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Microgreen Aronomy of Indoor Gardening

aronomy Katy-Perry--Bon-appetit
aronomy Katy-Perry–Bon-appetit

Aronomy of Microgreen Agronomy

What do Shakeology, restaurant El Bulli and song Bon Appetit have in common? They all appeal to human temptation for exotic beauty.  what else? its all blatantly food obsessed. Food has been enthralled in human sexuality from creation to presentation, to ingestion.

However, which one of these above is not like the others? Well, as try as you might to appear,”fresh out of the oven”  Kattie Perrie and dessicated powders of herbs and spices just aint actually FRESH !

Only El Bulli, the controversial experimental restaurant in  Catalonia, Spain, had the right idea about fresh!

Fresh as in fresh herbs, even better: microgreens!!! the living vitamin and whats better than…

one growing FRESH and BURSTING WITH FLAVOR  for you to consume on top of or wrapped inside any fetish you desire, as in scrawny  bull blood beets wrapped in pudding wrapped  duck pancake, the pork encrusted melon sprinkled with fresh and soothing opal basil  or your classic: sweet like honey pop corn shoot piercing a deceptively firm  pine nut marshmallow that oozes like one caramel of thousand sugars, maltose, fructose, xylitol, etc.  Mmmm…  You get my drift 😉  what did I just say? I cant quite remember. Glad its right here written down for me.

People are finally coming down to their roots again, investigating this word “aronomy” come to find out its agronomy, and off they sail on an internet adventure. Hans Schilling and his wife Marketa knew the importance of local agronomy.

Back then El Boulli  obviously used and traditionally continue to use fresh herbs among which undoubtedly microgreens found a roost,  no doubt, because they A. burst with flavor, B. look tantalizing and C. are so tiny and cute! AND also D., you can eat just a handful and get all the nutrients and more from your typical chef’s salad. Its actually E. All the above 🙂

Whats up with charing those herbs again, Gordon Ramsay? oh I see you gathered them at maturity when they had  lost all their flavor?!

Darn it,  why do I say the things I do?  Give me  a moment.

Aronomy of Size

Microgreens really do have to be good looking because they are tiny, but they are certainly not hard to see. Micros turns out come in a rainbow of colors, think rainbow chard, but also blues and purples and vivid greens!

Microgreens dazzle with fine silhouettes. Their flavors will make you reconsider having to add that globby dressing. Indeed subtle tart sweet vinegar top note of buckwheat lettuce compliments its crisp yet delicate texture.

Aronomy of Indoor Gardening

Pun intended, Aronomy of indoor gardening is just that an arror in some climates. Its arroneous to assume that all commercial human activities require artificial infrastructure to work. natural sunlight and elements have their place in microgreen gardening outdoors. and btw, off topic, but you should know, I think , that “precedent” is pronounced like president pretty much, when used as  a noun. just a thought but dont stand corrected next time and will point you here instead. and this … ( you silly massage client who had set a bad precedent for all the guys that have been here before)


check out my full colorful selection of microgreens !

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Microgreens Reverse Disease

Shinguku Chrysanthemum microgreen
Shinguku Chrysanthemum microgreen

Microgreens Reverse Disease

microgreens vs seed/grain source

Microgreens have 4-6 times more of most nutrients contained in the grain or seed it sprouts from(exceptions include fat and starch). That is because most nutrients contained in grains are bound by digestive inhibitors and so arent actually bio available until the grain/seed is exposed to water aka as germinated and then sprouted. As the plant matures all these nutrients become dispersed throught the plant and therefore less concentrated. A baby green  is a few weeks more mature than a microgreen, and at its mature state the plant ounce per ounce has only 1-10% nutrient density that it had at its seedling stage. This includes water soluble vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, and fatty acids. Microgreens are best eaten raw to preserve the benefits of these nutrients and vitality contained in the plant. Microgreens certainly will become your best allies to reverse disease.

Microgreens vs Sprouts

Every seed, grain and nut is a dormant baby plant.  Its nutrients are bound by digestive inhibitors.  Right amount of moisture brings it to life turning all its nutrients not only bio available for plant growth but also for human consumption. Now its a sprout with a little cute little tail,  and as bursting with fresh goodness as it is,  it still has most of the  starch and fat from its seed,  hard on some stomachs.  A week or so later it releases  a little green shoot, a microgreen 😉 All the concentrated nutrients, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and proteins are now contained in the microgreen and the starch and fat have been largely transformed into fuel for plant growth.

