and do long upward strokes instead to stimulate fluid drainage.

To see what this feels like, get a massage and ask for tappotement, aka slapping. Its always nice to let someone else do all the work 🙂

Shaking for Poor Circulation

Shaking can be very powerful and fast, great for poor circulation and quite invigorating! Start out slow and build up. This can be done standing with both feet glued to the ground or by lifting one heel ata time for less frequent but more forceful waves all the way up the lower body. This particular technique relieves congesion in the veins and will help treat and avoid varicose veins when done daily.Refer to my video.

You can also shake, lying on your back with arms and legs up in the air. A Japanese doctor introduced this to the world, attributing this simple exercise to the remarkable healing of most of his cancer patients! Refer to my video at the very end.

Bouncing for Poor Circulation

Bouncing, possibly the most efficient way to boost poor circulation, is most effectively done via rebounding on the trampoline or mini-trampoline. You can simulate this motion by lifting both heels and letting your knees spring up and down gently as you let your feet bounce. Take it a step further by letting your whole body lift off the ground slightly. Read this article on the healing magic of trampolines and positive vibrations via shaking 😀


Good Vibrations: Researchers at Berkeley Lab’s Molecular Foundry Tune the Chemical Bonds of Buckyballs

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Natural Makeup at Your Fingertips!

If you have to pick a quick one stop exercise between everything else going on in your life, I would stick out my tongue, bulge out my eyes and make a terrific face 🙂

Natural Makeup are

Massage and Exercise?

Estee Lauder, Lancome may be pricey, but are not at all natural makeup. You probably felt delighted as I did, when a woman at Alta long time ago, beckoned me to try BareMinerals, an all natural makeup… But if you check the ingredients, BareMinerals has Bismuth oxychloride, an artificial substance derived from copper and lead smelting. Bismuth oxychloride, a known skin irritant, poses a special problem, since mineral makeup has been marketed primarily to those with sensitive skin!

Even if you opt for brands that dont use it, like Jane Iredale, Mineral Silk and ErthYes, these contain still other ingredients such as mica and talc. Talc especially, should be avoided since it is an irritant and a carcinogen. Mica, depending on how its processed can have jagged edges large enough to cuse micro teas to your skin.

Some good brands I found include Karma naturals(eye liner, and uses micronized mica for eye shadow, bronzer, blush), Gabriel(primer, lipstick, mascara-good ingredients, but doesnt offer long lasting coverage)Origins, KissMyFace for lotions and creams. There are many other good lotion and cream companies, but since I started making my own natural makeup, I dont keep up with them.

No doubt, women will spend a fortune on good quality beauty care products. However, would you spend time instead?
If done regularly, several times a week, and continuously, you can reverse aging and achieve a beautiful skintone. Im talking about face massage and exercises you can do anywhere. No money spent so far… Save on all that powder and foudation, as well as exorbitant antiaging creams, so you can save or invest a fraction of that money into a little color and something to accentuate your beautiful features.

Natural makeup: Face Massage

Watch these face massage videos videos Think about it: what do you need makeup for? cover up blemishes, skin imperfections and texture? Make your eyes look bigger and more almond shaped? get rid of that hooded eye look? make your lips poutier? Make your skin glow?

Face Massage brings forth circulation which caries building blocks such as collagen and other proteins you need for healthy skin. It also moves stagnant fluids and improves muscle tone, both largely responsible for bags under your eye, droopy eyelids and cheeks. Better muscle tone means fewer wrinkles and tighter skin. Face massage also exfoliates dead skin, revealing new young skin and helping your pores stay small by keeping them clear of debris. What is another name for tight and exfoliated skin? Radiant healthy glow! Tell me what other all natural makeup can do all that?

Natural makeup Face and Tongue Exercise

Bigger, almond shaped eyes and poutier lips? No problem. Know that anytime you reach out your lips and squeeze them around something, you are taunting Angelina Jolie. Rotating your eyes in cirlces, diagonally and sideways exercises your eyesight and improves their appearance. So does, lifitng up your lower eyelids against resistnace provided by fingertips of one hand placed very gently right where eye lid starts . Same thing should be done for upper eye lid. Same resistance applied to outer corners of eyes as you squeeze them towards each other will help define their almond shape. Get rid of sullen look, by bulging out your eyes to work your orbicularis oculi.

