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Eye Strain Healthy Eye Care Face Scalp Mobility

Ease Eye Strain Healthy Eye Care Face Scalp Mobility
Ease Eye Strain Healthy Eye Care Face Scalp Mobility

More than Healthy Eye Care & Sculpt

If you seriously care about healthy eye care you know about eye exercises. Eye exercises  have been around. Remember Clear Vision 20 years ago? These definitely in fact do help regain better vision and do a lot to help minimize eye strain from monitors and poor lighting.    Also, eye and face exercises in general  have the gained a reputation of maintaining a youthful look by sculpting muscles and pulling out puffy and saggy.  The earlier in life you get used to doing these the merrier you be later 😉  However face exercise benefits run deeper than aesthetics and healthy eye care.  Scalp massage and hair pulling also do more than just help maintain and restore hair growth.  Several energetic lines, same ones used by acupuncturists, run through your face and scalp. Muscle contractions and stretches of various facial muscles and fascia stimulate these points, positively effecting broad aspects of your well being.

How Face Exercise Helps Your Body

Organ meridian points found in face and scalp include those of Stomach, Large Intestine, Gall Bladder and Urinary Bladder as well as Governing Vessel and Conception Vessel meridians. All these meridians travel to other parts of he body as well but will either start or end in the scalp or face.

Several of these meridians contain points next to the eyes, ears and nose. Not surprisingly, these points have effects related to eye, ear and nose issues respectively. However, many points offer additional healing for psychiatric issues, hair loss, hypertension, and pain and stiffness in neck, shoulders and upper back. One example, the Conception Vessel only has one point on the head, in the grove of the chin under the mouth,which can alleviate speech problems, and dry mouth.

The Large Intestine points can help with all kinds of nose issues such as nasal discharge, allergies and nosebleeds.

Urinary Bladder, Stomach and Gallbladder have many points that pass near each other. No wonder all three help alleviate any eye related issues such as excessive tear production, redness, dryness, painful, itchy eyes/eyelids, twitching eyelids and blindness. Some points also alleviate facial paralysis, face and jaw swelling and pain, neck pain, lockjaw, toothache, hearing issues, deafness, tinnitus, ear pain, ear discharge/infections, “splitting headache” headache w/nausea/vomiting, migraines , frontal and sinus headaches.

Both Urinary and Gallbladder meridian contain  points help relieve various psychiatric conditions like insomnia, anxiety and depression, ADD/ADHD, seizures, poor memory. Other relieve neck, shoulder and upper back pain/stiffness, hypertension, dizziness and vertigo.

Governing Vessel points go up the center of the back of the head, down center of your face and end inside the mouth at junction of center gum and frenulum of the upper lip. Among numerous similarities in effects of St, LI, UB and GB certain points of GV help bad breath, and low back pain. Below I list a few points that stand out significantly.

GV20  located at the crown of your head alleviates prolapse, anal, uterine, vaginal and hemorrhoids. It even aids  parkinson’s and alzheimer’s, motor control issues.

GV18, bull’s eye at the back of your head balances internal organs qi, useful for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and hormone imbalance.

GV17 helps shortness of breath, multiple sclerosis, lou gehrig’s, and muscular dystrophy.

GV16  effects the medulla function (breathing issues, asthma, tight chest, etc.) spinal cord issues.
Psychological issues such as mania, palpitations from fear a/or fright, suicidal thoughts.

How Does Face and Scalp Mobility Work?

As I mentioned earlier muscle contractions and stretches stimulate points of your face and scalp.  Applying gentle pressure with your hands offers necessary resistance and traction to allow your muscle fibers and fascia to massage those points. Applying such resistance just above eye brows, with slight upward traction, while doing eye lid contractions and eye ball circles massages points located nest to your eyes, nose and cheek bones.  These include ST, LI, UB and GB.

Jaw and lip exercise, with gentle hand traction always, stimulate points of ST, GB and UB located on the periphery of your face.  Wrapping your lips around your teeth inward stimulates points of ST and GV located near or inside the mouth.  Similar stimulation happens when you purse your lips and create resistance by pressing your tongue on the inside, along the entire circumference of pursed lips.