A microgreen is tender, easy  to digest and bursting with flavor as much as nutrition: 6-60 times more than a mature vegetable! Microgreens are a perfect nutritional supplement for people on grain free diet as well as anyone into nutrition in its raw fresh form!

With candida outbreaks running rampant, more people than ever seek out special grain free anti candida diets. A sprouted seed such as quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth, may have become more digestible, but that notorious starch is still there in full glory. Such spouts would be off limits to people like me 🙂 However, a microgreen harnesses the goodness contained within these starchy seeds & turns

parsley microgreen
parsley microgreen

them into a candida fighting powerhouse!


Salmonella and other bacterial outbreaks have happened in large scale productions of produce, including sprouts. When it comes to microgreens, only the green parts get harvested, leaving the seeds or grains that harbor bacteria behind. However, sprouts can be just as safe if you start with whole raw seeds/grains, disposing of any broken ones and thoroughly rinsing them out twice a day. Make sure to roll the strainer from side to side a few times to let any residual water pockets drain. It may seem that a sprouting jar left upside down will do the trick, but excess water still gets trapped among the sprouts, creating a perfect environment for mold to quickly set in. Isnt it nice that microgreens can let you reverse disease without having to fight

Wheat grass and other cereal grasses such as millet and oat offer powerful health benefits, when harvested at peak of ripeness at 1-2 weeks of planting, similar to microgreens.
Learn more about the health benefits of sunflower greens!


health benefits
how to grow at home fastest method


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silica or calcium chloride to keep food dry?

silica or calcium chloride to keep food dry?

Calcium chloride dissolves partially into a liquid brine for its structure allows it to attract its own weight in water multiplied by several times

what is a food grade desiccant?

To start off, one has to know that desiccant is a substance which absorbs water, and that it is usually used to help products stay dry and not fall to moisture degradation. There are several famous desiccants, among which is calcium chloride, salt, rice, silica gel, etc. All of these are great at collecting water, and are used commonly everywhere. Silica gel is great for protecting flowers and drying them out, but there are some types of silica gel which contain cobalt chloride and are therefore unsafe for the environment and food storage.

One can get a food grade desiccant almost everywhere. Food grade desiccants are good for pest control, but keep in mind that pool grade desiccants should not be placed around your home, as they are heat treated. This means that silicon dioxide converts to crystalline silica, a very dangerous and harmful abrasive to a human’s respiratory system, which causes a certain and progressive lung disease silicosis.
Silica gel is non-toxic and GRAS recognized product, which meets FDA requirements. Therefore, it is safe to be used in house environments.

calcium chloride keeps food driest

There have been several tests to confirm which desiccant is the best, and so far, nothing can keep up with calcium chloride. In one test, one cup of calcium chloride picked up 125 grams of water in just 40 days. It doubled in volume and gained an outstanding 56%.
First runner up was the non-dairy creamer, which picked up 20 grams of water and increased by 16%. Other desiccants used (silica gel, rice, salt) didn’t do very good, and their mass didn’t change significantly. Silica gel started with a weight of 225 grams, and ended with the same weight. This is in a 40 days period, and I`m sure that a 365 days period would be a different story.

what makes calcium chloride superior to silica gel?

It all comes down to these two, which are the best at collecting moisture from their environment. Calcium chloride dissolves partially into a liquid brine for its structure allows it to attract its own weight in water multiplied by several times. On the other hand, silica gel remains dry at its full absorb capacity. The reason is simple: silica gel can, in optimal conditions, absorb only around 40% of its weight in water.
Calcium chloride will stay contained even in liquid form. If you are creative enough, you can easily create your own packets, using coffee filters and calcium chloride. You can also buy ready ones online, which are very similar to silica gel packages.
Calcium chloride keeps the water absorbed protected for a long period of time, while silica gel absorbs water into microscopic pores, which can cause spikes in humidity during voyage. In the end, calcium chloride is safe for environment, since it is a naturally occurring compound found in abundance in seawater. It is non-toxic, and can be disposed with regular wastewater. Many silica gels, on the other hand, contain cobalt compounds, which are known to be carcinogenic, and the disposal of is done using special hazardous waste procedures.

