Coming this September: Massage with Feet !


Why massage with Feet?

Massage with feet offers superior deep tissue pressure. It feels penetrating yet comfortable unlike standard deep issue massage with hands. This is because of the streight down pressure which can only be achieved with the therapist’s feet. Having said that, ashiatsu, massage done with feet, can be applied in a more gliding, Swedish massage style, and feels quite wonderful. Ashiatsu integrates well wth Thai Massage, a kind of flexibility massage. Whatever style of massage you normally like you are likely to enjoy ashiatsu, so deffinitely give it a try.

Is massage with feet dangerous?

No, ashiatsu, or massage done with feet, is really not dangerous when done correctly. A good deep ashiatsu therapist knows when and how to lessen pressure. Make sure your therapist is certified and using a set of special ashiatsu bars. Ashiatsu bars offer support and that extra degree of safety and peace of mind you want. The ashiatsu bars also allow the therapist to move more freely, which means a better quality massage.

Ashiatsu and medium to light pressure

If you prefer a medium to light pressure opt for lighter pressure Ashiatau, with one foot on the table. In fact all good ashiatsu starts with light pressure, to warm up the body which prevents any injury to tight muscles. Usually the therapist will start out sitting on a stool, while working the body of the client with feet. The therapist then builds pressure by stepping on to the massage table and working with just one foot, while bearing much of her weight on the other standing foot. Ashiatsu can continue in that fashion throughout the massage and feels very relaxing.

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