Your tongue muscle attaches deep within and links to facial and jaw muscles via fascia, and so deserves its own natural makeup category. As a kid I remember having fun wathcing my tongue dance in the mirror. If you have to pick a quick one stop exercise between everything else going on in your life, I would stick out my tongue, bulge out my eyes and make a terrific face 🙂

You know your diet effects your skin. Sunlight can also bring out that beautiful complexion! Yes 10-30 minutes of sunlight daily, depending on your skin color, is important for Vitamin D production, a vital component of healthy skin. I suggest you sunbathe at sunrise, sunset or in the shade. Now you see plenty of free natural makeup around?!

Here are some hydrating anti aging masks hydrating creams and body scrubs you will love !

Book your skin elasticity natural botox cupping package

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vibration workouts for women

Shaking exercises are perfect workouts for women, because they normalize hormone function, stimulate proper muscle tone and effectively dislodge cellulite.

shaking: perfect workouts for women and men

Our cells constantly emit micro vibrations to stimulate virtually all organic processes and muscle contractions to keep us alive and well. Due to sedentary lifestyles, food choices and resulting lazy habits, our bodies lose this innate function and stagnate, precipitating disease and aging. External vibrations then can offer vast healing benefits when our bodies stagnate or to help keep our bodies in optimum condition. Shaking exercises are perfect workouts for women, because they normalize hormone function, stimulate proper muscle tone and effectively dislodge cellulite. Then again, men can also benefit from all of the above. Lets see whats out there to help us stay fully vibrant.

The oriental world of healing exercise includes shaking the body to send vibrations throught, as part of Qigong. Shaking can be done simply by standing (preferably barefoot for better sensory input and grounding) with your soles having full contact with the ground. Perform quick light springing by allowing your knees to slightly straighten and then slightly collapse into a bent position. It helps to imagine that you are standing on a train or a boat and its a little turbulent.

Another healing exercise come from Japan, described by a holistic doctor as the “torn leaf”/”fly”, a dying fly for that matter.
The vibrations it creates also helps push venous blood towards the heart and thus resolve and avoid varicose veins.
1.Lie down on your back
2. lift your feet and arms up in the air, with your elbows and knees slightly bent
3. shake your extremities all at once and with quick subtle vibrations all the way up to your relaxed fingers and toes.
4. Your ankles and wrists should shake freely.
5. Stay completely relaxed and continue until you get tired
6. Imagine you are a tree and your hands and feet are just leaves shaking in the breeze.
7. Do this exercise if not daily, then at least several times a week.

rebounding:perfect workout for women and men

Rebounding or bouncing on a trampoline also causes rhythmic vibrations in the body. With rebounding, a lot of the benefit is due to alternating acceleration and deceleration, which shakes things up in a positive way! When jumping or running on the ground, legs and feet experience a lot more acceleration than your torso and head do. In jumping I think this happens because most people let all the propulsion go into their legs by bending their knees towards their chest as they lift the ground, rather than straighten them as they are pushing off the ground. This way the whole body acts as a projectile.

The more forcefully you push off, the straighter your legs will be as you jump and the more acceleration your entire body will benefit from. You also wont be getting that uncomfortable feeling pulling at your abdomen as its dealing with legs flying off at high speed while the torso remains almost stationary. When it comes to running, same principle applies. You want to push off of each foot in turn and let your legs straighten in that movement, rather than let your legs move underneath of you always bent. You can apply the principle of glide walking to running.

Having said that, looks like rebounding offers additional benefits regardless of your running/jumping technique. You can benefit from the following due to the acceleration forces created by rebounding on a trampoline.

better lymph drainage and immunity
stimulates your skeletal system and increases bone mass
better digestion
More effective than running with very little stress on the ankles and knees
Improves overall energy and stamina due to stimulation of cellular respiration through mitochondria and oxygen circulation
better balance because its stimulating the vestibule in the middle ear
has a synergistic effect on other exercise- An an experiment, weight lifters did 30 seconds of rebounding between sets and gained 25% more muscle over 12 weeks than those who did not. learn how to harness the muscle building properties of short 30 second high intensity exercise
exercises you whole body and helps improve muscle tone
may also support the thyroid and adrenals

People have achieved great results from rebounding a one hr 5 days a week, which can be further broken up into 3-5 short bursts of exercise throughout the day. However, a daily 15 minute trampoline workout can still offer all the same benefits albeit probably not as quickly or as drastically.

