Popular Massages

Popular Massages
*Shhh… Dont Tell Anyone… Our massage and skincare creams, lotions, serums, scrubs, masks and peels offer the additional bonus benefit of nourishing your skin, thanks to our special blends of 100% natural organic and/or food grade ingredients. Some ingredients used are mango and Shea butter, seaweed, raw honey and jojoba oil, and essential oils clinically proven to help nourish and rejuvenate your skin from inside out ūüėÄ

New Couples Ashi Thai Massage~share one massage and therapist!!!

What could be a better way to express appreciation and get the same in return? Better yet.. How intimate would it be to get a massage while lying side by side on one mat? Neither a wall or even a walk space keeping you apart and did I mention only one therapist? Couples report feeling as though each received a one on one uninterrupted session! Hold hands while your therapist applies long or deep strokes, and cleverly leveraged stretches,¬† customizing each individual’s focus area and pressure. Reset your mind, bond and say I love you by sharing a massage time together with your loved one! $110 60 min

-Two therapists can also be requested $149 60 min-





Traditional Couples : Swedish $149 Deep Tissue/Hot Stone $159 60 min






Prenatal Massage~
Prenatal massage helps with tight and painful areas associated with pregnancy. During a typical pregnancy back neck and shoulders become overworked due to the quickly changing physiology of the mother. A good prenatal massage can also ease nausea and moodiness and help your pregnancy progress normally and naturally. Prenatal massage can be safely done into your second trimester and even the third trimester to substantially soothe the growing discomfort. You will be positioned comfortably in a way that will not press down on the baby. If in doubt please get referral from your doctor and ask us any questions

* FYI chiropractic adjustments during this critical time also considerably improve your chances of a smooth natural delivery. We can refer you just ask!





hot stone massage
hot stone massage

Organic Hot Stone Massage~

Hot Stone Massage is the most luxurious pampering massage your body will ever experience.  Hot stones when combined with Deep Tissue Massage  minimize post treatment soreness and help relieve tension in deep muscles.  $89 60 min $135 90 min





just kidding, we dont have snakes

Organic Deep Tissue Massage~

During your deep tissue massage, your therapist will focus on areas with knots that hurt or bother you. These areas require extra time warming up before very deep work can be done safely and effectively.  For a thorough deep tissue massage experience for the whole body please book a 90 minute or two hour long massage.  $79 60 min $114 90 min





lomi lomi Hawaiian ocean simulation massage
lomi lomi Hawaiian ocean simulation massage

Organic Swedish Lomi Lomi Massage~

If your focus is deep relaxation, Swedish Lomi Lomi Massage is your perfect choice. Enjoy the unique Hawaiian Lomi Lomi where hands and arms move in strokes to simulate movement of the tropical ocean. Swedish strokes blend well with Lomi Lomi to lend the most relaxing massage experience. This is your time to relax, so please communicate to your  therapist what amount of pressure suits your comfort level.  This massage combines wonderfully with Hot Stone Massage. $69 60 min $105 90 min

    Try this particular massage Ashiatsu style!


Here are more great specialty massages we offer!

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