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blood flow to the heart: spider veins

blood flow to the heart

In the same way as a water pump in a fountain, your leg muscles act to bring blood back up towards the heart.

Blood Flow the Heart Variable

As you know blood flow from the heart delivers vital nutrients, such as oxygen, amino acids, glucose, cholesterol etc so that your body sustains itself. Just as crucial is the blood flow to the heart. Your heart requires a steady supply of recycled blood to keep the cycle going. An autonomic process it nevertheless needs your help.  Become acquainted with variables effecting your life such  as heredity, diet, exercise and prolonged standing and modify wisely.

Can Exercise Cause Varicose Veins?

There is a number of exercises that helps maintain good blood flow to the heart and thereby minimizes chances of developing varicose. However, some exercise can have an exacerbating effect on varicose veins.

The good exercises include cardio that works your calves: walking, sprinting, jumping, stationary bike/elliptical. In the same way as a water pump in a fountain, your leg muscles act to bring blood back up towards the heart. These exercises help keep healthy muscle tone in your legs.

The not so great, not to be done excessively include weight lifting and chore contraction exercises like crunches, sit ups, lunges and many yoga postures. Its not that you shouldnt do these but do them in short bursts intmittently or in combination with cardio exercises invoving calves.

Another great exercise is shaking by lying on your back and shaking vigorously both your legs and arms. Make sure to keep limbs relaxed throughout so that you feel a strong quick wave from the shoulder and hip all the way down. This exercise helps break up areas of blood compaction, also helps relax muscles and thereby help blood flow to the heart.

Do this shaking exercise after prolonged standing, sitting of more than 30 minutes, and several times a day otherwise.

Diet helps blood flow to the heart

Natural forms of Vitamin K help prevent and treat varicose veins and keep blood flow to the heart healthy.
First kind, K1, you get from eating green leafy vegetables like lettuce, broccoli, and spinach.

K2 (includes several menaquinones) another great predominantly animal sourced form comes from eating meats and fermented foods like cheese and natto(a soy food, not tofu which is not a fermented product).

Its best to avoid taking the synthetic form Vitamin K3.

Learn more on how to improve veins: massage for pregnancy varicose rid and prevent varicose in pregnancy

Learn more about how to get rid of spider veins naturally

Exercise and Varicose Veins: The Dos and Don’ts

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Simple strawberry wall garden design with Good Body Mechanics

Simple Garden design: strawberry wall

As a learning gardener I m always excited about a simple practical garden design. I saw this strawberry wall in my community garden I told my self I can totally find purpose my own retired wooden pallets 🙂 two made by me;) and not holding up bunches of terracotta pots anymore. When I got a plot at the garden, I decidedly gave up on my hydroponics idea for a while, leaving those poor things to twiddle their thumbs in the rain. My plot is fairly good size, but its always nice to expand yield and the easiest way may to go vertical!

Happy gardening with Good body mechanics

The basic premise of good body mechanics is awareness. No Im not talking tai chi or quantum physics! You want to simply tune in often to your how your body feels while youre having fun gardening. Most gardeners run into trouble paying attention only to what they want to get done .  Many gardeners may think of this a labor of love. While there is some heavy lifting and digging involved great body mechanics will make it a lot more effortless and enjoyable!


Body Mechanics basics for a Happy Garden

Once you have your garden design well formulated in your head, its time!

First, you absolutely need to clear all clutter in your work area. Anything you may stumble on, or have to lean and hunch awkwardly over has no reason to sit there and be a pain…. An often overlooked step will set the foundation for proper body mechanics 😉

When moving stuff, remember to turn the whole body at the hips an dthat means turning your feet underneath too. Your entire body needs to face square in whatever direction you are lifting from and then placing pots, dirt bags, and lighter things like raks and shovers. Any twist on your torso can spell trouble for your spine. Ay not good … When lifting heavy things, bend way down ino your knees and ankles and let your weight travel towards your toes, rather than back towards your heels. That means allow your knees to travel forward, over your toes. its ok just try it.

As you do so, keep your tail bone flexing up. Imagine youre a happy dog wagging holding your tail up high or a stallion prancing around.

Change position as needed, so that nothing feels awkward. That means stepping slightly over or changing hands so that you become a lefty for a while. You can, dont worry. Lazy just wont do it when it comes to maintaining good body mechanics. Its well worth it, sonce you wont tire as easily and your garden design will be complete in no time 😉

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Frozen Shoulders: Dont Fall Apart

frozen shoulders dont fall apart

Most of the time, frozen shoulder does not happen instantly but muscles solidify gradually due to lack of activity or from activity that defies sound body mechanics.