For a visual explanation and more lip and tongue tips check out my post SENSUAL FULLER LIP SECRET KICKS ALZHEIMER’S . Tongue exercises efficiently activate all those points in the periphery and even other more central points once you get the hang of it. When I was  little I remember mesmerized by its supple strength and plasticity, watching fascinated my tongue do a belly dance in the mirror! I never lost that desire 🙂

Hair tugs and scalp brushing feels amazing, activating your hair and all the GV, GB and UB points located there.

Remember to do these regularly, just as you do diet and other excise.

For a much more detailed look at each of these points I highly recommend YinYanghouse. Here you can click on point functions and locations to scroll through easily.

Do these eye exercises for a beautiful face

Here is a soothing cupping and feather ASMR  massage for cravings and beauty

And here is skin elasticity natural botox cupping package

which may be combined with face ashiatsu massage

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Independence Day Symbolism and Massage

Independence Day Symbolism
Independence Day Symbolism

Independence Day Symbolism & Massage

Independence day symbolism reaches everyone on a personal level. Its freedom in society, choices, digestion and overall well being, ability to have regular stools, freedom over  emotions, and relationships, among other things.

This independence day I had the pleasure of doing a massage on top of a Texas flag. That was unexpected, I ran out of white sheets and the only alternate sheets I had were these colors 🙂  So to commemorate this date full of symbolism for not just Americans, I did this little photo shoot.   This Independence day massage done with feet, ashiatsu style, covered body and face! yes!

Independence to Choose Massage

My client works just like I do on independence day, because he just like I enjoys his craft. Yes Its a good feeling having the ability to give someone an hour or so of pure relief to another day of serious thinking.  Its true that many enjoy the cushiony soft cloud of family and relatives as a child that transforms into you becoming the cushion. Its a wonder how that transformation happens. Yes just like life itself thats the miracle that you have become! Lets celebrate your independence day symbolism of adulthood!  Whats better than choosing to get pampered by your one and only beloved blushing massage therapist ?

Independence Day Symbolism
Independence Day Aerial Ashiatsu Massage

Face Massage with Feet

Yes, I said it.  Ashi Facial massage feels amazing.. just ask  my client. The straight down pressure provides the perfect angle for gripping the skin and its underlying fascia. In effect ashiatsu is the perfect catalyst for myofascial massage for the face in particular. The firm all encompassing hold feels like a giant palm, comfortable and and therapeutic.  Also,  ashi facial massage erases headaches, improves skin elasticity, dewrinkles,  a natural botox alternative.  You may drift off into private reverie or even a nap. No matter, once youve had  your ashi facial massage you simply will want another one! Anyway, just try it, dont be a wimp and leave that foot phobia at the door.  You will feel accomplished for having braved yourself, trying something new and to have reaped the pampering you didnt imagine 😉 And now that youre aware of you particular independence day symbolism and having celebrated with  massage and ashi facial … fireworks!!!

Help Relieve Headache Behind Eyes <<< Give Face Ashiatsu with this Tutorial 🙂

Watch My Inner Thigh Work Out Aerial Ashiatsu Tutorial

Now Book Your Ashiatsu Session with Me 😉

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Bikini Body Fascia Blaster Tips

Total Body Workout

Grass Brushing! The simple act of pulling your body back and forth over fresh grass engages not just your leg or arm muscles, but also your abs and back, gluttes and chest. Side work such as the wheel and the crossover work your obliques.

Bikini Body blast through Cellulite

Its Summer time! …and nothing puts a damper on that bikini body of yours quite like cellulite…but everyone on this planet has cellulite! Its everyone except for your super toned grandma but who looks at her? Everyone is looking at you! You would think with cellulite literally being served at the dinner table, we should all just chill and accept it as the norm. Good thing we dont, because cellulite is not a healthy sign. Maybe thats why its unattractive. However, no you dont need plastic surgery to look like your best!

