Microgreen Nutrients in a Nutshell

Below you will find a quick nutrient profiles of popular sprouts. These sprouts when planted become microgreens.  Unlike sprouts, only the green shoot or grass is consumed/juiced. Sprouts are consumed whole.  The main nutrient difference between a microgreen and sprout is that a microgreen contains minimal starch, lower calories and a lot more chlorophyll.


Depending on your digestive health, a sprout may be difficult to digest compared to a microgreen. The higher fiber levels and concentrated starch may have a lot to do with that. On the other hand go ahead and try sprouting at home and see for yourself. Sprouts are awesome in general!


sprout nutrition breakdown
sprout nutrition breakdown


For a much more in depth description of health benefits click here and then the microgreen of interest to you! Im adding info still so not all of them have a link yet.


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