What Makes Raw Food Diet Healthy

Why is Raw Food Diet Healthy

What makes raw food diet healthy? First you should know that raw food is consumed in its natural chemically and structurally unaltered form. Unlike traditional cooking methods, raw food is prepared at temperatures below 115 degrees Fahrenheit. This way its vitamin and mineral content, protein structure, temperature sensitive phytonutrients and essential fatty acids remain intact.

Anti Aging with Raw Food

Raw Food is not just food. It has extraordinary anti aging benefits too. A good raw food diet heavy on raw juice and plenty of moisture rich fresh salads and soups flushes out years of accumulated toxins and sludge. Once toxic buildup has stopped overwhelming your body’s precious energy resources, your body can finally harness that energy for its true purpose: attending to your health at the cellular level so that full body rejuvenation occurs! Its water rich content naturally normalizes bowel movements, curing chronic constipation.

Dehydrated raw food has  a high fiber content which keeps you full and provides textures you might otherwise miss:chewy, crisp, flaky, etc, so as to keep you eating clean and keeping cravings at bay 😀

Fiber needs  moisture so that it can expand, so whenever you eat dehydrated foods ALWAYS eat plenty of fresh foods, liquids or water!

Raw food actually acts as a colon cleanse and a full body cleanse. People with irritable bowel syndrome, gastric reflux, gastroticulitis and other digestive problems can finally experience lasting natural relief thru a simple diet change.

Healing and Weight Loss

Besides raw food’s nutritional benefits, raw food diet allows people to lose all excess pounds and maintain a healthy body weight even without having to exercise. This happens for the same reason it rejuvinates your body: raw food diet washes your body of toxic fluid and fat deposits. While you will not have to exercise to lose extra pounds, you will be enjoying a leap in energy levels and a much more positive outlook on life. There are many stories of couch potatoes turned raw foodists, who now lead active lifestyles simply because it makes them feel good. Your body actually craves physical activity and raw food provides vitality and stamina, will power and energy to be active.

Raw foodism movement is now entering its second generation. Raw food diet movement is still in its infancy but is happening for a reason. Until recently, most people have turned to raw foods for its healing. Some diseases linked to poor diet that have successfully reversed, thanks to raw foods, include cancer, diabetes, obesity, fybromyalgia, arthritis, and other degenerative diseases. Your great grandparents likely did not suffer from any of these diseases and conditions of the modern age just mentioned. They still enjoyed predominantly healthy eating that relied heavily on traditional home cooked meals and additive free unprocessed foods. Other conditions such as Alzeimers, Autism, Mood disorders and brain fog have also significantly improved with a switch to raw food diet. I hope that children brought up on raw foods now will never be tempted to go back and forced to experience those health problems that scared their parents away from typical modern diet, and that they will instead reap raw food’s extraordinary benefits throughout their lifetime.

Switching to Raw Food Diet

I also hope you feel inspired to try raw foods. Try having one meal that is exclusively raw to really see a difference in how you feel afterwards. Once you start incorporating raw food diet into your lifestyle and discover your heath improving, you will have the determination to stick with it and take it to the next level whatever that might be.

Raw food can be exceptionally satisfying taste wise. It’s been almost 2 years now since I got on raw foods. I have vacillated between staying all raw the first year to including some cooked whole foods again this second year. Most of the time when I partially relapse to cooked foods, I feel my old health patterns reversing, but those improve again once I get back to raw foods. Call it placebo, but Im not the only raw foodist experiencing that. However, this second year Im now also experimenting with stricter diet based on my pulse test readings, blood type diet and food combining so Im avoiding certain foods even in their raw form. That also means that I am sacrificing some amount of taste in hopes of acquiring better sense of well being. What happens next time will tell, and you may not feel a need to go these extra steps for your optimal health down the road? Taste is king when it comes to trying raw foods for the first time. Any raw food meal will offer you a new threshold of comparison, even if you already have a wholesome diet full of healthy recipes. Know that at some point you will likely experience cravings for cooked foods due to the emotional ties associated with old customary comfort foods. To make your transition easier, I encourage you to aquatint yourself with plenty of tasty raw food recipes and raw food ready meals😉

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