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Reverse Chronic Diseases with Diatomaceaous Earth

Reverse Chronic Diseases with Diatomaceaous Earth

guard against Chronic Diseases with food grade diatomaceous earth supplement

Reverse Chronic Disease with Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is one of the best food supplements which were kept in the dark until now. It is a natural substance rich in silica, a mineral with unimaginable health benefits. DE is basically a fossilized shell of diatom, the one-celled plant which is the main source of food for marine life. Diatoms existed way before humans, and are still today present in both the fresh and salt water. Being rich in silica, Diatomaceous Earth is known to restore the silica level in the body and by doing so, greatly improve health and reverse many chronic diseases. It is also used for cleansing the body from toxics and acids.

Silica the Missing Piece

Diatoms shells are made up of silica or silicon dioxide. Planet is rich with silica, but the problem is that most of the sources rich with silica are unabsorbable by the human body and therefore, we are unable to fully regenerate the missing silica inside our bodies. Diatomaceous Earth is a great way of restocking on silica which is not only good for reversing chronic diseases, it is also very effective at improving bone health, stopping osteoporosis, improving immune system in general, fighting off the Alzheimer’s and improving the general lung and heart health. Silica is an important ingredient in many body functions, and is directly connected with the mineral absorption. In order to keep our health at an optimal level, our body requires around seven grams of silica which is way more than calcium or iron.

Food such as alfalfa, brown rice and beets contain high level of silica. Leafy green vegetables and bell peppers provide a lot of silica, while asparagus, parsley, Jerusalem artichokes and sunflower seeds contain a very small amount of it. The evolution has led to soil depletion, which affected the quality of food. Today, we only take in about one third of silica of what we used to via food.

Silica is gathered inside the body while we are still in the development stage of life. This allows our bodies to remain strong and resilient, flexible and energetic. But, as we grow older, silica levels start to fall and by the time we are full grown adults, almost 80 percent of silica is lost. This is why we should focus more on eating silica-rich sources of food, and add Diatomaceous earth as a supplement to our meals.

Diatomaceous Earth Safety

Not all forms of Diatomaceous earth are safe. There are different kinds of DE deposits, and only 4 of them are Food grade. DE which was gathered from fresh water is of high purity, and is considered a food grade. This is due to the reason that fresh water diatoms contain non-crystalline silica, which is safe for humans to consume. Another natural occurring source is crystalline silica, often found in salt-water diatoms, and known to be extremely dangerous for our lungs and heart, especially if inhaled. Food grade DE is recognizable as it occurs in the shape of white powder, while other forms appear brownish or reddish. Also, dosage is a teaspoon a day for best results. You can mix it with water, juice or other liquid food. Silica has no side effects, and regular consumption of it can show a huge difference in health; from reversing many chronic diseases to improving your body and bone structures.

Reverse chronic inflamation-friendly bacteria in your diet !!

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Baking Soda Benefits and Controversies

Baking Soda Benefits and Controversies

The Many Baking Soda Benefits

Baking soda (sodium-bicarbonate) is a substance that everyone probably has stored somewhere in the kitchen. Its use is quite versatile, since it can be used for baking, to absorb odors in refrigerator and for cleaning the sink. You probably won’t be surprised to know that it has many health benefits as well, and it comes quite cheap.
It is safe for treating minor injuries or as a hygienic product, being skin friendly. One can use it as a paraben and aluminum-free deodorant in its dry form or as a home-made paste to be used for treating insect bites and rashes caused by poison ivy to relieve the itching. One of the widely known uses is a remedy for heartburn, since it neutralizes stomach acid, thus being effective against indigestion and even ulcer.
It is safe for regular use as an exfoliating agent in a paste made with three parts baking soda and one part water. By adding three tablespoons of baking soda in a tub of warm water you can prepare yourself a pleasant and invigorating foot soak. By adding some apple cider to the blend, you will get a spa-like treatment and additionally clean the tub and the drain. With 3/1 paste you can scrub and clean your hands daily. By mixing a tablespoon of baking soda in a small glass of water you can make a remedy for relieving the skin of splinters. For sunburns, add ½ cup of baking soda in a tub with lukewarm water and soak yourself in it for natural relief.
Some of the lesser known baking soda benefits is “soda doping”, practiced by some sportsmen – like distance runners and swimmers. It is thought to have the same function as carbohydrate loading. It is a natural way to alkalize the body and reduce the muscular acidity caused by extensive, intense physical activity.
It is safe for oral hygiene as well, and you can use it to treat gums and wash your teeth, even to whiten them. Baking soda is known to remove plaque and kill streptococcus mutans, the main contributor in tooth decay. And these are just some of the widely known baking soda benefits.