You can buy a mini trampoline for under $30 or spend more on a bouncier one for more benefit. Incorporate rebounding slowly into your routine and start out with light bouncing with feet remaining on the trampoline to get reacquainted with childhood.
Its easy to find time to bounce on a mini trampoline since its so visible! Also, if and when you need to take a break from your pocket screen or feeling down, try it! Remember how fun it is? Or get a full size trampoline and fool your whole family to frolic with you so you can keep an eye on them while you get something wholesome finally accomplished. Perfect workouts for women, especially a busy stay at home mom.

virbrating equipment

This section will discuss great workouts for women who are all about results in the quickest amount of time. Some well meaning equipment exists to simulate vibrations caused by bouncing and shaking. One recommended one, worth checking out, the Power Plate, has a platform for you to stand on while you do exercise. It produces multiple vibrations per second, probably faster than what you can create on your own via shaking/bouncing. In effect it should reduce the work out time as it causes additional muscle fiber contractions, which the same exercise done off the platform normally doesnt call for. Some gyms provide this equipment, so you may want to test it out for yourself before investing 3 thousand. Handheld vibrating weights exist and essentially do the same thing, but likely target the arms and upper torso front and back. Both are good workouts for women, as women would never settle for only half our body looking great.

Another piece of vibrating equipment, the vitafon, was invented in Russia for medical use: frequency range of 20-18000 Hz with amplitude to max 100 microns. Its application ranges from mental disorders in children to bone fractures to infections. It comes with detailed simple instructions so that anyone can use it at home, provided you can get it translated :)>

Shaking as Exercise Anyone Can Do—30-2/optimum-frequency-for-training-on-lineal-part-1

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Accelerated Training to Lose Cellulite and Weight Fast

Intermittent fasting means doing a short fast regularly. It resets your body to lose excess weight fast

Why cellulite sticks around

Most experts agree cellulite is toxin laden fat pressing against connective tissue. This fat gets trapped so that lymph, our natural detox system, has trouble getting in and cleaning it out. Part of the problem is our habitual dietary reliance on carbs, simple sugars, salts and processed oils, all contributing to fat and toxic load on our bodies.

Instead focus on reducing your starches and flours like breads, pastas, rice and potatoes, and adding a lot more  fresh vegetables, and some healthy fat sources: avocados, olives, nuts and seeds and clean animal fats like fatty seafood, grass fed egg yolk and organ meats and dairy for some.

Sedentary lifestyles and/or improper/inadequate exercise do most of the remaining damage.

It requires cleaning up our diets and then incorporating the following 3 proven good habits to kick start a fat and cellulite cleanse. Doing so will have you losing weight fast!

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting means doing a short fast regularly.  It resets your body to lose excess weight fast. A rather trouble free way of fasting is by eating during a set time frame during the day. It is best to stop all food intake by 7 pm.  The rest of the night and while you sleep you are fasting. Your next meal is lunch, so no breakfast for you. However, even a 12 hour fast has a lot of healing potential, so as long as youre good about ignoring urges to eat at night, you may wake up hungry and more than ready to break your 12 hour fast.  That is what I normally feel best doing.  After your healthy breakfast/lunch, wait to eat until you really feel hungry, even if its “time” to eat. Hunger is not an emergency signal; its simply how your body communicates its ok to eat now!

2 Kinds of Workouts to Lose Weight Fast

High intensity interval trainingcan partly substitute for intermittent fasting by boosting your production of Human Growth Hormone(HGH), your fat burning youth hormone, also responsible for good muscle  tone among many other wonderful benefits of being young.  The detoxing effects do become faster and stronger when you combine this kind of training with fasting.   For best results break your fast after your 20 minute morning high intensity work out.

Accelerated training isnt just another term for this great article. Accelerated training refers to the bouncing action of something like Power Plate, a vibrating platform. The constant vibrations cause thousands of muscle contractions which pump lymphatic fluid from problem cellulite areas, thus reducing congestion and toxins.  This equipment  has been shown to significantly reduce cellulite and help lose weight fast.  It yields even better results in conjunction with aerobic exercise and low calorie diets.

Participants were able to lose twice as much “gut” fat as the control group, who did not use this equipment and then kept it off 12 months later, unlike the control group.  Rebounding or jumping on a mini-trampoline offers some of the same advantages, due to compounded load of forces exerted, but to a lesser degree.

As kids we typically stay fast and rambunctious. Many remain active as teenagers, really testing our limits with physically demanding short burst activities to keep ourselves occupied and to give our boundless energies and emotions an outlet. Sadly, that changes dramatically for most, as we leave our teens and grapple with toils and responsibilities. We stop physically cultivating our bodies and our HGH production stagnates. Unless we prioritize an adequately active lifestyle, HGH starts nose diving in early 20s. 