Why frozen shoulders happened?

Frozen shoulder is a paralyzed state of one or both shoulder. Most of the time, frozen shoulders do not happen instantly but over time when muscles solidify gradually due to lack of activity or from activity that defies sound body mechanics. Over time poor body mechanics will lead to asymmetrical muscle tone and results in misalignment in the skeleton too.

How to Spot Poor body mechanics

The principle is simple. It really helps to practice mind body communication, meaning to pay attention to how your activity feels: comfortable or uncomfrotable. At first, when you are used to doing things awkwardly you may not have any point of comparison. However, to geta clue, just stand in front of the mirror. Then, imagine you are having to pick up a bag off the ground.

Go through the motion and stop. Does it feel easy for you to remain frozen like that for a few moments or are you teetering ready to topple over? also what does it look like? Does it seem like your body is supported underneath throughout this simple motion?

How to fix poor body mechanics

Its like playing detective ! Once you gain awareness of what you are doing and how it feels and looks, you will simply correct that. Its pretty simple and fun!

Did you reach down with one shoulder and raised the opposite shoulder for balance? Did you bend somewhere in your back? Biomechanically better alternatives would be to hinge from your hips or to squat in to a side squat, while facing your torso toward what youre picking up. It makes better sense to pick up with both arms at the same time, thereby maintaining even muscle engagements on both sides. You see now why frozen shoulder isnt only from lack of activity ? Good body mechanics plays just as much a part in keeping your body supple.

Below is my video on self massage for body alignment and neck tension:

Here are some other body mechanics topics for you:
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Deactivate Cravings with ASMR Massage

Deactivate Cravings with Sensual Massage

One craving can have a few neuropathways firing off at once.


 Sensual Massage & Cravings whats in Common ??

What do cravings and a sensual massage have in common? Its no easy task brushing off a craving.  One craving can have a few neuropathways firing off at once.  One may be a physical pathway, another a psychological one, as if one pathway isnt difficult to ignore already. Habit is yet another pathway sure to be reinforcing the message.  Yet all these pathways have sensual dependence in common. What is so irresistible about the reward itself? Food is the most basic sensual reward. From birth placing things in your mouth has been a source of easy entertainment, adventure and means of pacifying. So this habit is something most of us have. To some extent we all look to food for all those things.

Extra Pathways to Unlearn

Some of us dealt with regular abdominal bloat and pain from an early age. In my case it was likely caused by severe sensitivities to food staples, dairy and to a lesser degree wheat, and maybe other things too. If your well meaning family consistently suggested things like “its normal or its stool, just eat something” you would imprint on eating as a way to deal with any similar discomfort. Your anticipation of this temporary relief is that sensual reward and dependency. ( By the way, I can say now that eating was never the right answer.)

Sensual Massage for Cravings

I have tried diverting attention to a task at hand and scare tactics, which turned counterproductive. The best way I found to deal with an overwhelming craving is to engage in a self induced ASMR experience that meets all needs your craving met. Namely it needs to be easy, physically pleasurable, calming yet interesting. Facial sensual massage with help of silicone facial cups and a feather does the trick. Not only does it keep the craving at bay by diverting attention, but due to digestive reflexes found on your face it also effectively resolves the physical discomfort pathway, one of the most difficult pathways to rewire. Obviously you have your favorite pleasurable experiences at hand. Utilize those, but definitely try this sensual massage too. You will wake to much happier face that loves you back!

the many benefits of Full body Cupping Massage includes getting rid of cellulite!!!

You know what else? pea tendrils, a type of microgreen, curbs food cravings!!!

Kick Alzheimer’s with Fuller Lips & Sculpted Mouth another highly unpublicized piece of scientific news.

