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Shooting Ranges Vs Acorns and Yoga Balls

Shooting Ranges Vs Acorns and Yoga Balls
Shooting Ranges Vs Acorns and Yoga Balls

Find Shooting Ranges Near Me

Finding shooting ranges near me piece of cake, just Google or yelp.
Or open your mind to other ways to satisfy your hunting urges and finesse your target practice, such as zombie targets, and clay pigeons. Darts aside, I stumbled upon this free shooting game idea, and the most satisfying way to hone in on my skills with the help of acorns and yoga balls. You heard me right.

Watch my video where I and my cats are obviously having tons of fun doing just that! ( I found later that they prefer that I throw acorns at a scant angle to the ground so that it skips along immulating a grasshopper, but they are cool with my target practice as well ;))
Not only are acorns free, I literally hated them and now I dont. Luckily I have an oak tree providing me voluminous amounts. Need a moving target, just tap that yoga ball with your foot and watch it roll. Hurry, get set and shoot away.

Real shooting Ranges vs Acorn Pellets

What can I say. Lots of differences exist. In my opinion, throwing acorns offers lots of advantages over paying at the shooting ranges.

It saves lots money that you can save for important goals
gets you outside, not always the case with shooting practice
Its alot more active
Animals dont get hurt
Pet cats also enjoy it
acorns get repurposed and appreciated
… you tell me what else I forgot

Shooting stance may lock up your tighten your muscles but not in the best way. Running around. throwing acorns with your pets, friends and kids seems a lot more athletic and interactive in my experience.

I do enjoy the fact that I am training my hand eye coordination in a way that does not represent violence. I understand the desire for people to feel protected but I also believe that thoughts attract actions. Seeing acorns and yoga balls, kitties and sunshine lends to rather happy non violent thought…

Ethics of Hunting as Sport

I know that hunting games are for real. As an occasional organ meat/ egg eater, I understand where that comes from. I believe that some people seem healthier eating animal foods in moderation.   I therefore understand the justification in desire to kill for that purpose and that for most shooting ranges serve as a means to that end.

I support local small farms offering animals ample outdoors and grasses, proper feed and care. Thats the commercial aspect that I align the most with. Killing as a sport, or trophy hunting legally requires that the whole animal be used. I agree with that. If you intend to use the whole animal and feed your family I understand the hunting aspect. Real hunters track the animal and stock it. This takes lots of patience and skill. Perhaps it does help human spirit to integrate the primal instincts of wild animals or  to reacquaint with our ancestors.

I dont understand the common practice of “hunting” animals that have been herded and trapped in a small area for the purpose of becoming living targets. On several levels it feels like a fake sport that offers no growth of character or spirit, at the same time instilling this air of superiority in our selves at the expense of regarding animal lives as having no more value than a spinning mechanical bull.

Do you not want to invest the time and effort into real hunting? Then what are you doing this for? Meat? Desire to kill? Impress someone? When it comes to ethics of real hunting games, these three pieces are the rewards, not the experiences autonomous of the hunt itself.

Designing a hunting a sport that allows such cherry picking is  just another aspect of modern human consumerism over learning to actually become the provider. zero effort= fast gratification. Such delusion atrophies the spirit, leaving you naked should the bubble burst.

So have I answered  your three main questions of where to shoot? when is hunting season? where to hunt? 😉

Happy target practice and Merry Christmas !


