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Bikini Body Fascia Blaster Tips

Total Body Workout

Grass Brushing! The simple act of pulling your body back and forth over fresh grass engages not just your leg or arm muscles, but also your abs and back, gluttes and chest. Side work such as the wheel and the crossover work your obliques.

Bikini Body blast through Cellulite

Its Summer time! …and nothing puts a damper on that bikini body of yours quite like cellulite…but everyone on this planet has cellulite! Its everyone except for your super toned grandma but who looks at her? Everyone is looking at you! You would think with cellulite literally being served at the dinner table, we should all just chill and accept it as the norm. Good thing we dont, because cellulite is not a healthy sign. Maybe thats why its unattractive. However, no you dont need plastic surgery to look like your best!

You can rid of cellulite naturally. Cellulite is not a fat disease. Its a connective tissue disease. Inflammation is the root problem here. Inflammation is largely due to the kinds of food choices we make and quantities we consume. Its also due to lack of proper full body movement. Sedentary people tend to have much more pronounced cellulite, stage 2 and 3. Athletes and dancers may still have pernicious cellulite on their thighs, tummy and butt. However, good muscle tone helps keep it bound so that you dont see dimpling unless your skin is being pressed on fairly firmly. Also, aerobic exercise, but especially high intensity cardio exercise, keeps our lymph moving and thats our detox system. Healthy lymph circulation flushes out toxins that get created due to inflammation.

Bikini Body with Cellulite Massage

Fascia, another term for connective tissue, can be worked manually as well.  Yes you can plow your plush with a fascia blaster, although you may likely use way too much zealous force and inflict bruising. Best option: get professional cellulite fascia blasting package.  You get great results in just 5 treatments, but it wont happen in a vacuum. I mean you will still need to do your abc’s: tweak your diet, drink plenty of fluids, get on an active work out schedule and stay positive!

Ok, so what exactly is a cellulite treatment? Here as Skylight Massage and Skincare in North Richland Hills TX we offer a comprehensive package that includes: dry brushing, special deep tissue cellulite massage, honey massage, cupping and breathing exercises. This comprehensive package is not just an awesome fascia blaster  but also a fantastic detox for your fascia, skin and organs. You will also get a cleansing raw/gluten free snack that may include microgreens -the living vitamin served by Dallas Raw Food 😉

Check our cellulite package right here!

Learn a new fun way to exercise and rub off cellulite with this grass brushing video 🙂


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Fun Exercise Raking Leaves With your Cat

I found a few Secret ingredients to a fun exercise

How to turn Racking into Fun exercise

By getting your kitty to participate 🙂 One morning I was doing some exercises. It went well until I jumped and landed on acorn. Ouch I thought. No more exercising in my yard.

Not ofcourse not! Time to rake! Raking is a tedious but worthwhile task. Ive been experimenting with involving my cat in my exercise routine, so here came the idea: attach a toy I already made to the rake. Having my kitty prance around turned this chore into a fun Fun exercise!

Fun in your hands

Raking is physical but when you are also trying to customize your moves for your the entertainment of your little kitty it becomes a brain exercise! Who doesnt love those?? It turned into a little dance off between my skill at shaking it and his prowess at grasping the other end. I love activities that turn into fun exercise.

I found a few Secret ingredients to a fun exercise.

Fun Recipe

First it has to challenge you physically. Otherwise your body will be like eeh. Lets take a nap instead..
Second, got to challenge your mind. This one ties into the first because you cant seriously challenge, in terms of progress, unless your mind is also engaged. Ofcourse your mind probably has ADD and wont engage fully for long unless its being challenged.

Third, hold on what is it? It was a good tip…

Well, maybe it was the fact that fun exercise means variety. Change it up not only from time to time but also during your routine. Keep your mind and body guessing. If you add even one new element or tweak one you will get a lot of satisfaction simply being proud of your self. Now get out your inner pet and play!

Learn more about having fun with your animal!

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Cat School of Social Adrenaline

Fun is synonymous with adrenaline for most young animals so pick up the pace, ready Go!?

The meaning of Adrenaline

Have you ever wondered how is that animals grow up to be functional adults without attending school?? Well that assumption, that animals dont go to school, stands to be corrected. All animals in fact go to school. That school often times directed by their natural curiosity can be that much more saturated thanks to the involvement of another sentient being.