You can rid of cellulite naturally. Cellulite is not a fat disease. Its a connective tissue disease. Inflammation is the root problem here. Inflammation is largely due to the kinds of food choices we make and quantities we consume. Its also due to lack of proper full body movement. Sedentary people tend to have much more pronounced cellulite, stage 2 and 3. Athletes and dancers may still have pernicious cellulite on their thighs, tummy and butt. However, good muscle tone helps keep it bound so that you dont see dimpling unless your skin is being pressed on fairly firmly. Also, aerobic exercise, but especially high intensity cardio exercise, keeps our lymph moving and thats our detox system. Healthy lymph circulation flushes out toxins that get created due to inflammation.

Bikini Body with Cellulite Massage

Fascia, another term for connective tissue, can be worked manually as well.  Yes you can plow your plush with a fascia blaster, although you may likely use way too much zealous force and inflict bruising. Best option: get professional cellulite fascia blasting package.  You get great results in just 5 treatments, but it wont happen in a vacuum. I mean you will still need to do your abc’s: tweak your diet, drink plenty of fluids, get on an active work out schedule and stay positive!

Ok, so what exactly is a cellulite treatment? Here as Skylight Massage and Skincare in North Richland Hills TX we offer a comprehensive package that includes: dry brushing, special deep tissue cellulite massage, honey massage, cupping and breathing exercises. This comprehensive package is not just an awesome fascia blaster  but also a fantastic detox for your fascia, skin and organs. You will also get a cleansing raw/gluten free snack that may include microgreens -the living vitamin served by Dallas Raw Food 😉

Check our cellulite package right here!

Learn a new fun way to exercise and rub off cellulite with this grass brushing video 🙂


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eliminate toxic waste through skin

eliminate toxic waste through skin

Your skin is your largest organ of elimination. To eliminate toxic waste through your skin you have to make sure it can breathe and that its not clogged. Toxins can build up in your body quickly when your colon, your other elimination organ, is constipated. BTw constipation is bowel movement that is less frequent than twice a day. 3 times is ideal. By maintaining your skin properly you can help not only your colon eliminate toxins but also your kidneys. Your skin can eliminate up to 10 pounds of toxic gases, liquids and solids!

is my skin healthy?

Ofcourse the best way to keep your skin healthy is to avoid building up hazardous waste by leading a non toxic life style. Eating mostly vegan, raw with plenty of fresh water and fresh squeezed juices. Also, plenty of daily exercise and positive thoughts. However, if you find yourself dealing with toxicity, either candida, fatigue, allergies or etc., there are a few important measures to help your skin’s elimination processes.

ways to keep skin eliminating efficiently

Besides doing all healthy things mentioned, you should also wear clothing made of natural fibers, preferably cotton. Cotton offers great breatheability! Choose clothing that isnt too tight, so as to keep circulation flowing freely. How about wearing nothing whenever possible!

Have an outfit that you can throw on quickly when you go outside to protect from the sun, rather than wear sunblock. Sunblock, other petroleum and synthetic base product clog pores. You can also carry a parasol, a sun umbrella.

Also get a massage,great for circulation. Dry brushing done regularly goes a long way to help stimulate your skin’s innate ability to eliminate toxic waste. Dry brushing included in cellulite massage packages. Dry brush or wet brush, or grass brush daily! Watch these videos to get some ideas 🙂 Wish you happy waste reduction!

6:25 dry brushing
13:15 lung cancer
14:50 all fresh squeezed juices for terminal illnesses

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convoluted relationship of leaky gut to hypothyroidism & anorexia

What do anorexia & hypothyroidism share?

What do anorexia & hypothyroidism share?

Why care about hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism means either your thyroid secretes inadequate supply of hormone  T4 or T4 is inadequately converted to T3 by your liver.

The more of the following symptoms you have the more likely you suffer from hypothyroidism:
chronic fatigue,
hair loss,
weight gain,
rough skin,
greying hair
autoimmune disease(multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, sarcoidosis, Sjogren’s,Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis)
high cholesterol

brain fog.