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full body routine: anytime simple fast & challenging

you dont have to make a trip anywhere to have a complete full body routine workout! Walking on all fours 😀 Sounds fun but you know its not nearly so easy as you think

Full Body Routine Anytime

Do you know why you dont frequent your gym anymore? is this because you dont feel like it and or dont make time?? Well, you dont have to make a trip anywhere to have a complete full body routine workout! You know what it is? Walking on all fours 😀 Sounds fun but did you know its not nearly so easy as you think. Apart from getting over the thought of acting cute, your legs may not take more than a few steps of this “exercise” done correctly. Actually thats some exercise! Offer your loved one to try it if they disagree…

how to: Walking on all fours

For a while I followed suit of those isolated people walking ape like on hands and legs straight. It felt quite toning for a while till I started feeling low back pain. You see, ours and apes’ arm to leg ratios are switched. due to their long arms apes have this strong upper torso from walking on all fours. However, you my dear should alter your full body routine a tad. Akin to a deer, bear weight onto where toes meet metatarsals. That will happen naturally as soon as you lift you heel off the ground. Keep reaching up into the sky with your heels. Bring your knee down to almost touch the ground. Yes it feels like that when you attain horizontal line. Your shins need be parallel with the terrain you choose to prod with your toes deer like. You know how the deer has that backwards knee, well thats what your heel is. Got it? doing i right keeps your low back comfortable, but takes quite a bit of core, leg and full arm engagement. Keep you neck almost parallel too.

Start with Toddler Crawl

The way I got this movement happened the moment I dropped to my knees; at least my toddler crawl would offer me some less intense full body routine. still I felt both limited and ripe for more action. Bringing my knees only so slightly off the ground, I suddenly could propel myself so much faster by thrusting off the metatarsal ledge. Have someone observe you or record yourself. Staying low takes focus and practice… Have fun !

Simplewalking can build glutes if done right

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Kill Sinus Infections with Endorphins

Vacuum Cupping has been shown to erase or reduce wrinkles, boost collagen, treat sinus infections and tone face muscles in just one treatment.

Sinus Infections killed by Cups

Yes! You can get your sinus infections killed with a couple of special well placed cups. Made of flexible silicone, glass, polycarbonate plastic and honey! these cups come in many sizes that you switch up as you vacuum your way over face, back, feet and everything in between. Moderate suction has a gamete of healing benefits to include but not limited by:

endorphin boost
stroke recovery
pain killer
acupuncture point stimulation
collagen production

Relax with Cups

What does cupping massage feel like? Generally people take well to cupping, describing it as relaxing but also akin to having a massage with strong hands. The degree of either entirely depends on the amount of suction and how well your body has become desensitized to these. Similar to any other massage, your response to therapy can be deep relaxation. You may also be sensitive to the suction at first due to numerous inter tissue adhesions or from being unaccustomed. A nose suddenly free of sinus infections will make someone also pretty relaxed “}

Is Cupping Harmful

Cups typically leave temporary welts mistaken for “bruises” which dont pose a health risk. They may be of various color too depending on what kinds of toxins get vacuumed up to skin surface. Cups left in place should be left on no longer than 15 minutes. Left longer these can cause hematomas which will pop and heal very slowly. A cup that is constantly moving wont cause heavy long lasting marks. A knowledgeable therapist will run low suction to desensitize your skin. If you ever feel like the suction is very uncomfortable by all means let them know. Within a minute or two you will be ready for deeper suction. Be prepared to see marks all over the course of next few days. You and your body will reap most benefit from a shorter cupping session performed several times with shorter recovery times. The most serious complication from cupping (done incorrectly, by a total beginner)still probably wont be as bad as a sinus infection. (disclaimer:but its possible)

Book a cupping facial!
Read on about the magical benefits of cupping … 😉


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easy stretch: lower and upper back, knees and inner thighs

Think Weight lifting…Actually, its more biomechanically healthy to reach you bellybutton down towards your thighs.

Easy Stretch lower and upper back

Are you working from home? If so, its nice to have the freedom to take a break when your body needs it. That should be a few minute break every 30 minutes. In the morning it really helps with everything to complete a relaxing slow paced stretch routine. The sky is the limit to variety and variations. However, you want to include all of your body. best way to incorporate most muscles is to simply focus on your back, both uppper and lower. Stretch lower back carefully. Its tempting to reach for your toes by curving into a letter C shape. Think Weight lifting… Actually, its more biomechanically healthy to reach you bellybutton down towards your thighs. Its a small movement that will feel like a stretch in the backs of your things and lower back too.

Avoid Knee Pain with Stretches

Our knees also deserve regular care which includes stretching the backs of legs and inner thighs. Inner thing stretches frequently get underestimated. These areas get tight from sitting a lot, especially without breaks.
Proping your foot on a stool makes doing these both easier and more effective at getting a stretch all the way up to the muscle insertions at the joints. Areas around the joints get especially tight and lacking in blood flow. To stretch lower leg you can flex the foot thats propped or step back with standing leg but not so far that your heel comes off the ground.