Does Baking Soda have Aluminum?

With all the benefits of baking soda, there must be some undesired effects and downsides. The most commonly presented is associated with presence of aluminum in baking soda, the ingredient that supposedly causes a number of diseases. Nobody really knows how and where this information arose, but one thing that must be set straight is that it is a misconception, and baking soda does not contain aluminum! This misconception can be contributed to some of the baking powder brands that do contain aluminum, but baking soda, as it comes, does not. So, the next time you go out looking for aluminum free baking soda, and see those marked ‘aluminum-free’, rest assured that even those cheaper, but not marked as aluminum-free are in fact free of aluminum. On the other hand, be wary to steer clear off the baking powders that could contain it.

Baking Soda Ingestion Controversy

Baking Soda is high in Sodium(Its non Sodium counterpart, Potassium Bicarbonate also can be taken internally for same benefits). Only take baking soda internally on occasion. When it comes to alkalizing your body, other safer milder alternatives include wheat grass juice, spirulina, mullberry and raspberry leaf tea due to either their high concentrated chlorophyll content or/and other alkalizing nutrients.
Most people generally tolerate sodium-bicarbonate well, and can enjoy all the baking soda benefits as long as they keep the dosage right. If you misuse this substance, you might experience some of these symptoms: headache, nausea, muscle weakness, swelling in feet or ankles and too dark stool and dark vomit upon ingestion of too much baking soda. Should you notice some or any of these, consult a physician or pharmacist.
Those on a sodium restricted diet should steer clear of sodium-bicarbonate, as well as those already taking stomach related drugs, such as antacids. It is very important not to take baking soda when you are full of food or drink. In case you experience severe stomach pain after taking baking soda, consult a physician. Some additional symptoms may include: slow breathing, muscle pain or twitching and frequent urge to urinate.
Those who ingest sodium-bicarbonate frequently may experience hyporeninemia and hypoaldosteronemia due to the vein expansion, and experience of metabolic issues like water retention and weight gain, or respiratory issues due to increased CO2 concentration within veins, causing suppressed respiratory drive. Irritability, tetany, mental stupor, coma, and intraventricular hemorrhage are some of the nervous system dysfunction related conditions.
The problems may appear locally, and also cause cardiovascular problems due to decreased cardiac contractility caused by sodium-bicarbonate infusions, and problems on gastrointestinal level like gastric ruptures, in rare cases, but can also cause urinary alkalinization and “false proteinuria”.

Sodium Bicarbonate Side Effects and Contraindications

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Eat Good Bacteria to Strengthen Immune System

Eat Good Bacteria to Strengthen Immune System

Learn about Friendly Bacteria Against Obesity and chronic Inflammation


Pathogenic Gut Bacteria and Weak Immune System

Recent research has shown that the greatest part of your immune system lies in your intestines, 70-80%, and it affects how you cope with illness – both physically and mentally. Your guts are home to trillions of bacteria, which should be beneficial microbes that regulate your digestive processes and keep pathogenic microbes under control.

When we take antibiotics, we are killing not only bad germs but also the good bacteria in our guts, leaving us vulnerable to a number of diseases. The effects of antibiotics can leave you vulnerable for as long as 7 years, causing bloating, constipation, cravings for unhealthy foods, skin issues and irregular sleep – all of which can lead to more severe health problems. And if you have been taking antibiotics lately, the chances are quite high that you have not replenished the good bacteria necessary for maintaining your immunity and good mood (95% of serotonin, “happy” hormone is made in your gut). Thus, it is of critical importance to keep harmful microorganisms and intestinal bacteria in check, by using probiotics and taking foods that strengthen immune system.

Signs You Need More Probiotics

Everyone should be aware the impact of intestinal balance to both physical and mental health and the signs that indicate the need for strengthening the immune system, either by eating fermented foods daily, which are rich in beneficial bacteria, or using some good quality probiotics supplement. If you have been taking antibiotics, which do not discriminate between benevolent and malevolent bacteria, you will most definitely need to take probiotics. Also, those who suffered food poisoning or have occasional digestive disturbances are advised to start a probiotic therapy. Certain skin conditions, such as rashes, acne or eczema, and frequent mood swings are signals to strengthen immune system as these are signs that show weak immunity. Other symptoms include low energy, digestive issues, food sensitiveness, getting flu or cold seasonally and high blood pressure. If you are suffering from some of these, you are highly advised to start on probiotics so as to balance your digestion and recover your immune system.