Thyroid hormones effect all your other hormones, including insulin, cortisol, and sex hormones: estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, and T3 and T4 control metabolism in every cell of your body, so you need your thyroid healthy to enjoy quality of life.

T3 lowers cholesterol levels, regrows hair, and signals fat burning to keep your body lean.

the following can significantly throw your T3 levels off balance:
nutritional imbalances,
toxins, allergens,

( due to higher cortisol levels competing with thyroid hormones)

chronic complications, may include thyroid cancer, hypothyroidism, and hyperthyroidism, which today are three of the most prevalent thyroid-related diseases.

What do anorexia & hypothyroidism share?

Hypocrates wrote “Health begins in the gut” and even our thyroid seems bound by this phenomenon. A leaky gut, one that allows food particles to escape into the body cavity outside of the digestive tract, tends to cause an autoimmune response which often harms thyroid function. Some such diseases linked to a weakened thyroid include Hashimotos and goiter.

The situation gets more complex due to thyroid’s direct influence on those same tight junctions responsible for keeping an impermeable gut. T3 and T4 , thyrotropin releasing hormone (TRH) and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) all influence the development of the GALT( gut-associated lymphoid tissue). In other words once both the gut and thyroid get out of wack this turns into a vicious cycle 🙁

FYI Psychiatric disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, schizophrenia and Alzheimer more often than not are paired with leaky gut and permeable brain membranes(aka brain fog). Excessive permeability is thought to predispose people to those disorders, rather than be the effect of those disorders.  Successful reversal of gut permeability tends to also result in reversals of those linked disorders!

treatment for hypothyroidism: break the cycle

Since poor thyroid health leads to poor gut health and vice versa, to work this paradox, you have to bring both your gut health and your thyroid hormones to functional levels simultaneously. This probably would require exterior intervention. In other words, temporary supplementation of natural thyroid hormones of porcine or bovine origins to allow your gut to heal before you can expect your thyroid to heal itself.

Acupressure and reflexology done several times a week can also stimulate your thyroid to function optimally. This manual supplementation can hasten thyroid function recovery so as to avoid and minimize side effects of hormone supplements. If your hypothyroid condition is not immediately life threatening and allows time for trial and error you may opt to wait to start on hormone replacement therapy and instead do only these manual treatments.

Hyperthyroidism my also seem challenging to bring into balance. However, acupressure has successfully done so without negative side effects. Try it! Remember: consistency and patience wins the race 😉


dont forget sssssssssssssssssss tre ssssssssssssssssssssssss ~ managment!

supplemnts to consider
iodine( seaweeds)
dietary raw coconut oil(in moderation or topically)
dessicated thyroid (and possibly artificial hormone replacement)
acupressure points
leaky gut diet

learn more about diet healing for thyroid: low inflammatory diet and managing cholesterol with UV light!

The Thyroid-Gut Connection


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Sensual Fuller Lip Secret Kicks Alzheimer’s

Sensual Fuller Lip Secret Kicks Alzheimer's
like lip venom Kicks Alzheimer’s with Fuller Lips

Sensual Full Lips Better than Lip Venom + anti Alzheimer’s Brain function

Although lip venom’s effect on your brain has not been studied, doctors have been able to reestablish lost brain function due to stroke and to reverse Alzheimer’s with simple  exercises for sensual lips! I learned about this tiny intriguing gadget from Dr Pentti Nupponen, a holistic dentist from Pennsylvania, who gave one of the most amazing lectures at Weston A. Price Conference in Dallas( an eye opening experience in general) Bodies are wondrous creatures. Every part connects to another. Lips connect to your brain more directly than say your ears do. They even designed Patakara, which inserts into your mouth in order to provide necessary resistance for your lips. How cool is that! Well after mine disintegrated within a matter of months, probably from dipping in disinfectant H2O2 solution so much, I found another much cheaper alternative. I also use other device-free means of exercising my mouth…

