Couples Massage Classes and Workshops

Couples Massage Instruction for Everyone!

We offer couples massage workshops and classes for couples and therapists. Marcela’s couples massage workshop focuses on helping couples learn about therapeutic touch and how to incorporate it into a relaxing massage and loving the process! Alisa offers a class to therapists on specialized couples massage techniques she developed for one therapist to administer to both partners at the same time. During this class you learn how to use your body and simple equipment to offer competitive client experience while leveraging your income.

Couples Massage for Couples


Marcela designed this workshop to answer two important problems that couples face when offering massage to one another. First ofcourse she addresses the question of proper technique. Marcela’s philosophy is watch , feel and do.

She demonstrates various massage sequences on each partner while the other one watches. Each partner takes turns practicing and giving feedback. Marcela also addresses the problem of lack of desire to give. Plenty of partners enjoy receiving but many will find reasons why not to give! Its common and happens because the giver thinks of it as work.

couples massage: fall in love with giving
couples massage: fall in love with giving

However, Marcela help redefine the meaning of mutual massage. A few minutes of quality pressure done regularly goes a long way in relieving stress for both partners. Nothing says I love you quite like loving healing touch. Marcela provides tips on how to use body weight rather than muscle force, which helps transform daggers and stones into fluid fingers and palms to save energy while giving a much more therapeutic and relaxing massage.

Marcela will also touch on how to pick scents, lotion vs oil, and create a massage setting quickly for a romantic or relaxing effect. Your partner will fall in love with you all over again!

Read more about Marcela here. To inquire about booking next workshop and for pricing contact Marcela directly at (817) 657-4290 or email

Marcela Schell instructs massage workshops for couples
Marcela Schell instructs massage workshops for couples

topics covered:

  • proper form
  • fatigue
  • therapeutic technique
  • relaxation technique
  • feedback
  • ambiance
  • consistency

Lesson format:

  • Introduction
  • demonstration
  • partner practice
  • instruction
  • questions

Couples Massage for Therapists

Ashi Thai massage for Couples is one hour of bliss!!! Couples always report feeling like each one got undivided attentionĀ  the whole time ! Learn how to give this phenomenal massage: relaxing or deep tissue by yourself to two people at once, without back strain while also leveraging your income ! Challenge you balancing skills and have fun multitasking šŸ˜€ Everyone is welcome to take this class.

ashi thai couples massage feel in your own paradise
ashi thai couples massage feel in your own paradise

Ashiatsu and Thai massage practitioners will especially love this. However, therapists specializing in other kinds of techniques and hobbyists/couples just wanting to learn with a partner will have lots of fun and love this class. Ashi Thai for couples massage is best done over skin but can also be done over clothes if needed, traditional shiatsu style.

Apply body mechanics comfortably and effectively to leverage your reach and have consistent pressure. Alisa demonstrates both kinds of shiatsu technique: press release and flowing. Learn specialized techniques to offer different styles while staying in contact with both partners.

Some fun moves have partners stretch each other by virtue of their proximity to one another. Its exciting to create a fun environment for couples to relax while enjoying closeness they wont experience in a typical couples massage setting with two therapists and tables. You will find couples holding hands, murmuring or even snoring ;D

Read more about Alisa here. To reserve your spot in the next Couples Ashi Thai class, contact Alisa at 817.918.4075 or email

couples massage class for therapists setting up silks
Alisa SakalĀ  setting up silks for her couples massage class for therapists

Topics covered:

  • proper form
  • body weight leveraging
  • gliding techniques
  • press release techniques
  • other specialized techniques
  • equipment usage and installation
  • best type of lubricant
  • communication during your session
  • marketing

Lesson format:

  • introduction
  • body mechanics with and without equipment
  • demonstrations
  • practice with partner
  • discussion: tips and tricks
  • questions

Watch these massage tutorial videos on relating couples massage, Ashi Thai and more … !

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