Stretching is Vital Component of Exercise

Stretching in general has become overlooked by most avid recreational athletes. Its easy to get caught up in the zeal of challenging the body. Yes stretching takes time but you can significantly improve your performance by learning comprehensive stretches which incorporate as much of the body at once as possible. Excessive muscle tension that results from intense work outs, distorts body alignment and makes the body susceptible to injuries. Yoga type exercises are great examples of a full body stretch. Yoga poses often include pressing into the earth while doing a stretch. This is an isometric stretch, a special kind of stretch that when done in moderation, as part of your general stretch routine, helps loosen dense muscle. Stretch lower and upper body daily to feel your best!

Learn even more about Stretching the Missing Fitness Component

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Ashiatsu Massage For Martial Arts

Lions made my day with the most expressive faces and body language, expressing kids’ excitement, taking turns dancing and playing music.


From Ashiatsu Massage to Graceful Lion

From Jiu jistu, Taekwando, Kung Fu to Karate and MMA the graceful flowing movements inspire and humble. In practice martial artists handle this graceful power with care so as not to injure their opponent. Many dedicated martial artists enjoy traditional nature of barefoot ashiatsu massage. This martial arts studio
in Arlington, Texas harnesses graceful power of martial arts and instills team playing, acting out and music in kids preparing for the lion dance performances of the Chinese New Year. Team acrobatics seen here require working in sync with the other person lifting and balancing. Lions made my day with the most expressive faces and body language, expressing kids’ excitement, taking turns dancing and playing music. Authentic theatrical nature of these acrobatic performances took me by surprise!

Thai Massage and Ashiatsu Massage For Karate and Jiu Jitsu

Martial artists play hard. As they stretch their bodies still hold a lot of tension and need regular good quality massage. Massage can really help restore the body, prevent injury and help hasten recovery. In effect massage acts as your best ally keeping your body sound so you can keep practicing consistently. Thai massage serves them well as it involves lots of pressure and stretches out the whole body. Often performed on the mat and with the receiver fully clothed this massage actually feels most natural to a martial artist, who typically isnt looking for a pampering type massage. ashiatsu massage involves whole body pressure thru the feet, such as back walking. It too can be easily done over clothing, and requires minimal setup in a crunch. For the best ashiatsu experience hire a professional massage therapist who has barefoot massage setup.

Ashiatsu Massage or Thai massage?

Both are barefoot massages. Thai massage lends to really stretching out the body. It involves the recipient lying on back front, side sitting indian style while therapist molds you in to various poses, using gravity, and body weight to press in and stratch out. Ashiatsu massage goes really deep to loosen deep muscle adhesions and release tension. I like to combine the two for best of both. However, either one will have you singing guaranteed! Jiu jitsu and other grappling martial arts can really benefit from both stretching and deep pressure. Ofcourse your therapist may have other massages close at hand that you may like even better. These will typically require lotion, draping and minimal clothes.

Book you aerial ashiatsu massage package 🙂
How to Video: Inner Thigh Work Out Aerial Massage
Thai Massage is great for all ages!

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Stretching the Missing Fitness Component

Regular stretching helps undo daily negative reinforcements to prevent their effect on your body alignment

What is Fitness

As popular as term fitness has become, do we all agree on what it means? What are some measurements of fitness? a flat belly, a kinesiolgy exercise test, body mass index? How does mind and body component fit into fitness? It turns out that adequate levels of at least two hormones DHEA and Human Growth Hormone have a positive effect on all those fitness measurements and brain function. Fitness then cannot rely on one isolated measurement. Fitness is a comprehensive condition and is just another term for life force and sex appeal.

Body Alignment the Missing Fitness Component

Fitness requires regular maintenance like a car engine: proper nutrition, exercise, but also restful sleep, most feel they can not get enough of. One crucial component overlooked is body alignment. Why body alignment? Because proper body alignment is what allows you to remain pain free and to have the range of movement to be active. Proper body alignment means your bones are not pinching your nerves and blood vessels. Proper neuron circuitry and blood flow is what you need to keep you cells and organs functioning at their full potential.