I like finding things readily availbale in nature as a resource to get a good workout. Here is a tutorial on how to prevent tendinosis from ankle sprain using branches balance and coordination

In spirit of Christmas I made this Video Christmas Dessert Recipe Collection featuring: NO BAKE CHRISTMAS CAKE RECIPE



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Ease Knee Bursitis Joint Mobility Stretch Break

Ease Knee Bursitis Joint Mobility Stretch Break
Ease Knee Bursitis Joint Mobility Stretch Break


Knee Bursitis from Full Body Perspective

Knee bursitis can be thought just a symptom of a stiff body. Our bodies werent made stiff. However, our sedentary work style has mass produced an epidemic of new diagnoses. I wont argue whether or not fibromyalgia, lupus, cancer and diabetes can be solved with movement only. However, one can realize significant improvement in numerous conditions and resolve numerous others by restoring your body’s natural mobility. Stiff joints dont only cause pain and lack of function but also increased susceptibility to injury. The resultant chronic inflammation implies disrupted blood and lymph flow, which means insufficient flow of oxygen and building blocks to your cells and poor waste disposal at the cellular level. I believe joint mobility can greatly alleviate knee bursitis, with your diet bearing the other piece of the puzzle.

What How Often and How Much Exercise to Lubricate Your Joints

I demonstrate a full body joint mobility sequence in my video. Most people with knee bursitis should have no trouble with these exercises. However, you may wish to go a little slower and always listen to your body for signs of discomfort or pain. You can also start with the head and work your way down or vice versa. The idea is to carry all your joints through a range of movement that it is designed for. Weight bearing components serve a function of releasing adhesion and strengthening the joints. Another component, the body armor or corset, exposes joints to some unusual movements that help to prepare your joints for unusual circumstances. Corset exercises help protect you from injury. Another component, the mind activation, serves several crucial functions. An activity that challenges your body and the brain charges your brain with practical abilities such as problem solving, spacial intelligence and quick decision making. These body mind neurological pathways also greatly improve your performance in scholastic activities, such as math. a An exercise worth doing challenges the brain. Such an exercise has to have sufficient complexity to continue engaging your brain. In fact any new exercise stimulates brain function. Therefore constantly learning new activities will add a significant component of interest to your daily joint mobility routine!

So here it is in a nut shell:
#1 range of motion for all your joints
#2 weight bearing with joint in various positions
#3 Weight bearing with focus on unusual positions
#4 Stimulate the Brain


How often? I feel best taking stretch breaks every hour.  Listen to your body.   Since these are short stretch breaks , several times get up an and do these to feel most alert, happy and relaxed.

Examples of Key Exercises for Good Joint Mobility

If you have limited time, focus on joint mobility exercises that encompass as much of your body as possible. Body waves help lubricate the whole spine. Your spine communicates to all your other nerves and therefore muscles and joints. You can do spinal waves against a wall. However, doing it on the floor engages your joints more fully and offers more weight bearing. Squats have numerous health benefits to your digestion, body alignment and fitness. To keep my back comfortable and uninvolved I find it very helpful to mentally focus on my belly button anchoring into the ground, rather than sticking my butt out!

Hanging, while not shown in this video, have lubricating and strengthening effect on your shoulder, elbow and wrist. I highly recommend practicing your upper body strength in this way rather than weights, or at least incorporate into your weight lifting routine. You can learn more about how to engage the right muscles on Ido Portal’s notes page.

Kinetic coins, riddles you solve with your body, offer a fun and opposite approach to most types of problem solving. Rather than examine and then act, you allow your body to act out and your mind to observe whats happening and then help guide it along. Various physical arts have that component to an extent. I consider hula hooping one of those! It certainly keeps my mind engaged at all times and many times the body figures it out before my mind does 🙂

Check out this other body armor / corset Balancing Workout for No More Ankle Tendinosis


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Avoid Low Impact Hyperextended Knee and ACL sprain

Avoid Low Impact Hyperextended Knee and ACL sprain
Avoid Low Impact Hyperextended Knee and ACL sprain

What is Hyperextended Knee ?

A normal knee allows the lower leg to flex back so that it can contact the hamstring. However, one experiences full extension typically when the leg is straight. The ligaments as well as the interlocking of the tibia on the femur prevents any further travel past that point. Some people will have more stretchy ligaments that in fact allow the knee to go slightly past this point. This condition perfectly natural to them is hyperextended knee. Although one may argue that such an ability sets them up for injury due to lack in functional stability.