The more belly fat you carry, the less HGH  you produce.  Low HGH production makes fat difficult to lose and easy to gain. Thankfully, both high intensity and accelerated training in addition to fasting can really reverse that cycle.  Learn more ways to boost your HGH levels naturally  and lose weight fast:)



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easy way to lose fast: fat not muscle

high-intensity exercise stimulus is what triggers the body to make an adaptive response to hold on to muscle

high intensity exercise to lose fast and build muscle

The beauty of high intensity exercise is that each session lasts 20 minutes or less and once you reach your fitness goals you only need to maintain that level once to three times a week. Thats an hour or less of working out per week! and its way more effective than spending hours at the gym.

Want to know how to do absolutely nothing and build muscle?

Typical cardio exercise, like jogging, actually leads to muscle wasting. That is because these low intensity endurance exercises activate only slow twitch muscles, and the high and super high twitch muscles atrophy as a result, so you lose fast not only body fat but also muscle tone.

Also, fast and super fast twitch muscle fibers are especially glycogenic, but they need physical stimulation to build glycogen reserves. Without adequate glycogen reserves your body starts to lose insulin sensitivity, which can lead to a number of health problems down the road, like metabolic syndrome and diabetes. “Normalizing your insulin is one of the primary health benefits of exercise, and this is particularly true in the case of high-intensity exercise.”-Dr Mercola

In order to build muscle and maintain muscle tone, you must activate all three types of muscle fibers. High intensity exercise does just that. High intensity refers to how hard you push yourself. It places your body under a controlled stress and yields the following benefits:

  1. Lose fast your body fat
  2. drastically improves muscle tone
  3. Tightens your skin and removes/diminishes wrinkles
  4.  energy and libido boost
  5. Improves athletic speed and performance
  6. achieve your fitness goals much faster due to a significantly increased production of HumanGrowthHormone

High Intensity How to

High Intensity can be any kind of exercise, including running, but it all follows a similar pattern:
1.warm up for 3 minutes
2.short bursts of power:for up to 30 seconds run/jump/move really fast/ high/wide/powerful/push the movement to the limit of your potential, so that at the end of 30 seconds you cant do any more.

3. Do a low intensity exercise or some dynamic stretches for 90 seconds

4.repeat #2-3 7 more times. Done at about 20 minutes total.

Instead of high speed exercise you can instead lift a set: this further brings down the workout to 15 minutes or even less.

1.Lift as slowly as you possibly can: first inch may take 2 seconds, with one rep taking up to 10 seconds. Lower the weight as slowly as you possibly can too. Lift enough weight so that you can do no more than 4-8 reps. By your last rep you should feel completely exhausted, but dont try to cheat by increasing speed. Instead try to move the weight for a final 5 seconds at the same speed you did other reps. Even if its not going anywhere, your muscles will still be exerting at highest intensity.
2. You can immediately proceed to do a set for another target muscle group.

3. Continue until you have covered all muscle groups.

Here are key signs you’ve hit high intensity:

  1. You will have a hard time talking and you should be breathing heavily, due to oxygen debt
  2. Profuse sweating at about second or third repetition. If you have a thyroid issue you may not experience much sweating.
  3. feeling hot
  4. Start feeling a muscle “burn”

Hold on to Your Horses …

Watch out for being excessively fatigued– you should be able to reasonably recover within the 90 second window between your high intensity reps. If you still feel wiped out by the time its time to go, reduce your intensity slightly: run a little slower, etc. When weight lifting, if you feel way too fatigued to move the weight by your 3rd rep- slightly lighten your load.

Its best to work up to 8 repetitions and allow your body a few days to recover between  your high intensity sessions, at least at the beginning.  A good sign that your body feels ready for another session is a feeling of unbound energy and physical desire to do something very active.

Bulk is not a measure of how well you are training
With high intensity exercise, some people get enormously stronger without a lot of change in muscle mass. Other people become modestly stronger with very large increases in muscle mass. That is due to variations in 8 genes responsible for muscle growth.
“But regardless of whether the masses increased or not, what is for certain is their glucose storage capability – irrespective of how impressive the size increases – does increase significantly.” ~ MD Doug McGuff

“What seems to be evident is that a high-intensity exercise stimulus is what triggers the body to make an adaptive response to hold on to muscle,” Dr. McGuff says. “We have to remember that muscle is a very metabolically expensive tissue… If you become sedentary and send your body a signal that this tissue is not being used, then that tissue is metabolically expensive. The adaptation is to deconstruct that tissue…”

Dont OD on High Intensity Exercise

McGuff also suggests that as your high intensity work loads get higher, as they will due to muscle adaptation, recovery time becomes of utmost importance. He recommends anywhere from three to seven days between session. He thinks one to two high intensity workouts per week is adequate to realize HGH production and all the resulting benefits mentioned above. In fact, he also suggests that more frequent high intensity work outs can backfire by increasing levels of your stress hormone cortisol instead.