Unless you have no stress, dont ever do awkward physically unsound things( to include twisting at your torso to pick up something from the passenger’s seat or hunch or slouch at your desk)… your body alignment needs regular maintenance. Any movement or position, whether repetitive or done one time only has an effect on your body alignment. The question is does it reinforce a proper alignment. In most cases in modern busy society, no it doesnt. When it comes to repetitive positions like sitting, our bodies are like clay models, they remain molded into that slouch even as you get up and walk. Riding a bicycle, hypothetically a great exercise, reinforces terrible posture in most people as they let their back arch in a letter C. A positive reinforcement for a healthy back is to sit back and reach back with your tail bone so that your back lengthens, allowing space and movement between your vertebra and spinal nerves.

How and how often?

How do you attain good body alignment? Stretching daily first and foremost! Regular stretching helps undo daily negative reinforcements to prevent their effect on your body alignment. Everyone has 5 minutes you might rather use doing something else. Professional massage and chiropractic, in that order, would also be of great help to help undo unhealthy alignment patterns. Massage helps to loosen muscles which harness and retain bones out of alignment. You chiropractor then has a much easier time releasing those bony restrictions. Professional massage once a month is something I recommend to clients, but really you would benefit tremendously from giving yourself a massage at least two times a week 😀 Im smiling because I know the amount of relief I get from rolling on my spoonk mat. A foam roller in combination with a spoonk mat can have wondrous effects on your digestion, recovery from an injury and your outlook on life! Check out this video where I use a silicone ball in conjunction with spoonk mat to heal a sports injury. After releasing soft tissue restrictions in this way I can often align my body simply by going thru a stretch routine that targets all sides of that area.


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Pain Behind Knee Climbing Stairs

Pain behind knee can occur suddenly from twisting the knee quickly as happens if you step wrong and twist your ankle. It helps to practice ankle mobility exercises

No matter your age, when pain behind knee strikes you may feel and seem quite old all of a sudden. This pain will cause you to waddle like a granny or worse yet, may make you unwilling to move at all. lets see some common conditions, causes, and solutions to pain behind knee…

Baker’s Cyst and Pain Behind Knee

Pain behind knee can most commonly occur due to fluid build up in the fluid filled sac behind the knee, called popliteal bursae. This usually feels like a swollen balloon and tightness behind knee. Difficulty in walking, kneeling, straightening and bending knee accompanies this condition. This can happen sudden;y from a blow to the knee or gradually normally precipitated by arthritic fluids making their way into the bursae. Exercise, ice, massage, electrotherapy, managing arthritis, and aspiration can be used to treat it.

Posterior Meniscus Tear causes Pain Behind Knee

Locking, feeling unstable, swelling, and difficulty straightening the knee are common symptoms accompanying this injury. Pain behind knee can occur suddenly from twisting the knee quickly as happens if you step wrong and twist your ankle. It helps to practice ankle mobility exercises to help guard against this injury. It can also occur gradually from incorrect body mechanics in walking and standing or inflammation in the body. Worst aggravators for this injury are walking, running, squatting, and climbing stairs. To treat it use massage, PRICE, exercises, tubigrip, or a knee brace. Recovery takes nmonths due to low blood circulation in the meniscus.

Arthritis can Cause Pain Behind knee

Either osteoarthritis, wear and tear or rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory arthritis, can cause pain behind knee.
Arthritis induced pain usually has a gradual onset. Symptoms include morning stiffness, swelling, clicking and grinding and reduced range of motion in the lower leg. Prolonged inactivity or too much activity and cold weather tend to aggravate it. Exercises, massage and acupuncture, weight loss, corrections to gait and posture, walking aids, knee brace, heat, ice, gel knee pads, cushioned footwear, medication, and injections all can help stop progression of arthritis.

All three conditions sometimes may get bad enough to call for surgery, even a knee replacement as in case with arthritis. A great alternative with much faster recovery time and superior results exists to conventional Knee replacement, which is a major procedure and normally requires months of physical therapy, diligent workots at home and gradual recovery to somewhat approximate normal knee flexion. The alternative is possible thanks to stem cell injections. Just a few clinics exists around the country that practice it but, recovery time is only a few days without any scar tissue and patients report full functionality. Each procedure costs about 2K, which seems quite a bargain considering its alternatives. Refer to links below for more info.

Learn more about how to treat pain on inside of knee prevent knee pain

body mechanics videos and articles: Do Squats Cause Knee Pain? Do Squats Cause Knee Pain?, Frozen Shoulders: Dont Fall Apart

Welcome to Regenexx – Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis & Injuries