However, I will discuss another kind of knee hyperextension that can happen to normal knees from sufficient amounts of force.

High Vs Low Impact

A hyperextended knee injury or any injury for that matter brings to mind quick high impact trauma such as a sports injury. We often forget to consider how our own everyday body mechanics can also create similar low impact injuries.  A  low impact injury that results in knee hyperextension will result in nagging pain behind knee, lead to knee instability and other structural dysfunctions over time. What part of your body should you lean into the wall as you hammer in a nail? Probably you would naturally support yourself with the other hand? Well what if you have an obstacle in front you need to lean over? Before leaning over it would you wonder what part of your body is biomechanically safe to anchor into this obstacle? Maybe you are sensitive to your body’s feedback and know that something doesnt feel right? Maybe the obstacle is too light to lean into? Would stand awkwardly or move it out of the way? Or would you just dismiss it, thinking its not worth making any adjustments for a quick tap on the wall?

If you listen to your body, I dont need to tell you that your anchoring should be no lower than your thighs. However, if you dont, let me tell you that it doesnt matter how quick the compromised positioning lasts. Our bodies’ soft tissues, dont know a grace period. Instead they have this marvelous ability to remember and to brace against acute unusual demands. A hyperextended knee is a physiological restructuring in response to stress. Injuries from both high impact and low impact exertion tend to remain locked in unless you consciously target that area with special exercises and therapy.

How To Avoid Low Impact Hyperextended Knee

Best way to avoid low impact situations is to listen to your body. Avoid pushing into your knees from any direction not just the front. Adjust your body position or the environment! According to your situation you can get down lower in your knees to bring up your body’s center of mass, or climb higher and get into a squat. Sometimes moving an obstacle out of the way is the best answer. Getting creative with body mechanics can certainly bring some entertainment into your task but as a rule of thumb try to avoid holding a contorted body position.

Check out these body mechanics videos:

Back Support Putting Up Cat Fence


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muscular strength warm up to fix ligament laxity

muscular strength warm up to fix ligament laxity
muscular strength warm up to fix ligament laxity

Warming up for Muscular strength

Do you think of muscular strength as associated with strong physique? Do you exercise regularly? Did you forget something or cut some corners? I mean do you warm up properly prior to working out? Thats a loaded question because you may not know what I consider a “proper” warm up 🙂 What is a warm up good for anyway?

Well, if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, aka work on the computer 24/7, a proper warm simply cannot be skipped. Think about it, if youve been motionless hours at a time, wouldn’t your body need want and deserve some transition time into a more fluid state, more apt for movement? Even if you dont sit or stand still for lengthy periods, a warm up has important benefits for you too. It brings up your core temperature which helps your whole body receive blood supply to keep muscles responsive and supple. It helps you maintain your stamina throughout the workout and does much to prevent injuries. Injuries are far better off prevented rather than treated ! A warm up also starts the process of clearing your mind of other things so that you can dedicate full attention to your work out. Basically a proper warm up means you can build muscle more efficiently and excel in your chosen sport. A good warm up typically takes 10-15 minutes. You can feel your body ripening for exertion and action. Then you know you have succeeded in your warm up!

muscular strength during warm up

An all too often missed component to a great warm up is body armor exercises. These exercises focus on joint responsiveness and stability by engaging muscular strength as well as some non weight bearing joint mobility drills. Weight bearing exercises include eccentric resistance contractions, or resistance on the antagonistic muscle thats lengthening, and also placing body weight over joints in positions that are unusual and awkward, thus improving balancing skills. Body armor drills help avoid things like ankle sprains. These special movements prepare your body for odd positions such as twists and slips by improving muscular strength and coordination in the joints. Body armor exercises can be easily incorporated into a warm up because they are low impact and low intensity.

