Massage Chair vs Massage Therapist


Massage Chairs and Self Help Gadgets

How should I start? I am a fan of various self help massage gadgets, but they are not all equal. First and foremost, you should be able to keep you body comfortable throught you treatment. It defeats the purpose to be awkwardly tensing your arm behind your shoulder blade trying to knead out that same tention and creating more of it in the process. I have favored one and then another tool, and here are some things I have discovered. A good quality massage chair still costs a pretty penny, but worth it if you seriously plan on spending any amount of time in it. you want the one that offers rolling, shaking, compressions, even petrissage if available, and has several automated sequences so that you can press one button and then relax and enjoy the variety. Having said that I feel like Ive had enough of even the best chair after no more than 15 minutes.

Get yourself a Tibetan applicator, another great tool and possibly my number one choice. A close cousin called the spoonk mat has become pretty popular and available in store and online. This kind of mat stimulates multiple points at the same time, and since it works with your own body weight , you can have precise control over the amount of pressure. Besides imroved blood circulation, I havent found an established answer to just what system in the body is being treated with this therapy. However, it does seem clear that some myofascial release occurs, and that means your muscles, skeleton and organs all benefit.

Self Massage between Massage Sessions

Its a good question whether or not you need a massage if you have great tools to work with. Hypothetically you could skip human touch altogether. You can get rid of muscle tenion and spasms, headaches and misalignment with the tools I just mentioned. However, human touch still has a lot more to offer in addition to what you may be doing at home, including the unlimited kinds of styles and techniques, energic elements from your therapist’s biomagnetic field, assisted stretches, broadening and lengthening of muscles with ashiatsu, and the whole artistry of experience that keeps massage enjoyable over a course of the whole hour and makes you want more. jUst saying, but you might find your self looking forward to getting off of that spoonk mat at the very beginning and certainnly after a little while.

Professional Self Massage

Self massage can offer a lot of benefit between massage appointments and especially when you have to skip your regular appointment. If you do plan on substituting an occasional massage appointment with your own devices, please keep in mind a few helpful tips. First, keep you focus on the therapy throught the treatment. If you become completely distracted with a things like phone calls, reading, typing, you may be unaware when you start to accidentaly press with wrong kind of pressure or in the wrong spot, making your session useless. start with 10-15 minute sessions, and build if necessary. A friend of mine indured weeks of severe foot pain after treating her achy foot to one of those foot massagers for one whole hour instead of the recommended 15 minutes. She was obviously also preoccupied with other things or probably fell asleep because that repetative rolling action doesnt do much to keep a curious mind engaged and doent care for input from its recipient. unless you are using a sofisticated machine that is programmed to carry you thru a a customizable routine and that turns off automatically, these tips will most deffinitely help make your self massage one the best quality alone times you have ever had. Now what tool will you start with?

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