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easy stretch: lower and upper back, knees and inner thighs

Think Weight lifting…Actually, its more biomechanically healthy to reach you bellybutton down towards your thighs.

Easy Stretch lower and upper back

Are you working from home? If so, its nice to have the freedom to take a break when your body needs it. That should be a few minute break every 30 minutes. In the morning it really helps with everything to complete a relaxing slow paced stretch routine. The sky is the limit to variety and variations. However, you want to include all of your body. best way to incorporate most muscles is to simply focus on your back, both uppper and lower. Stretch lower back carefully. Its tempting to reach for your toes by curving into a letter C shape. Think Weight lifting… Actually, its more biomechanically healthy to reach you bellybutton down towards your thighs. Its a small movement that will feel like a stretch in the backs of your things and lower back too.

Avoid Knee Pain with Stretches

Our knees also deserve regular care which includes stretching the backs of legs and inner thighs. Inner thing stretches frequently get underestimated. These areas get tight from sitting a lot, especially without breaks.
Proping your foot on a stool makes doing these both easier and more effective at getting a stretch all the way up to the muscle insertions at the joints. Areas around the joints get especially tight and lacking in blood flow. To stretch lower leg you can flex the foot thats propped or step back with standing leg but not so far that your heel comes off the ground.

Stretching is Vital Component of Exercise

Stretching in general has become overlooked by most avid recreational athletes. Its easy to get caught up in the zeal of challenging the body. Yes stretching takes time but you can significantly improve your performance by learning comprehensive stretches which incorporate as much of the body at once as possible. Excessive muscle tension that results from intense work outs, distorts body alignment and makes the body susceptible to injuries. Yoga type exercises are great examples of a full body stretch. Yoga poses often include pressing into the earth while doing a stretch. This is an isometric stretch, a special kind of stretch that when done in moderation, as part of your general stretch routine, helps loosen dense muscle. Stretch lower and upper body daily to feel your best!

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