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Compost Pile 4 Full Body Workout

Compost Pile 4 Full Body Workout
Compost Pile 4 Full Body Workout


Compost Pile inside a Cable Reel

For a while I had wanted a compost pile but had no garden. Then once I did have some land I got brainwashed into wanting a compost bin. However it could not be made of any artificial materials. I found just the right diy design and hired a guy to build me a perfect compost bin from cable reel. The idea was to have it spin on a spindle. However the guy looked at the design and said” why not roll it around instead?”

Great idea! We still installed the fins but not the spindle. I felt proud of Fabian, and thrilled with myself and my perfect bin and got the household on board with it. Come year later or less, the hinges on the door came undone and soon the door fell off due to dampness. I kept rocking it, but i just didnt do the full job of stiring the compost like a full rotation was designed to do.

Stiring Compost

Then with one swoop of fallen leaves, the bin needed to rest percolating its contents into m mmm compost!? I didnt feel like hiring another reel job or settling for a much smaller pricey plastic drum.

Then I recalled attending a lecture at Weston Price Conference in Dallas years ago. The chicken farmer explained that chickens naturally thrive on bugs and nothing makes them happier than rooting in the compost, thereby stiring and aerating it! What a great reason to have a compost pile to save on feed and have great tasting eggs!

Hey if a chicken can stir my compost pile so can I. I could now clearly see how reaching inside of a little opening of the bin made it awkward, next to impossible to stir feet of dense vegetation.

Compost Pile 4 Full Body Workout

As of recently I wanted to get a couple of chickens for the job. Yet, lately Ive grown fond of the quick yet fully energizing workout I get from stiring my compost pile. I want you to experience the joy of compost piling for your self. Thats why I made my video tutorial. Dont forget to glance at my sequel called “corrective imagery” for proper squat to really get in the grove.

When you really get into it, it works every muscle of your body in a bio mechanically efficient way. You know I kind a miss rolling that giant bin too, but I think this is a great compromise 😉