About Dallas Raw Food

About Dallas Raw Food


Dallas Raw Food is focused on providing freshest organic produce and raw/ healthy food prep tips.  Started by Alisa in 2016  its primary lucrative focus is supplying local farmers markets, grocers and restaurants with  a variety of fresh  nutrient dense microgreens.

Alisa is also an accomplished raw food chef! Having lived exclusively on raw foods for two years she has become skilled in healthy raw, gluten & dairy free snack foods, cakes  and chocolates as well as soups, salads and entrees that leave your palate wanting more! Her creations are made to order, manufactured in accordance with Texas Cottage Food Act.

She has a special selection of food video tutorials on her youtube channel named Active Healing dedicated to whole body wellness.


She enjoys introducing people to the the exciting cleansing diet world of raw food recipes and loves opportunities to set up a small demo at local farmers markets and private events.

Alisa’s Story

Alisa turned to raw foods in 2013 because she had suffered from chronic fatigue, brain fog, irritability, constipation, and bloat. Eating raw she was able to overcome all of these. From that point on she realized that these were only symptoms hiding the real person underneath. A paradigm shift in how she viewed herself that
made life goals a reality once again!

To truly become well , one has to become fully conscious of thoughts that drive our emotions and actions. Raw food
unlike any other food helps bring about vitality and optimism that will help you tackle your other psychosomatic challenges. +-‘ ;’+

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