Body Armor Exrecise Sequence

Body armor exercises can be started from your toes up or fingers down. You want to really focus on all your joints one at a time. Start with non weight bearing movements such as
rotations , up and down, side to side and diagonals. Go slow and be one with your body. Progress from small movements to full range of motion. This is very different from bouncing stretches. In fact long held stretches dont really belong in a warm up. If you do long stretches leave those for after your work out!

After joint mobility you can add very light weight bearing to those same types of joint mobility drills or different ones. As you progress into your hips, back and shoulders, your body is starting to wake up and warm up. Here you can get into some squats and other full body drills. Often I like to get on all fours to keep the whole body moving and warm. Listen to where you need more attention. Relax and be creative. Add a playful component somewhere in the middle or end of your warm up like scattering some balls of various sizes and practicing good body mechanics to pick them up. Hula hoops offer fun warm up challenge to your hips waist, knees, shoulders and arms 🙂

get a fun workout by giving … watch my aerial massage tutorials 🙂

Check this other video how to prevent tendinosis from ankle sprain using branches balance and coordination


Do you know there is a way to receive a fun full body workout while giving a deep tissue massage ???

Click on these tutorials below

to learn how to comfortably give deep tissue aerial massage  for :

Quads, Chest and Abs,

Side Back Glute Hamstrings,

Inner Thighs with Aerial and Mat 

and Headache Behind Eyes !!!

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Back Support Putting Up Cat Fence

Back Support Putting Up Cat Fence
Back Support Putting Up Cat Fence

Daily Activities and Back Support

Back support isnt something you wear for a set period of time. It is something you do! Continuously. Its not something you set aside time to do. Somehow our world has come to isolate even these kinds of non temporal experiences into blocks of time, most commonly an exercise time block that focuses on your abs.

Body Mechanics vs Exercise

Unlike exercise, body mechanics is something we practice continuously. If you practice poor body mechanics in life, an exercise routine will be no more than a bandage or a distraction from real cause of your back pain, hip pain, sciatica etc. Question is are you practicing body mechanics that support good form and functional longevity?

Good form while exercising seems common sense. Surprisingly, good form takes a second seat to performance during a typical exercise routine. When pushing yourself to fatigues you likewise compromise good body mechanics.

How to Improve Body mechanics?

Good back support forms the key stone of good body mechanics. Your belly button marks your center of mass. To keep good body mechanics and back support, focus on keeping your belly button squarely over your feet at all times unless you counterweight as I will elaborate on in next paragraph. Most people most of the time drop theirs in front when they reach, bend and even while they stand , walk and sit.  The other side of your belly button is the small of your low back. Check in with how your low back feels. If it feels like its tensing up, rather than stretching you probably need to shift your weight back so that your belly button rests over your hips. Imagine that your belly button is facing the floor and anchoring you as you bend or squat. What does your body need to do to achieve that?

Allow your body to figure it out for you. You will feel yourself squatting a little deeper and your hips reaching back more than what you would let them do. Avoid any static poses that take your center of mass behind your hips or to the side of them. Doing so places bad strain on your muscles, requiring them to take on the role of support, a role designated to your skeleton.

On the other hand, a counterweight requires that you shift your center of mass away from your support in order to feel biomechanically sound and balanced.  A back bend or sun salute creates a counterweight by leaning away from your feet up to your bellybutton at which point your body leans back over your feet. Your body weight remains evenly distributed over your feet. Another counterweight example is having some assisted support such as a hammock or resistance band holding up or pulling you in the opposite direction. A body in motion often experiences brief shifts in center of mass. Even the act of glide walking, your natural walk, has your center of mass briefly falling forward just before your leg thrusts in front and catches it. Most people wont relate to this or the smooth feeling of natural walking, because they have learned to tense up their hips and to lead with their head and shoulders instead. Learning rhumba or salsa helps you relax your hips and get a good feel for glide walking.

