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*** Your therapist may choose to combine modalities somewhat to achieve best results. You may also request to combine specific massages in one session. For example if you want to try deep tissue with Thai let us know and we will help you decide on the right combination!***


Hot Stone Massages

Hot Stone Massage is the most luxurious pampering massage your body will ever experience. Hot stones when combined with Deep Tissue Massage minimize post treatment soreness and help relieve tension in deep muscles. $89 60 min $135 90 min


Deep Tissue Massage


ashiatsu massage for chest tension
ashiatsu chest massage for chest tension

During your deep tissue massage, your therapist will focus on areas with knots that hurt or bother you. These areas require extra time warming up before very deep work can be done safely and effectively. For a thorough deep tissue massage experience for the whole body please book a 90 minute or two hour long massage. $79 60 min $114 90 min


Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

If your focus is deep relaxation, Swedish Lomi Lomi Massage is your perfect choice. This is your time to relax, so please communicate to your therapist what amount of pressure suits your comfort level. This massage combines wonderfully with Hot Stone Massage. $65 60 min $95 90 min



Ashiatsu Massage

Deepest Deep Tissue Massage you will ever experience! Thanks to the much larger foot surface area, pressure feels penetrating but comfortable at the same time. Great for anyone wanting a relaxing yet therapeutic massage. Awesome for those wanting to try something different or if you just cant ever seem to get enough pressure 🙂


Thai Massage

watch this awesome video on how Alisa combines ashiatsu and Thai( yes Thai in the park is an option 😉 !!!

Thai yoga/Thai Massage is a unique stretching massage! Great for chronic back pain, tight hips and shoulders. Its a rhythmic massage, with deep penetrating pressure applied with hands, feet, knees and elbows. Actually its not at all painful but very relaxing. Thai makes your body a lot more flexible following just one session, as your body will be carried thru gentle stretches throught your massage. Now with the new mat setup, Thai can be experienced in its full glory, with all the bending and twisting you can imagine!




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