Strengthen Immune System and Boost Gut Bacteria

UCLA researchers have come to a conclusion that correction of good bacteria in your gut can improve the function of neurotransmitters, thus improving your mental health and focus, improving learning and memory. Benevolent bacteria, such as lactobacili, ceratin, bifidobacteria and certain strains of escherichia aid digestion and nutrient absorption, making sure that you get enough vitamins, minerals, amino acids and good fats from your diet, and helping production of certain B and K vitamins, folate and some short-chain fatty acids. All of these are necessary to strengthen immune system and contribute to proper function of organism.

It is good to know that there are cheap and efficient ways to naturally boost good gut bacteria, apart from using probiotics. Like, using healthy potions, tonics and juices. For one such healthy juice, here called G-Heath juice, you need but 1 cucumber, 2 celery stalks, 1 lime, 1 piece of ginger, a handful of fresh mint and 1 tbs. of apple cider vinegar. After juicing all ingredients, you add the vinegar and the juice is ready for consuming. This juice can help in enforcing the good bacteria in your gut and it will help strengthen your immune system.

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Cancer can be cured: Oxygen Low pH Alkalizing

Cancer can be cured: Oxygen low pH Alkaline

Cancer hates Oxygen

In 1923, Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg, director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, discovered the relation between oxygen and cancer cells. Namely, he noticed that cancerous cells can live without oxygen, and that they actually thrive in low pH acidic conditions. If a cell is deprived of 35% of its oxygen intake for 48 hours, it can become cancerous. For this revelation, and for giving hope that cancer can be cured, or at least prevented, Dr. Warburg was awarded Nobel Prize in 1931. In “Metabolism of Tumors”, he states that all forms of cancer develop in conditions where there is oxygen depravity – hypoxia, and a high presence of acidity – acidosis.

His discovery, for which he is credited, proves that all normal cells meet their needs for energy through oxygen respiration, whereas cancerous cells meet theirs through fermentation processes which requires absence of oxygen. If the body is kept in the state of high presence of oxygen, the cells will be kept alkaline and tissues will be healthy. More alkaline these interstitial fluids, the more oxygen they have, and the more acidic they are, the less oxygen they have. This balance depends on both: the innate mechanisms of our bodies as well as the intake of alkalizing vs acidifying substances that we consume. Both should be balanced, but our consumption can and does either support or damage these innate bodily mechanisms.

An average American now eats 10% in non processed foods. Complete 180 from the 90% two generation ago. Learn more…

To help maintain your body’s delicate pH balance:

  • you want to eat a predominantly alkaline diet of non processed, low sugar, zero additive foods, include a lot more dark green and raw vegetables and fruits.
  • get  a juicer and make fresh squeezed juices to include wheat grass juice at home and
  • buy organic or/and grow your own garden.
  • Avoid substances that are drastically alkalizing, such as antibiotics.
  • Daily compliment your predominantly alkaline diet with daily probiotic rich fermented foods such as probiotic bread, kefir and sauerkraut (in moderation) or at least a good quality probiotic.
  • Daily supplement your diet with  powders of spirulina and chlorella(availbale online and at health food stores).

How Your Body Stays Alkaline

While food and beverages has a direct affect on our pH blood levels, metabolic activity also plays a vital role in controlling how high or low those levels are. The former controls the acid/alkaline input into our bodies, and the latter actually manages our bodies’ pH.

Your body has three major mechanisms that prevent your pH levels from shifting from the normal (7.35 to 7.45) limit:

  1. Buffer systems – carbonic acid-bicarbonate buffer system, protein buffer system, phosphate buffer system;
  2. exhalation of carbon dioxide and
  3. elimination of hydrogen Ions through kidneys.

For cancer to be cured, patients are usually advised to “alkalize their blood,” I.e. eat foods that have an alkaline-forming effect in your organism. For the greatest part, highly processed foods – such as white flour products and white sugar – have an acid-forming effect on your system, and if you spend years practicing a poor diet that is mainly acid-forming, you could end up disrupting this systems to a point where you could create detrimental changes to your health.