Compare the feeling of those two exercises to the strain of standing straight and too close to the wall while trying to drill a hole. The later may result in a “muscle brace” that remains locked up in case you hit similar bad form in the future.

If you are feeling relief in your low back, thats success! Congratulations on reaching good back support! Keep practicing this drill throughout your life. Dont wait for the next exercise block to focus on good body mechanics 😉

Watch My video DIY Cat Fence: Solving An Escape Mystery

Here is another example of daily body mechanics belly button squatting compost pile

Check out my other videos:How to Prevent Ankle Sprains & Improve Ankle Strength & Coordination with this Body Armor Warm Up

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Compost Pile 4 Full Body Workout

Compost Pile 4 Full Body Workout
Compost Pile 4 Full Body Workout


Compost Pile inside a Cable Reel

For a while I had wanted a compost pile but had no garden. Then once I did have some land I got brainwashed into wanting a compost bin. However it could not be made of any artificial materials. I found just the right diy design and hired a guy to build me a perfect compost bin from cable reel. The idea was to have it spin on a spindle. However the guy looked at the design and said” why not roll it around instead?”

Great idea! We still installed the fins but not the spindle. I felt proud of Fabian, and thrilled with myself and my perfect bin and got the household on board with it. Come year later or less, the hinges on the door came undone and soon the door fell off due to dampness. I kept rocking it, but i just didnt do the full job of stiring the compost like a full rotation was designed to do.

Stiring Compost

Then with one swoop of fallen leaves, the bin needed to rest percolating its contents into m mmm compost!? I didnt feel like hiring another reel job or settling for a much smaller pricey plastic drum.

Then I recalled attending a lecture at Weston Price Conference in Dallas years ago. The chicken farmer explained that chickens naturally thrive on bugs and nothing makes them happier than rooting in the compost, thereby stiring and aerating it! What a great reason to have a compost pile to save on feed and have great tasting eggs!

Hey if a chicken can stir my compost pile so can I. I could now clearly see how reaching inside of a little opening of the bin made it awkward, next to impossible to stir feet of dense vegetation.

Compost Pile 4 Full Body Workout

As of recently I wanted to get a couple of chickens for the job. Yet, lately Ive grown fond of the quick yet fully energizing workout I get from stiring my compost pile. I want you to experience the joy of compost piling for your self. Thats why I made my video tutorial. Dont forget to glance at my sequel called “corrective imagery” for proper squat to really get in the grove.

When you really get into it, it works every muscle of your body in a bio mechanically efficient way. You know I kind a miss rolling that giant bin too, but I think this is a great compromise 😉

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Bikini Body Fascia Blaster Tips

Total Body Workout

Grass Brushing! The simple act of pulling your body back and forth over fresh grass engages not just your leg or arm muscles, but also your abs and back, gluttes and chest. Side work such as the wheel and the crossover work your obliques.

Bikini Body blast through Cellulite

Its Summer time! …and nothing puts a damper on that bikini body of yours quite like cellulite…but everyone on this planet has cellulite! Its everyone except for your super toned grandma but who looks at her? Everyone is looking at you! You would think with cellulite literally being served at the dinner table, we should all just chill and accept it as the norm. Good thing we dont, because cellulite is not a healthy sign. Maybe thats why its unattractive. However, no you dont need plastic surgery to look like your best!

You can rid of cellulite naturally. Cellulite is not a fat disease. Its a connective tissue disease. Inflammation is the root problem here. Inflammation is largely due to the kinds of food choices we make and quantities we consume. Its also due to lack of proper full body movement. Sedentary people tend to have much more pronounced cellulite, stage 2 and 3. Athletes and dancers may still have pernicious cellulite on their thighs, tummy and butt. However, good muscle tone helps keep it bound so that you dont see dimpling unless your skin is being pressed on fairly firmly. Also, aerobic exercise, but especially high intensity cardio exercise, keeps our lymph moving and thats our detox system. Healthy lymph circulation flushes out toxins that get created due to inflammation.

