Produce Price Sheet


Get a Chef Pickle stamp each time you bring back 

your pot or container and 2 Chef Pickle stamps when you bring back your tray … 

FREE fresh squeezed juice/package/pot with 5th stamp!!! 

Save 33% Eat Fresh! Buy the whole tray!!!


$3.88/3.5 inch pot( 2 harvests)

$5.00/4.5 inch pot (2 harvests)

$46.20/10X20 tray


$4.00/2 oz  package

$7.99/4 oz package

$5.40/4.5 inch pot(2 harvests)

$45/10X20 tray

Pea Tendrils/Shoots:

$8.33/2 oz package

$4/ 4.5″  pot

$46/ 10X20 tray ( 28% discount)

Buckwheat Lettuce:

$5/1.3 oz

$3.20/4.5 inch pot

Red Garnet Amaranth:

2.85/3.5 inch pot


2.85/3.5 inch pot

Chinese Cabbage:

2.85/3.5 inch pot

Sweet Basil: 

2.85/3.5 inch pot

Shinguku (Chrysanthemum): 

2.85/3.5 inch pot