Microgreens the Living Vitamin

Think of  a microgreen as a living vitamin!

Here are microgreens explained in a nutshell a quick medicinal look

Im proud to suggest my slightly sarcastic/fun look at micros in my post MICROGREEN ARONOMY OF INDOOR GARDENING

A microgreen is a super food,  6 to 60 times more nutrient dense than any other piece of fresh produce on the market.   Each kind of microgreen carries a unique set of nutrients  and so its best to include a variety of microgreens as much as possible for optimal health. Microgreens help repair, strengthen and detox organs and blood vessels.

    • Microgreens  burst with flavor and texture:  mild to piquant,  crunchy to soft and buttery and everything in between. Help you cut down on dressing, and stick with a low calorie diet!
    • Low calorie food
    • Look fantastic as garnish or side dish (check out COLORFUL MICROGREENS FOR CREATIVE CHEFS)
  • living vitamin

A microgreen can be virtually any plant that you commonly eat,  a vegetable,  a grain or an herb, except that it is a seedling stage, harvested at 2-3 weeks  after planting.  It  has the same nutrient profile as its mature counterpart, but a lot more concentrated. Baby greens, microgreens, or  sprouts? Learn the difference here!

sunflower shoots

Microgreen’ high nutrient to calorie ratio

is perfect for weight loss and maintenance!



red garnet amaranth
red garnet amaranth
sweet basil
sweet basil
chinese cabbage
chinese/ nappa cabbage
tatsoi-mustard family


Currently I grow the following microgreens and grasses, but also experimenting with new varieties at all times:

Herbs for eye appeal are found in my colorful varieties 

Wheatgrass-Learn more..


Catgrass(grass blend)

Cabbage, Nappa

Alfalfa-part of popular zesty spring mix blend

Arugula-part of popular spicy blend


Chard, rainbow

Clover-part of popular zesty spring mix blend

Radish-part of popular spicy blend

Dill-part of popular zesty spring mix blend

Cress-part of popular spicy blend


Basil, Opaldeep purple

Buckwheat lettuce

Broccoli-part of popular zesty spring mix blend

Beets, Bull’s Bloodvibrant red

Pea shoots/tendrils

Sun shoots-Learn more…


Garnet Red Amaranth burgundy




Popcorn Shoots vibrant yellow


Edible flowers coming soon! 

parsley microgreen
Shinguku Chrysanthemum microgreen

quick nutritional bullet point of popular microgreens

learn about growing microgreens

all about microgreen
microgreens are abuzz in forums frombodybuilding forums
bodybuilding forums  permaculture
small biz microgrowers

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