A good teacher can really accelerate learning and add valuable skills. A human has a lot to offer their pet in that respect. Just remember one simple rule: keep it super fun! Take it from me you will be amazed at discovering the endless possibilities of play. Your pets intellect and talents are a thrill to unravel and how much fun you guys can have together is synonymous with trust and bonding! Fun is synonymous with adrenaline for most young animals so pick up the pace, ready Go!

The school of Fun

Yes its true animal school is all about fun. There is no other way to engage an animals interest. Fun is the strongest positive reinforcement for acquiring new skills. Food is only one kind of ‘fun”, just like it is in human perception. Its a lot more rewarding to come up with new ways to engage your animal excitement of learning…and your own creativity too!

Whats more rewarding? Your cat interacting with you with joy in its face followed by it wanting to be close to you and giving you kisses.. or watching your pet perform a mindless trick over and over again because its salivating for a treat?

An animal full of boundless energy will certainly find ways to keep itself amused but it will also succumb to periods of boredom and loneliness especially once it figures out all the tricks of rolling a ball, surprising a fly and what your shoe tastes like. It needs new toys and activities to keep him charged with adrenaline. In the end, you and your pet experience boredom in similar ways: gravitation to wards food, lethargy, and obesity. physical stimulation such as found in real play acts as the number one maintenance of your and your pets wellbeing : mental and physical!

Your pet really does need your help in exposing him or her to other experience so as to challenge his current realms of perception.

how to School you Pet

A wellrounded play experience typically encourages problem solving due to situations requiring critical thinking. It will also challenge the pet’s physical faculties and another positive byproduct :socializing.

The more of the following the better: getting physical, changing toys and how you use them, change of scenery and spacial relationship of objects, addition of new playground elements and element of surprise! Yes surprise your pet just as much he or she surprises you!! Real fun most definitely involves adrenaline across all species.

Unless your pet is truly antisocial animal, proper socializing actually forms the foundation of a good life for any animal.

These are all skills. Sure, An animal predisposed to stalking and hunting will do just that with or without you. But, It will be an axceptional hunter only with the right kind of experience. he or she is completely aware of your envolvement or lack there of. A cats personability is really in your hands !

Here is one play idea for you and your cat raking leaves

Here is another thing you can do to stimulate brain function

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Sensual Fuller Lip Secret Kicks Alzheimer’s

Sensual Fuller Lip Secret Kicks Alzheimer's
like lip venom Kicks Alzheimer’s with Fuller Lips

Sensual Full Lips Better than Lip Venom + anti Alzheimer’s Brain function

Although lip venom’s effect on your brain has not been studied, doctors have been able to reestablish lost brain function due to stroke and to reverse Alzheimer’s with simple  exercises for sensual lips! I learned about this tiny intriguing gadget from Dr Pentti Nupponen, a holistic dentist from Pennsylvania, who gave one of the most amazing lectures at Weston A. Price Conference in Dallas( an eye opening experience in general) Bodies are wondrous creatures. Every part connects to another. Lips connect to your brain more directly than say your ears do. They even designed Patakara, which inserts into your mouth in order to provide necessary resistance for your lips. How cool is that! Well after mine disintegrated within a matter of months, probably from dipping in disinfectant H2O2 solution so much, I found another much cheaper alternative. I also use other device-free means of exercising my mouth…

Sensual Lip exercises 101

Forget lip venom. What exactly is lip exercise? Arent we constantly exercising our chops from eating and talking? Depending on your language, your lips sure do get some exercise from talking. In that case women’s brain agility should remain intact longer than men’s 😉 Well, maybe not. Eventhough pursing your lips is a form of mouth exercise and a way to produce linguistic characters, one thing still lacks. Resistance. We all know how much muscles love a good workout against resistance. It offers that extra challenge. Kind of similar to how your brain loves a challenge, Alzheimer’s or not! Apparently sensual lips need resistance also…

Resistance Lip Exercises

Check out my video for full details and demos. Patakara creates that structure for your lips to press against. You then apply a second dimension of resistance by puling gently on the “reigns” away from your mouth. I found out that silicone pacifiers work very well. All you need to add is a string to pull on, if they dont have one.

