Pie and Pizza Crusts

Pie/Tart Crust: perfect for tarts and cheesecake

raw food pie tart crust
Ingredients: Cashews, Buckwheat, Coconut Oil, Sprouted Flax Seeds, Raw Local Honey, Himalayan Salt, Probiotic
Price: $5.99/medium size crust

Pot Pie Crust:

Ingredients: spelt sourdough, cashews, Spouted flax Seeds, Raw Local Honey/Raw Coconut Nectar, Himalayan Salt, Probiotic
Price: $5.99/medium size crust

Raw Food Pizza Crust: thin crust or soft crust


Thin Crust Ingredients: Sprouted Buckwheat, Sprouted Quinoa, Sprouted Flax Seeds, Onion, Squash, Spices, Hymalayan Salt

Soft Crust Ingredients: Raw Organic Sprouted Flaxseeds, Raw Organic Sprouted Buckwheat, Raw Organic Sprouted Almonds(Optional), Raw Honey, Spices, Himalayan/Celtic Salt

Kids Choice *Soaked Cashew/Pine nuts Added(makes the crust softer and thicker)
Price: $5.99/medium size crust

These pie and pizza crusts are created to be easy on your digestion and to offer superior nutrition to similar products on the market. These pie and pizza crusts are real live foods that will help your energy soar after your meal \:D

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