Sensual Lip exercises 101

Forget lip venom. What exactly is lip exercise? Arent we constantly exercising our chops from eating and talking? Depending on your language, your lips sure do get some exercise from talking. In that case women’s brain agility should remain intact longer than men’s 😉 Well, maybe not. Eventhough pursing your lips is a form of mouth exercise and a way to produce linguistic characters, one thing still lacks. Resistance. We all know how much muscles love a good workout against resistance. It offers that extra challenge. Kind of similar to how your brain loves a challenge, Alzheimer’s or not! Apparently sensual lips need resistance also…

Resistance Lip Exercises

Check out my video for full details and demos. Patakara creates that structure for your lips to press against. You then apply a second dimension of resistance by puling gently on the “reigns” away from your mouth. I found out that silicone pacifiers work very well. All you need to add is a string to pull on, if they dont have one.

Another method is to insert your fingers at uniform intervals to simulate a framework for your lips to latch on. I like this method a lot. #1 You dont need a tool #2 You can virtually eliminate creases normally formed from pursing your lips. Simply press your fingers out just enough to smooth those out.

Third way involves having your lips and tongue both actively press against each other, your tongue draws a slow full circle . This one works pretty well, but remember to use hands as I show in the video to keep your skin taut as well to avoid creases and wrinkles.


None of these will feel sensual in execution at first, but soon you will see what Im talking about 😉

Anyway, lets not wait for Alzheimer’s knock. Also, did I already say these exercises REALLY work to sculpt your jaw and plump your lips??  Unlike lip venom…

Do these eye exercises for a beautiful face

Here is a soothing cupping and feather sensual massage for cravings and beauty

And here is skin elasticity natural botox cupping package

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blood flow to the heart: spider veins

blood flow to the heart

In the same way as a water pump in a fountain, your leg muscles act to bring blood back up towards the heart.

Blood Flow the Heart Variable

As you know blood flow from the heart delivers vital nutrients, such as oxygen, amino acids, glucose, cholesterol etc so that your body sustains itself. Just as crucial is the blood flow to the heart. Your heart requires a steady supply of recycled blood to keep the cycle going. An autonomic process it nevertheless needs your help.  Become acquainted with variables effecting your life such  as heredity, diet, exercise and prolonged standing and modify wisely.

Can Exercise Cause Varicose Veins?

There is a number of exercises that helps maintain good blood flow to the heart and thereby minimizes chances of developing varicose. However, some exercise can have an exacerbating effect on varicose veins.

The good exercises include cardio that works your calves: walking, sprinting, jumping, stationary bike/elliptical. In the same way as a water pump in a fountain, your leg muscles act to bring blood back up towards the heart. These exercises help keep healthy muscle tone in your legs.

The not so great, not to be done excessively include weight lifting and chore contraction exercises like crunches, sit ups, lunges and many yoga postures. Its not that you shouldnt do these but do them in short bursts intmittently or in combination with cardio exercises invoving calves.

Another great exercise is shaking by lying on your back and shaking vigorously both your legs and arms. Make sure to keep limbs relaxed throughout so that you feel a strong quick wave from the shoulder and hip all the way down. This exercise helps break up areas of blood compaction, also helps relax muscles and thereby help blood flow to the heart.

Do this shaking exercise after prolonged standing, sitting of more than 30 minutes, and several times a day otherwise.

Diet helps blood flow to the heart

Natural forms of Vitamin K help prevent and treat varicose veins and keep blood flow to the heart healthy.
First kind, K1, you get from eating green leafy vegetables like lettuce, broccoli, and spinach.

K2 (includes several menaquinones) another great predominantly animal sourced form comes from eating meats and fermented foods like cheese and natto(a soy food, not tofu which is not a fermented product).

Its best to avoid taking the synthetic form Vitamin K3.

Learn more on how to improve veins: massage for pregnancy varicose rid and prevent varicose in pregnancy

Learn more about how to get rid of spider veins naturally

Exercise and Varicose Veins: The Dos and Don’ts

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Deactivate Cravings with ASMR Massage

Deactivate Cravings with Sensual Massage

One craving can have a few neuropathways firing off at once.