Another method is to insert your fingers at uniform intervals to simulate a framework for your lips to latch on. I like this method a lot. #1 You dont need a tool #2 You can virtually eliminate creases normally formed from pursing your lips. Simply press your fingers out just enough to smooth those out.

Third way involves having your lips and tongue both actively press against each other, your tongue draws a slow full circle . This one works pretty well, but remember to use hands as I show in the video to keep your skin taut as well to avoid creases and wrinkles.


None of these will feel sensual in execution at first, but soon you will see what Im talking about 😉

Anyway, lets not wait for Alzheimer’s knock. Also, did I already say these exercises REALLY work to sculpt your jaw and plump your lips??  Unlike lip venom…

Do these eye exercises for a beautiful face

Here is a soothing cupping and feather sensual massage for cravings and beauty

And here is skin elasticity natural botox cupping package

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Simple strawberry wall garden design with Good Body Mechanics

Simple Garden design: strawberry wall

As a learning gardener I m always excited about a simple practical garden design. I saw this strawberry wall in my community garden I told my self I can totally find purpose my own retired wooden pallets 🙂 two made by me;) and not holding up bunches of terracotta pots anymore. When I got a plot at the garden, I decidedly gave up on my hydroponics idea for a while, leaving those poor things to twiddle their thumbs in the rain. My plot is fairly good size, but its always nice to expand yield and the easiest way may to go vertical!

Happy gardening with Good body mechanics

The basic premise of good body mechanics is awareness. No Im not talking tai chi or quantum physics! You want to simply tune in often to your how your body feels while youre having fun gardening. Most gardeners run into trouble paying attention only to what they want to get done .  Many gardeners may think of this a labor of love. While there is some heavy lifting and digging involved great body mechanics will make it a lot more effortless and enjoyable!


Body Mechanics basics for a Happy Garden

Once you have your garden design well formulated in your head, its time!

First, you absolutely need to clear all clutter in your work area. Anything you may stumble on, or have to lean and hunch awkwardly over has no reason to sit there and be a pain…. An often overlooked step will set the foundation for proper body mechanics 😉

When moving stuff, remember to turn the whole body at the hips an dthat means turning your feet underneath too. Your entire body needs to face square in whatever direction you are lifting from and then placing pots, dirt bags, and lighter things like raks and shovers. Any twist on your torso can spell trouble for your spine. Ay not good … When lifting heavy things, bend way down ino your knees and ankles and let your weight travel towards your toes, rather than back towards your heels. That means allow your knees to travel forward, over your toes. its ok just try it.

As you do so, keep your tail bone flexing up. Imagine youre a happy dog wagging holding your tail up high or a stallion prancing around.

Change position as needed, so that nothing feels awkward. That means stepping slightly over or changing hands so that you become a lefty for a while. You can, dont worry. Lazy just wont do it when it comes to maintaining good body mechanics. Its well worth it, sonce you wont tire as easily and your garden design will be complete in no time 😉

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Frozen Shoulders: Dont Fall Apart

frozen shoulders dont fall apart

Most of the time, frozen shoulder does not happen instantly but muscles solidify gradually due to lack of activity or from activity that defies sound body mechanics.


Why frozen shoulders happened?

Frozen shoulder is a paralyzed state of one or both shoulder. Most of the time, frozen shoulders do not happen instantly but over time when muscles solidify gradually due to lack of activity or from activity that defies sound body mechanics. Over time poor body mechanics will lead to asymmetrical muscle tone and results in misalignment in the skeleton too.

How to Spot Poor body mechanics

The principle is simple. It really helps to practice mind body communication, meaning to pay attention to how your activity feels: comfortable or uncomfrotable. At first, when you are used to doing things awkwardly you may not have any point of comparison. However, to geta clue, just stand in front of the mirror. Then, imagine you are having to pick up a bag off the ground.

Go through the motion and stop. Does it feel easy for you to remain frozen like that for a few moments or are you teetering ready to topple over? also what does it look like? Does it seem like your body is supported underneath throughout this simple motion?

How to fix poor body mechanics

Its like playing detective ! Once you gain awareness of what you are doing and how it feels and looks, you will simply correct that. Its pretty simple and fun!