High intensity slow weight training is safer than traditional weight training
You know that weight training has high potential for injury, especially with higher work loads.
Paradoxically, high intensity slow weight training caries a built in injury avoidance mechanism:

“Force is mass times acceleration. If you deprive yourself of the acceleration, you’re delivering almost no punishment to your joints. There’s no repetitive use injury,” Dr. McGuff says. “The forces are extremely low, and as you become more fatigued, you’re becoming much weaker. So you’re actually delivering a smaller and smaller force to your body as you fatigue.”

Remember your diet also effects insulin!

“remember that you cannot exercise your way out of a bad diet”; Your diet is responsible for 80 percent of benefits from a healthy lifestyle, with 20 percent coming from exercise. If you eat poorly, a perfectly “healthy” exercise can actually undermine your health due to excessive stress on a weakened body.

high carb diet compromises insulin sensitivity.

“Your skeletal muscle – if you’re lucky – can hold maybe 250 grams of glucose, and your liver holds about 70. If you take 320 grams of glucose as what your storage capacity is, you can kill that with a single trip to Starbucks. Once you go beyond that,( your body will store that as fat.)” -Dr McGuff

American modern diet, largely consists of grains and sugars (especially fructose). This overwhelming domination by carbohydrates is largely responsible for skyrocketing obesity in all age groups. Eliminating junk food, including more good fat, and a diet high in fresh vegetables is a prerequisite before you can seriously pursue and maintain high-intensity interval training. Good fats would include whole plant sources, like nuts, olives and avocados, not vegetable oils; and some animal fats: grass fed organ meats, grass fed egg yolk, fermented cod liver oil, caviar, etc
Learn more about animal fats for human nutrition Just try it for one week: change your diet and lose fast> fat and gain fast> energy, without one squat of exercise.

“Through an amplification cascade, when you’re doing a high-intensity exercise, you very aggressively empty sugar out of your muscle cells. By doing that and combining over the low-carbohydrate diet, you start to heal the metabolism,” Dr. McGuff explains.

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Staying Fit with Sauna After 30!

Staying Fit with Sauna After 30!

Saunas also offer a kick start to your HGH synthesis in addition to an awesome truly anti aging arsenal of goodies

It turns out several powerful and all natural tools exist to help you stay young and fit after 30! regular Cryotherapy, HGH synthesis thru daily bursts of high intensity workouts or interval training that involves anaerobic exercise, regular 12-14 hr fasting, and getting regular good beauty rest 🙂 notice the word “regular”??

Saunas also offer a kick start to your HGH synthesis in addition to an awesome truly anti aging arsenal of goodies.

stay fit- keep your HGH levels up naturally!

Human Growth Hormone(HGH) effectively is a youth hormone. It keeps you fit as it helps reduce fat while increasing muscle mass, improves memory and growth of new brain cells and tissue repair. HGH is responsible for muscle endurance, speed and strength. From birth our bodies tend to make progressively less of HGH and by around age 30 its levels can become sufficiently low to contribute to various signs of aging, unless you step in and help your body make more.

Avoid artificial growth hormones! One such artificial steroid IGF-1 has has been shown to drastically reduce longevity in mice, rats and flies and to raise risk of cancer, due to excessive amounts of HGH. Artificial steroid injections have a hypertrohic effect on all parts of the body and these effects have not been extensively studied. Instead learn how to boost your natural HGH production.

Saunas- natural HGH boost and antiaging!

Saunas offer one natural way of boosting HGH production and staying fit. While you are sweating and detoxing, the heat also has a hyperthermic conditioning effect. With regular sauna use your body temperature becomes acclimated to hyperthermia or above normal temperature and reaps the benefit of accelerated HGH production. One advantage of heat acclimation/hyperthermic conditioning has over artificial steroids is that it does not compromise your longevity!

Hyperthermic conditioning/heat acclimation also offers advantages for your health other than HGH production.

For one, heat acclimation improves the workings of your hypothalamus and in part responsible for runner’s high.