One example is that your phosphate buffer system uses different phosphate ions to neutralize strong acids and bases. Up to 85% of these phosphate ions come from phosphate salts, which are in the core structure of your teeth and bones. By having your body regularly exposed to acid-forming foods and beverages, calcium phosphate reserves begin to supply your phosphate buffer system, which leads to weakness in bone structure. There is also a risk of developing calcium-rich kidney stones if the amount of acid food and fluid ingestion is not controlled.

In order to keep yourself healthy, a mix of acidic and alkaline (unprocessed)whole foods is advised.Ideally, it should contain more alkaline-forming foods than acid-forming due to your slightly alkaline pH blood levels and interstitial fluids. There are plenty of recipes and< ready made raw healthy foods that are delicious and comforting, so go ahead and take full responsibility for having a healthy diet and give yourself some peace of mind that not only cancer can be cured but also prevented.

Alkalizing Diet: Cancer Can Be Cured

The question here is – should the diet be completely deprived of acidic foods, and instead be comprised of only alkalizing foods? No, you want to include some acidifying whole foods too.  An overly alkaline condition has a number of detrimental effects and conditions related to high alkaline levels, such as Candida overgrowth. Thats one reason you should be very careful when using supercharged alkalizing substances like food grade hydrogen peroxide or even baking soda, which can throw off the delicate pH Balance our bodies try to maintain. A safe guideline for baking soda is half teaspoon diluted with 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar and then some water, once a day.

Our interstitial fluids and body pH(alkalinity levels) rely on a number of factors, like hormonal balance and gut flora.  If those are off one can develop high acidity levels.  Candida, on its own, makes the environment more alkaline, in addition creating ammonia, a highly alkaline gas.

Unlike what many seem to assume, fermented foods actually seem to promote a good pH balance.

Sourdough breads made via traditional natural fermentation do contain some lactic acid from the beneficial microbes involved in making it,  but this small amount of acid actually helps keep candida at bay.  When processed on low heat, dehydrated or sunbaked,  sourdough bread actually offers your body the additional benefit of supplying your digestive tract with billions of live probiotics that help maintain balanced pH and guard against pathogens.

Most vegetables and fruits have an alkaline-forming effect in your organism, while breads made of unfermented grains, animal foods, and highly processed foods have an acid-forming effect. Though grains commonly have an acidifying effect on the body, pseudo grains such as millet and buckwheat do not. Wheat grass juice has  a stronger alkaline environment than most fruits and vegetables and contains beneficial nutrients. You might be surprised to learn that egg yolk, honey and beef juice are alkalizing, while white Asparagus tips, garbanzo beans and blueberries are acidifying your bodily fluids. Finally, like in all aspects of life the solution lies in balance. Cancer can be cured naturally, and through a controlled diet. Here, the balance between alkalizing and acidifying nutrients from food and beverages is of great help.

Learn about my latest research on alternative and conventional cancer treatment

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Quit smoking naturally: Eat Raw Foods

Quit smoking naturally, eat raw foods

Health impact of smoking

One of the main causes of failing to prevent carcinogenic diseases is smoking tobacco. Studies show disastrous effects of cigarettes on human health, and reveal that thousands of toxic chemicals enter our bodies with every cigarette we smoke. One of them is nitrogen dioxide ozone, which harms DNA directly, while reducing the levels of vitamin C – vital for the normal and healthy functioning of the body, leaving a fertile ground for various diseases.

Apart from affecting the lungs, respiratory and circulatory tract, smoking increases the risk of heart attack, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, stroke, lung cancer and cancer of the mouth and larynx. Additionally, the toxic chemical byproducts of tobacco bind themselves to the smokers DNA and activate genetic mutations that may cause miscarriages, premature births, erectile dysfunction in men and cancers anywhere in the body.

The first step to prevent all this is to stop smoking. What is helpful to those who want to quit smoking naturally is to eat raw food, most of all fruits and vegetables, which are low on sugar, healthy, and keep the mouth and hands busy.   According to a study conducted by  2007 by Dr. F. Joseph McClernon at Duke University in North Carolina, enzymes found in raw fruit and vegetables have been shown to create unpleasant aftertaste  when combined with tobacco compounds that remain in the mouth after smoking.

