Slow Baked Ancient Grain Sourdough Breads

If you read >>>>this article, you know modern wheat has gone through lots of changes to become the much unhealthier version that people are so sensitive to today. To undo wheat’s bad rep, I use ancient heirloom varieties of wheat:Spelt and Khorasan as the base for my slow baked breads, then I culture these grains. (Learn about all the health benefits of eating real sourdough bread). Bread is cooked at 150 F to preserve most of the nutrients and beneficial microbes, yet impart that comfort food taste we expect. An alternative option: sunbaking (true raw way)lends it a different consistency you may want to request!

Spelt Barley Bread


Hearty Dense Bread. Filling and Stisfying with just about any meal or a Meal in Its Own Right
Ingredients: Sprouted Spelt/Khorasan, Barley, Sprouted Flax Seed, Local Honey, Hymalayan Salt
Price: $3.99/Loaf
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