 Sensual Massage & Cravings whats in Common ??

What do cravings and a sensual massage have in common? Its no easy task brushing off a craving.  One craving can have a few neuropathways firing off at once.  One may be a physical pathway, another a psychological one, as if one pathway isnt difficult to ignore already. Habit is yet another pathway sure to be reinforcing the message.  Yet all these pathways have sensual dependence in common. What is so irresistible about the reward itself? Food is the most basic sensual reward. From birth placing things in your mouth has been a source of easy entertainment, adventure and means of pacifying. So this habit is something most of us have. To some extent we all look to food for all those things.

Extra Pathways to Unlearn

Some of us dealt with regular abdominal bloat and pain from an early age. In my case it was likely caused by severe sensitivities to food staples, dairy and to a lesser degree wheat, and maybe other things too. If your well meaning family consistently suggested things like “its normal or its stool, just eat something” you would imprint on eating as a way to deal with any similar discomfort. Your anticipation of this temporary relief is that sensual reward and dependency. ( By the way, I can say now that eating was never the right answer.)

Sensual Massage for Cravings

I have tried diverting attention to a task at hand and scare tactics, which turned counterproductive. The best way I found to deal with an overwhelming craving is to engage in a self induced ASMR experience that meets all needs your craving met. Namely it needs to be easy, physically pleasurable, calming yet interesting. Facial sensual massage with help of silicone facial cups and a feather does the trick. Not only does it keep the craving at bay by diverting attention, but due to digestive reflexes found on your face it also effectively resolves the physical discomfort pathway, one of the most difficult pathways to rewire. Obviously you have your favorite pleasurable experiences at hand. Utilize those, but definitely try this sensual massage too. You will wake to much happier face that loves you back!

the many benefits of Full body Cupping Massage includes getting rid of cellulite!!!

You know what else? pea tendrils, a type of microgreen, curbs food cravings!!!

Kick Alzheimer’s with Fuller Lips &amp; Sculpted Mouth another highly unpublicized piece of scientific news.

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Kill Sinus Infections with Endorphins

Vacuum Cupping has been shown to erase or reduce wrinkles, boost collagen, treat sinus infections and tone face muscles in just one treatment.

Sinus Infections killed by Cups

Yes! You can get your sinus infections killed with a couple of special well placed cups. Made of flexible silicone, glass, polycarbonate plastic and honey! these cups come in many sizes that you switch up as you vacuum your way over face, back, feet and everything in between. Moderate suction has a gamete of healing benefits to include but not limited by:

endorphin boost
stroke recovery
pain killer
acupuncture point stimulation
collagen production

Relax with Cups

What does cupping massage feel like? Generally people take well to cupping, describing it as relaxing but also akin to having a massage with strong hands. The degree of either entirely depends on the amount of suction and how well your body has become desensitized to these. Similar to any other massage, your response to therapy can be deep relaxation. You may also be sensitive to the suction at first due to numerous inter tissue adhesions or from being unaccustomed. A nose suddenly free of sinus infections will make someone also pretty relaxed “}

Is Cupping Harmful

Cups typically leave temporary welts mistaken for “bruises” which dont pose a health risk. They may be of various color too depending on what kinds of toxins get vacuumed up to skin surface. Cups left in place should be left on no longer than 15 minutes. Left longer these can cause hematomas which will pop and heal very slowly. A cup that is constantly moving wont cause heavy long lasting marks. A knowledgeable therapist will run low suction to desensitize your skin. If you ever feel like the suction is very uncomfortable by all means let them know. Within a minute or two you will be ready for deeper suction. Be prepared to see marks all over the course of next few days. You and your body will reap most benefit from a shorter cupping session performed several times with shorter recovery times. The most serious complication from cupping (done incorrectly, by a total beginner)still probably wont be as bad as a sinus infection. (disclaimer:but its possible)

Book a cupping facial!
Read on about the magical benefits of cupping … 😉


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