Fears of Quitting

People who want to quit smoking are usually afraid due to the assumptions that it will be followed by depression and anxiety. Many herbs and supplements can be of help when it comes to such problem. Some of those herbs are: lobelia, ginger root, St. John’s Wort, passion flower and rodiola. They function as prevention for nausea, cigarette cravings, irritability, depression and fatigue. Also, essential oils are important to be added into consideration when it comes to battling addiction to tobacco smoking, as they can naturally and safely prevent withdrawal symptoms, control nicotine cravings and relieve the stress and nervousness.

One mixture of essential oils proved especially useful as it completely stopped tobacco craving in some people. Make it at home: equal parts of lemon, black pepper and eucalyptus essential oils. When the craving manifests this mixture should be inhaled from a cotton ball or simply applied on the skin under the nose(mix your essential oils and dilute with a base food grade oil 3-15 drops of mixture per oz of base oil . Base oils like olive, avocado, almond  make its topical application completely safe and natural).

Quit smoking Naturally: Eat or not to eat

As much as the healthy food intake can help in battling the nicotine cravings, there are some foods that can actually increase that craving. Peas and corn, for example, stimulate the addiction as much as the meat. It is well known that coffee and alcoholic beverages have a similar effect. And it is not only the food that bears importance in this arduous feat.

In order to successfully quit smoking naturally you should increase the intake of liquids as well. That way, the thousands of accumulated toxins will leave the body far more easily. Take water with lemon juice, or drink fresh orange juice to elevate the level of vitamin C. That way, the addiction will be easily surpassed. Learn more info and tips on water intake.

When it comes to eating raw food, you might add some of the healthy herbs and spices to the equation – ginseng, rhubarb, ginger and licorice increase the dopamine production which neutralizes cravings for nicotine.
A  combination of raw foods, increased liquids and vitamin intake can help smokers naturally and effectively quit smoking naturally and overcome addiction.

Raw foods to help you quit smoking

Are you ready to quit smoking? Just do this!

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Friendly Bacteria Against Obesity and chronic Inflammation

Friendly bacteria against Obesity and chronic inflammation

In order to prevent obesity and chronic inflammation we must consider “reseeding” the body with good bacteria

Obesity and Chronic Inflammation Link

People suffering from obesity are inclined to have an array of health problems largely due to inflammation. Reportedly, a pathogenic bacteria Staphylococcus aureus (staph) and Escherichia coli prove to be the source of detrimental effects on health in obese people. High concentration of pathogenic bacteria can cause inflammatory responses which lead to diseases like insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, periodontal disease, stroke and coronary heart disease.

Also, overweight people are at lethal peril from a number of staph infections like toxic shock syndrome, sepsis and endocarditis. Recent scientific research reveals that certain gut bacteria, including staph and E. coli, produce cytokines, which cause diabetes.

Patrick Schlievert, Ph.D explains this particular occurrence, stating:”The E. coli that resides in our gut produces LPS [lipopolysaccharide, a toxin] and every day a small amount of this toxin gets into our circulation, but it is generally cleared from the circulation by the liver.

However, people colonized by staph bacteria are also chronically exposed to superantigens, which shut down the LPS detoxification pathway.
That creates a synergy between the ‘uncleared’ LPS and the superantigen. All these two molecules do is cause inflammation and cytokine production. So in essence, their presence together creates a perfect storm for inflammation.”

Friendly bacteria Against Obesity and Staph Infection

Studies have shown that breast-fed babies show less inclination to becoming overweight, as they have been ingesting beneficial bifidobacteria early in life, and also low levels of staph bacteria. High concentration of lactose and low levels of phosphate are also beneficial for the infants gut. In order to prevent obesity and chronic inflammation we must consider “reseeding” the body with good bacteria.

We can achieve this by regularly consuming non-pasteurized, healthy and traditionally fermented food such as: Fermented vegetables, Lassi (an Indian yoghurt drink), fermented milk (such as kefir or sour cream), natto (fermented soy), chutneys, condiments and fermented fish. All these healthy products contain bacteria that produce lactic acid which supports weight loss. It would create a greatly positive effect if we could introduce a variety of fermented meals to our diet, but if we prove to be unable to do so for some reason, a high-quality probiotic supplement could prove itself an adequate replacement product.