Male runners were able to endure 32% longer after 12 sessions of 30 min sauna use twice a week, done right after an intense run. Saunas provide all the incredible benefits, described below, independent of exercise. For this reason someone who has experienced muscle atrophy due to immobilization or wants to maintain muscle tone and staying fit while immobilized should have regular access to saunas.

Word of caution: Sauna provides a controlled stress on the body causing your body to become more efficient, yielding all the benefits described. However, subjecting your body stress involves risk, as every individual experiences stress differently. For this reason, sauna use should be incorporated into your lifestyle gradually: few minutes at a time slowly work up to no more than 30 minutes. Listen to your body and always leave the sauna as soon as you start feeling exhausted or overwhelmed.

nitty gritty of sauna magic

Heat improves circulation: meaning by exercising under hyperthermic condition you have much better results and experience due to improved nutrient supply of glucose, fatty acids and oxygen. A cold muscle engaged in endurance training will start relying on and depletes stored glycogen 40-50% faster, leaving you with that “hit a wall” wiped out feeling.

You may have heard that people with heart conditions are not fit for saunas. Surprisingly then, heat acclimation actually reduces strain on your heart and heart rate as it improves blood flow to your heart. Hyperthermic conditioning also has a residual effect on normal exercises by activating sweating and blood vessel dilation at those lower body temperatures. Sweat and vasodilation, your natural thermoregulation mechanisms, allow you to maintain a comfortable core body temperature so you can exercise longer and achieve your goals of staying fit faster!

Ironically, exercise creates oxidative stress which causes protein degradation and compromising hypertrophy or the net gain in muscle mass. Hyperthermic acclimation offsets oxidative stress by improving protein synthesis and thus contributes to muscle hypertrophy.

It does so in three ways:
1. increases release of HGH
2. induces expression of heat shock proteins
3. improves insulin sensitivity

Sauna use improves your nervous system and brain function!
1. It improves focus and attention by boosting norepinephrine
2. helps you think faster thanks to improved nerve cell myelination resulting from higher levels of prolactin
3. repairs nerve cells also due to nerve cell myalination
4. decreases depression and anxiety from early stressful events
5. builds new brain cells,
6. helps you learn, all due to neurogenesis catalyzed by BDNF cells
7. achieves a feeling of euphoria, due heightened endorphin precursor levels!


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On All Fours: A Full Body Workout

all the muscle groups become exerted

On All Fours: A Full Body Workout

All Fours Benefits

A full body workout targets all of the muscles, and it helps each one of them build up and develop. Full body workout is also a great way of preparing your body for series of different exercises, since it is one of the fastest ways to warm up. It is also very challenging for your nervous system, and by using this technique, one can move easily through almost any environment.
Moving on all fours should be as easy as walking on two legs, and yet it is way more efficient since the hands and feet are both used to provide stability, firm grip and prevention from slipping or falling down. It is extremely valuable in situations when height and angled surfaces cause trouble, and in those situations it is only logical to get low and use the all fours technique to safely make your way across this terrain. It is very important to know how to coordinate your feet and hands, for it will get you up quickly in situations when you fall to the ground or squirm out of a narrow tunnel.

On All Fours: A Full Body Workout

It all starts by kneeling on the ground and equally spreading your weight among your hands and feet. This is what constitutes a full body workout, for when you are walking on all fours, all the muscle groups become exerted. What you need to pay extreme attention to is motion: Always use the opposite hand and foot. If you try to lift your left arm and left leg at the same time, you will realize that something is wrong, and at the same time, the weight won’t be equally distributed from left to right side of your body. In order to move forward and for this full body workout to have an effect, you need to stay coordinated and keep the balance of your weight evenly spread. Walk by moving left hand and right foot, right hand and left foot at the same time. Keep a firm grip, exercise your body balance and the strength in the arms will develop as time goes by.

Have Fun With Animal Exercises

Imitation of the animal walk can be fun, but at the same time very exhausting for it requires a lot of strength and energy to keep walking like a dog, a monkey, a frog, or to stand in a hedgehog pose. Yet, these poses can be very useful when it comes to improving balance and focus, concentration, confidence, self-esteem and a mind-body connection. Doing a full body workout while being in one of the animal poses is fun and beneficial, and you can do it alone or with your child. If you decide to do it with a child, simply think of it as animal yoga, get into a position of a chosen animal, close your eyes, and pretend you are that animal by staying in its pose for as long as you can. Kids will love it, and you will get your daily dose of relaxing and stretching up. And after that, you will be warm enough to start another full body workout.

Animal yoga for kids