Did you reach down with one shoulder and raised the opposite shoulder for balance? Did you bend somewhere in your back? Biomechanically better alternatives would be to hinge from your hips or to squat in to a side squat, while facing your torso toward what youre picking up. It makes better sense to pick up with both arms at the same time, thereby maintaining even muscle engagements on both sides. You see now why frozen shoulder isnt only from lack of activity ? Good body mechanics plays just as much a part in keeping your body supple.

Below is my video on self massage for body alignment and neck tension:

Here are some other body mechanics topics for you:
Do Squats Cause Knee Pain?
Pain Behind Knee Climbing Stairs

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Get Belly Flat with this Addictive Workout

Only 8 minutes daily leaves hoopers feeling energized and young. It whittles down flab  so they get belly flat.

Get Belly of Your Dreams Hula Hooping

Get Belly Flat with this Addictive Workout
Only 8 minutes daily leaves hoopers feeling energized and young. It whittles down flab  so they get belly flat.
Energized also because boosts endorphins; its fun! If you have never hooped you will still start getting those benefits as you learn to keep the hoop around your waist. If lucky you may become proficient in one week. In any case dont give up, its worth it.. Hooping does so much in little amount of time!

Benefits of Hooping

Calorie burn Hooping burns 400 to 600 calories per hour. practice hooping around your arms, legs and even neck.  No wonder you get belly trim.

Heart is a high intensity workout,. It brings up your heart rate,  which is why it only takes 8 minutes to get so much benefit.

Whole body workout Hooping works the whole body. Hooping engages the entire core and requires whole body cooperation.

Brain  Hooping requires close eye and hand coordination. It keeps you brain active espcially if keep learning new tricks.

Spine Flexibiliy In order to keep the hoop going your body learns to tap into lower spine mobility.  The rhythmic action releases your sacrum and opens blood flow to the rest of your spine, helping it stay flexible.



Hula Hoop Industry

Since hooping is so healthy, the health industry likes to add even more benefit in order to have you buy their hoop. in reality some of those products can be overzealous.  Ones with bumps have been known to leave bruises. The weighted ones are easier to keep spinning around your waist so that you get belly trimmed and enjoy all those benefits faster.  Their massaging benefits therefore are subjective to that.

However, dont underestimate the feather  light hoop from the dollar store.  It offers that extra challenge, making you that much more at ease with  “easier” hoops.  Also the lighter, the faster it spins, making your workout that much more intense once you get the hang of it.

Bouncing and shaking another perfect workout


Do Magnetic Fitness Hula Hoops Really Work?

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full body routine: anytime simple fast & challenging

you dont have to make a trip anywhere to have a complete full body routine workout! Walking on all fours 😀 Sounds fun but you know its not nearly so easy as you think

Full Body Routine Anytime

Do you know why you dont frequent your gym anymore? is this because you dont feel like it and or dont make time?? Well, you dont have to make a trip anywhere to have a complete full body routine workout! You know what it is? Walking on all fours 😀 Sounds fun but did you know its not nearly so easy as you think. Apart from getting over the thought of acting cute, your legs may not take more than a few steps of this “exercise” done correctly. Actually thats some exercise! Offer your loved one to try it if they disagree…

how to: Walking on all fours

For a while I followed suit of those isolated people walking ape like on hands and legs straight. It felt quite toning for a while till I started feeling low back pain. You see, ours and apes’ arm to leg ratios are switched. due to their long arms apes have this strong upper torso from walking on all fours. However, you my dear should alter your full body routine a tad. Akin to a deer, bear weight onto where toes meet metatarsals. That will happen naturally as soon as you lift you heel off the ground. Keep reaching up into the sky with your heels. Bring your knee down to almost touch the ground. Yes it feels like that when you attain horizontal line. Your shins need be parallel with the terrain you choose to prod with your toes deer like. You know how the deer has that backwards knee, well thats what your heel is. Got it? doing i right keeps your low back comfortable, but takes quite a bit of core, leg and full arm engagement. Keep you neck almost parallel too.

Start with Toddler Crawl

The way I got this movement happened the moment I dropped to my knees; at least my toddler crawl would offer me some less intense full body routine. still I felt both limited and ripe for more action. Bringing my knees only so slightly off the ground, I suddenly could propel myself so much faster by thrusting off the metatarsal ledge. Have someone observe you or record yourself. Staying low takes focus and practice… Have fun !