Bikini Body with Cellulite Massage

Fascia, another term for connective tissue, can be worked manually as well.  Yes you can plow your plush with a fascia blaster, although you may likely use way too much zealous force and inflict bruising. Best option: get professional cellulite fascia blasting package.  You get great results in just 5 treatments, but it wont happen in a vacuum. I mean you will still need to do your abc’s: tweak your diet, drink plenty of fluids, get on an active work out schedule and stay positive!

Ok, so what exactly is a cellulite treatment? Here as Skylight Massage and Skincare in North Richland Hills TX we offer a comprehensive package that includes: dry brushing, special deep tissue cellulite massage, honey massage, cupping and breathing exercises. This comprehensive package is not just an awesome fascia blaster  but also a fantastic detox for your fascia, skin and organs. You will also get a cleansing raw/gluten free snack that may include microgreens -the living vitamin served by Dallas Raw Food 😉

Check our cellulite package right here!

Learn a new fun way to exercise and rub off cellulite with this grass brushing video 🙂


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eliminate toxic waste through skin

eliminate toxic waste through skin

Your skin is your largest organ of elimination. To eliminate toxic waste through your skin you have to make sure it can breathe and that its not clogged. Toxins can build up in your body quickly when your colon, your other elimination organ, is constipated. BTw constipation is bowel movement that is less frequent than twice a day. 3 times is ideal. By maintaining your skin properly you can help not only your colon eliminate toxins but also your kidneys. Your skin can eliminate up to 10 pounds of toxic gases, liquids and solids!

is my skin healthy?

Ofcourse the best way to keep your skin healthy is to avoid building up hazardous waste by leading a non toxic life style. Eating mostly vegan, raw with plenty of fresh water and fresh squeezed juices. Also, plenty of daily exercise and positive thoughts. However, if you find yourself dealing with toxicity, either candida, fatigue, allergies or etc., there are a few important measures to help your skin’s elimination processes.

ways to keep skin eliminating efficiently

Besides doing all healthy things mentioned, you should also wear clothing made of natural fibers, preferably cotton. Cotton offers great breatheability! Choose clothing that isnt too tight, so as to keep circulation flowing freely. How about wearing nothing whenever possible!

Have an outfit that you can throw on quickly when you go outside to protect from the sun, rather than wear sunblock. Sunblock, other petroleum and synthetic base product clog pores. You can also carry a parasol, a sun umbrella.

Also get a massage,great for circulation. Dry brushing done regularly goes a long way to help stimulate your skin’s innate ability to eliminate toxic waste. Dry brushing included in cellulite massage packages. Dry brush or wet brush, or grass brush daily! Watch these videos to get some ideas 🙂 Wish you happy waste reduction!

6:25 dry brushing
13:15 lung cancer
14:50 all fresh squeezed juices for terminal illnesses

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Fun Exercise Raking Leaves With your Cat

I found a few Secret ingredients to a fun exercise

How to turn Racking into Fun exercise

By getting your kitty to participate 🙂 One morning I was doing some exercises. It went well until I jumped and landed on acorn. Ouch I thought. No more exercising in my yard.

Not ofcourse not! Time to rake! Raking is a tedious but worthwhile task. Ive been experimenting with involving my cat in my exercise routine, so here came the idea: attach a toy I already made to the rake. Having my kitty prance around turned this chore into a fun Fun exercise!

Fun in your hands

Raking is physical but when you are also trying to customize your moves for your the entertainment of your little kitty it becomes a brain exercise! Who doesnt love those?? It turned into a little dance off between my skill at shaking it and his prowess at grasping the other end. I love activities that turn into fun exercise.

I found a few Secret ingredients to a fun exercise.

Fun Recipe

First it has to challenge you physically. Otherwise your body will be like eeh. Lets take a nap instead..
Second, got to challenge your mind. This one ties into the first because you cant seriously challenge, in terms of progress, unless your mind is also engaged. Ofcourse your mind probably has ADD and wont engage fully for long unless its being challenged.