Also, we should bear in mind that the rest of the diet is supposed to be rich and varied, and in order to maintain the health of the stomach flora the following should be avoided: Processed foods, antibiotics (including traces on factory refined animal meat), agricultural chemicals (especially glyphosate), chlorinated water, antibacterial soap and pollutants. Learn more about fermented sourdough bread.

Diet Against Obesity and Chronic Inflammation

To keep ourselves from obesity and chronic inflammation, we should exercise all-round healthy lifestyle. Keeping a high oral hygiene, balanced diet and active life are the most important factors, but the diet itself accounts for 80% of the goal.
Trans fats and sugar, like fructose, will increase inflammation, while healthy fats, such as omega-3 fats from krill oil, or the essential fatty acid gamma linolenic acid (GLA) will help in reduce inflammation. To optimize insulin levels, we should avoid grains, sugar and fructose if your fasting level is 3 or higher, avoid overcooking foods that are high in cholesterol, foods cooked at high temperatures and trans fats. Introducing lots of raw foods, whole, organic and traditionally fermented foods, will prove as the best way to optimize the level of necessary nutrients and raising the level of D-vitamin, which is crucial for preventing the inflammation processes in the bowels and creating a stable immune system.

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Dry Food Dangerous for Pets

What? Dry Food cant be dangerous for my pet

Dry Food Dangerous for Pets

Dry Makes Dry Food Dangerous

There is nothing more dangerous for your dog than giving him predominantly dry food for a number of reasons. For one thing, dry makes dry food dangerous, because it makes urine concentrated and places stress on kidneys, leading to kidney stones and urinary tract infections. Dry food also expands in the stomach which causes gastric torsion, a potentially fatal condition, and liver problems. On the other hand, a well hydrated dog eating a high moisture diet will not have these problems. Quite the opposite of commercial food manufacturers’ claims, dry food does not clean your pets’ teeth, at the base near the gum line where it matters most, so it really offers no advantages in your pets’ diet.

Ingredients Make Dry Food Dangerous

Most dry food possesses an extremely high level of grains, usually soy and corn, which are especially difficult for your pets to digest. Some manufacturers promote rice and wheat as better substitutes for corn and soy, but high plant protein content of any kind undermines your pet’s health. Dogs and cats of all ages require a considerably higher percentage of animal protein for optimal health. Cats especially, as obligate carnivores, experience significant health problems such as kidney failure, obesity and fatty liver on anything other then a predominantly animal protein diet.

Meat based raw food diet for both cats and dogs has recently gained popularity and remains one of the best, if not the best, options when you follow common sense guidelines. As you would when handling raw meat for your personal consumption, keep the meat frozen until 2 days of feeding it to your pet if you buy frozen meats, and after 30-40 minutes, throw away all that is left in the dog`s bowl or set a timer to remind you to put it up to feed at another time. Fresh or thawed meat can be reasonably considered unspoiled for a period of 3 days. Wash the bowl, all the utensils and your hands after you are done serving the meat. If you opt for cooked or other processed food, choose canned food, freeze dried, or dehydrated food(the later two obviously require hydration prior to feeding to your pet). All these diets tend to have a much higher animal protein profile than any dry food on the market. High animal protein raw-food and cooked home made diets tend to be the best choices for maintaining acidic urinary pH level, essential to avoid kidney stones. Rather than ash content, its the higher animal protein content that has actually been proven to be the most reliable safeguard against FLUTD(Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease) in both cats and dogs.

Recalls Make Dry Food Dangerous

Recalls on commercial pet food happen all the time, but you can avoid these risks with home made pet food. That way you know exactly what goes in it. You can find great nutritionally balanced recipes online for making both raw and cooked meals for both cats and dogs. When making your own pet food, you have the freedom to try different kinds of animal proteins and vegetables to see what they like the best and then change it up for best nutrition. Feeding your pets with variety of species appropriate food, supplemented by good quality vitamins is the key to their health. Supplementing your dog’s diet with the table scraps can also help it eat a more varied diet. Since dogs and humans are omnivorous, most of the diet which we humans eat is healthy for our dogs. There are some exceptions like onions, chocolate, grapes and raisins, but other than that, it is just fine to feed your dog with anything that is left. Keep in mind that once you do this, you`ll have to reduce the amount of dog food you give to your dog.—general/147/top-10-myths-about-pet-food-and-nutrition.aspx Continue reading Dry Food Dangerous for Pets