Raw Food Crackers

Saltine/Sunchip Raw Food Cracker: Saltine Alternative. Mild flavor goes with any topping of choice

Ingredients: Sprouted Buckwheat, Sprouted Flax Seeds, Spouted Chia Seeds, raw agave/raw local honey, may include/optional Sprouted Quinoa, Sprouted Lentils, Garlic, Onion, Herbs and Spices, Himalayan Salt, Probiotics

Kids Choice *Soaked Cashew/Pine nuts Added

4.99 7 oz

Hearty Raw Food Cracker: Mild Flavor, goes well with vegetable toppings, cheese and cheese spreads and as side dish to soups

Ingredients: Sprouted Flax Seeds, Sprouted Quinoa, Sprouted Lentils, Garlic, Onion, Glucomannan Soluble Fiber, Herbs and Spices, Himalayan Salt

Kids Choice *Soaked Cashew/Pine nuts and Tomatoes Added

Raw Probiotic Foods help replenish your intestinal reserves of beneficial microbes. Thes guys help you digest your food and release vitamins for your body to use. A healthy population of ebeficail microbes means pthogenic microbes have no room to breed!

4.99 7 oz

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