Third, hold on what is it? It was a good tip…

Well, maybe it was the fact that fun exercise means variety. Change it up not only from time to time but also during your routine. Keep your mind and body guessing. If you add even one new element or tweak one you will get a lot of satisfaction simply being proud of your self. Now get out your inner pet and play!

Learn more about having fun with your animal!

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convoluted relationship of leaky gut to hypothyroidism & anorexia

What do anorexia & hypothyroidism share?

What do anorexia & hypothyroidism share?

Why care about hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism means either your thyroid secretes inadequate supply of hormone  T4 or T4 is inadequately converted to T3 by your liver.

The more of the following symptoms you have the more likely you suffer from hypothyroidism:
chronic fatigue,
hair loss,
weight gain,
rough skin,
greying hair
autoimmune disease(multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, sarcoidosis, Sjogren’s,Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis)
high cholesterol

brain fog.

Thyroid hormones effect all your other hormones, including insulin, cortisol, and sex hormones: estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, and T3 and T4 control metabolism in every cell of your body, so you need your thyroid healthy to enjoy quality of life.

T3 lowers cholesterol levels, regrows hair, and signals fat burning to keep your body lean.

the following can significantly throw your T3 levels off balance:
nutritional imbalances,
toxins, allergens,

( due to higher cortisol levels competing with thyroid hormones)

chronic complications, may include thyroid cancer, hypothyroidism, and hyperthyroidism, which today are three of the most prevalent thyroid-related diseases.

What do anorexia & hypothyroidism share?

Hypocrates wrote “Health begins in the gut” and even our thyroid seems bound by this phenomenon. A leaky gut, one that allows food particles to escape into the body cavity outside of the digestive tract, tends to cause an autoimmune response which often harms thyroid function. Some such diseases linked to a weakened thyroid include Hashimotos and goiter.

The situation gets more complex due to thyroid’s direct influence on those same tight junctions responsible for keeping an impermeable gut. T3 and T4 , thyrotropin releasing hormone (TRH) and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) all influence the development of the GALT( gut-associated lymphoid tissue). In other words once both the gut and thyroid get out of wack this turns into a vicious cycle 🙁

FYI Psychiatric disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, schizophrenia and Alzheimer more often than not are paired with leaky gut and permeable brain membranes(aka brain fog). Excessive permeability is thought to predispose people to those disorders, rather than be the effect of those disorders.  Successful reversal of gut permeability tends to also result in reversals of those linked disorders!

treatment for hypothyroidism: break the cycle

Since poor thyroid health leads to poor gut health and vice versa, to work this paradox, you have to bring both your gut health and your thyroid hormones to functional levels simultaneously. This probably would require exterior intervention. In other words, temporary supplementation of natural thyroid hormones of porcine or bovine origins to allow your gut to heal before you can expect your thyroid to heal itself.

Acupressure and reflexology done several times a week can also stimulate your thyroid to function optimally. This manual supplementation can hasten thyroid function recovery so as to avoid and minimize side effects of hormone supplements. If your hypothyroid condition is not immediately life threatening and allows time for trial and error you may opt to wait to start on hormone replacement therapy and instead do only these manual treatments.

Hyperthyroidism my also seem challenging to bring into balance. However, acupressure has successfully done so without negative side effects. Try it! Remember: consistency and patience wins the race 😉


dont forget sssssssssssssssssss tre ssssssssssssssssssssssss ~ managment!

supplemnts to consider
iodine( seaweeds)
dietary raw coconut oil(in moderation or topically)
dessicated thyroid (and possibly artificial hormone replacement)
acupressure points
leaky gut diet

learn more about diet healing for thyroid: low inflammatory diet and managing cholesterol with UV light!

The Thyroid-Gut Connection