Simplewalking can build glutes if done right

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Kill Sinus Infections with Endorphins

Vacuum Cupping has been shown to erase or reduce wrinkles, boost collagen, treat sinus infections and tone face muscles in just one treatment.

Sinus Infections killed by Cups

Yes! You can get your sinus infections killed with a couple of special well placed cups. Made of flexible silicone, glass, polycarbonate plastic and honey! these cups come in many sizes that you switch up as you vacuum your way over face, back, feet and everything in between. Moderate suction has a gamete of healing benefits to include but not limited by:

endorphin boost
stroke recovery
pain killer
acupuncture point stimulation
collagen production

Relax with Cups

What does cupping massage feel like? Generally people take well to cupping, describing it as relaxing but also akin to having a massage with strong hands. The degree of either entirely depends on the amount of suction and how well your body has become desensitized to these. Similar to any other massage, your response to therapy can be deep relaxation. You may also be sensitive to the suction at first due to numerous inter tissue adhesions or from being unaccustomed. A nose suddenly free of sinus infections will make someone also pretty relaxed “}

Is Cupping Harmful

Cups typically leave temporary welts mistaken for “bruises” which dont pose a health risk. They may be of various color too depending on what kinds of toxins get vacuumed up to skin surface. Cups left in place should be left on no longer than 15 minutes. Left longer these can cause hematomas which will pop and heal very slowly. A cup that is constantly moving wont cause heavy long lasting marks. A knowledgeable therapist will run low suction to desensitize your skin. If you ever feel like the suction is very uncomfortable by all means let them know. Within a minute or two you will be ready for deeper suction. Be prepared to see marks all over the course of next few days. You and your body will reap most benefit from a shorter cupping session performed several times with shorter recovery times. The most serious complication from cupping (done incorrectly, by a total beginner)still probably wont be as bad as a sinus infection. (disclaimer:but its possible)

Book a cupping facial!
Read on about the magical benefits of cupping … 😉


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Ashiatsu Massage For Martial Arts

Lions made my day with the most expressive faces and body language, expressing kids’ excitement, taking turns dancing and playing music.


From Ashiatsu Massage to Graceful Lion

From Jiu jistu, Taekwando, Kung Fu to Karate and MMA the graceful flowing movements inspire and humble. In practice martial artists handle this graceful power with care so as not to injure their opponent. Many dedicated martial artists enjoy traditional nature of barefoot ashiatsu massage. This martial arts studio
in Arlington, Texas harnesses graceful power of martial arts and instills team playing, acting out and music in kids preparing for the lion dance performances of the Chinese New Year. Team acrobatics seen here require working in sync with the other person lifting and balancing. Lions made my day with the most expressive faces and body language, expressing kids’ excitement, taking turns dancing and playing music. Authentic theatrical nature of these acrobatic performances took me by surprise!

Thai Massage and Ashiatsu Massage For Karate and Jiu Jitsu

Martial artists play hard. As they stretch their bodies still hold a lot of tension and need regular good quality massage. Massage can really help restore the body, prevent injury and help hasten recovery. In effect massage acts as your best ally keeping your body sound so you can keep practicing consistently. Thai massage serves them well as it involves lots of pressure and stretches out the whole body. Often performed on the mat and with the receiver fully clothed this massage actually feels most natural to a martial artist, who typically isnt looking for a pampering type massage. ashiatsu massage involves whole body pressure thru the feet, such as back walking. It too can be easily done over clothing, and requires minimal setup in a crunch. For the best ashiatsu experience hire a professional massage therapist who has barefoot massage setup.

Ashiatsu Massage or Thai massage?

Both are barefoot massages. Thai massage lends to really stretching out the body. It involves the recipient lying on back front, side sitting indian style while therapist molds you in to various poses, using gravity, and body weight to press in and stratch out. Ashiatsu massage goes really deep to loosen deep muscle adhesions and release tension. I like to combine the two for best of both. However, either one will have you singing guaranteed! Jiu jitsu and other grappling martial arts can really benefit from both stretching and deep pressure. Ofcourse your therapist may have other massages close at hand that you may like even better. These will typically require lotion, draping and minimal clothes.

Book you aerial ashiatsu massage package 🙂
How to Video: Inner Thigh Work Out Aerial Massage
Thai Massage is great for all ages!