Pulse Food Allergy Test

Dr Coca Food Allergy Test is Free & Easy!!!


No Im not charging you at the end of this long spiel \/ ‘:|

The catch is that there is a tiny learning curve and a little practice involved…

but how much is priceless worth anyway?

If you are really excited, scroll down to view original article by Dr Coca, but…
I know its a long read so first check out pages marked just for you,  down there just above the link….

Also, please note I dont use Coca original method. Instead I have adopted the New 2 Second LNT Coca Pulse Test

So why Bother with Reading the Original? Good question…

Cons of 2 Second Test:

No one explains the principle behind Coca Test and what to look out for better than Dr Coca himself, so please do read those pages first!!!

Also, I would say his test might be a bit more reliable since it allows the body to fully respond to the potential allergen.


No ingestion necessary so no lasting ill effects aside from temporary rise in pulse rate.

Allows you to test multiple foods within one time frame.

Can be repeated multiple times same day or when needed (since its so quick and easy) to rule out other possible factors and to confirm results.

A lot simpler, no logs necessary.

In any case thank you Dr Coca for discovering AND quantifying a pulse/allergen link for everyone on this planet

7 table of contents
15 illnesses caused by allergies
17 possible pulse interpretation(10 or less beat range is preferred)
19 good explanation
56 common food allergens
60 original pulse test

Read full original article by Dr Coca

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