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Ashiatsu Massage For Martial Arts

Lions made my day with the most expressive faces and body language, expressing kids’ excitement, taking turns dancing and playing music.


From Ashiatsu Massage to Graceful Lion

From Jiu jistu, Taekwando, Kung Fu to Karate and MMA the graceful flowing movements inspire and humble. In practice martial artists handle this graceful power with care so as not to injure their opponent. Many dedicated martial artists enjoy traditional nature of barefoot ashiatsu massage. This martial arts studio
in Arlington, Texas harnesses graceful power of martial arts and instills team playing, acting out and music in kids preparing for the lion dance performances of the Chinese New Year. Team acrobatics seen here require working in sync with the other person lifting and balancing. Lions made my day with the most expressive faces and body language, expressing kids’ excitement, taking turns dancing and playing music. Authentic theatrical nature of these acrobatic performances took me by surprise!

Thai Massage and Ashiatsu Massage For Karate and Jiu Jitsu

Martial artists play hard. As they stretch their bodies still hold a lot of tension and need regular good quality massage. Massage can really help restore the body, prevent injury and help hasten recovery. In effect massage acts as your best ally keeping your body sound so you can keep practicing consistently. Thai massage serves them well as it involves lots of pressure and stretches out the whole body. Often performed on the mat and with the receiver fully clothed this massage actually feels most natural to a martial artist, who typically isnt looking for a pampering type massage. ashiatsu massage involves whole body pressure thru the feet, such as back walking. It too can be easily done over clothing, and requires minimal setup in a crunch. For the best ashiatsu experience hire a professional massage therapist who has barefoot massage setup.

Ashiatsu Massage or Thai massage?

Both are barefoot massages. Thai massage lends to really stretching out the body. It involves the recipient lying on back front, side sitting indian style while therapist molds you in to various poses, using gravity, and body weight to press in and stratch out. Ashiatsu massage goes really deep to loosen deep muscle adhesions and release tension. I like to combine the two for best of both. However, either one will have you singing guaranteed! Jiu jitsu and other grappling martial arts can really benefit from both stretching and deep pressure. Ofcourse your therapist may have other massages close at hand that you may like even better. These will typically require lotion, draping and minimal clothes.

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